Judge Grants Pereira Protective Order Following Fallout With Figueroa

Pereira, Figueroa, Alicia
Maria Pereira, left, enjoys her primary win in March with slate members Angel Figueroa, center, and Eric Stewart-Alicea.

A state court judge on Thursday granted Board of Education member Maria Pereira’s request for a protective order following last week’s misdemeanor arrest of Angel Figueroa whom Pereira ran with on a successful Democratic Town Committee slate in the Upper East Side in March. Last week, according to a court docket, Figueroa was charged by city police with misdemeanor counts of threatening, disorderly conduct and harassment following a series of text and voice messages, comments posted on OIB and a visit to Pereira’s house that he video recorded and posted on his Facebook page.

Figueroa confirmed that a judge ordered that he cannot contact Pereira or go to her residence, but insisted Pereira responded with a police complaint over a series of disputes they had last week. Some of this played out in heated comments Figueroa posted on OIB last week.

Pereira and Figueroa both appeared in Superior Court on Main Street Thursday afternoon in response to a protective order request Pereira had filed against Figueroa.

“He needs help,” Pereira told OIB after the court hearing. “I just want him to receive the help he needs.”

Pereira is challenging incumbent State House member Charlie Stallworth in an August primary. Figueroa had supported her until the falling out. He has now pledged his support to Stallworth.

In a March primary, Pereira and Figueroa joined seven other insurgents to win all nine seats in the 138th Democratic Town Committee District against a slate led by the political establishment supported by Town Chair Mario Testa and Mayor Joe Ganim. Town committee members conduct party business and endorse candidates for public office. At the March selection for a town chair, Figueroa placed his name as a protest vote against Testa, but was defeated overwhelmingly.

Pereira and Figueroa are both strong-willed personalities who enjoyed a short-lived alliance.



    1. Who’s next? Ben, are you referring to Maria’s target list of Bradley/Rabinowitz/Stallworth or someone else?
      In light of the nature of the article, is it wise to go with the play with the bull you get the horns comment? Using what some would term inflammatory language and asking who’s next?

  1. He does need help. He thinks he can say and do whatever he wants with no care. He’s threatened me as well as other residents of Success Village who do not agree with him or the problems he has caused here. He’s like a bull in a china shop. He needs a wake-up call and I’m hoping this is it. Maria just did what a lot of us should have by going to the police.

    1. Don, Maria Pereira help to created a portion of the way Angel Figueroa acts as it involves the DTC. It was Maria who talked and recruited Angel to run her slate for the DTC, then she pushed him to run against Mario Testa for the head of the DTC. Now she states “I just want him to receive the help he needs.” Maria needs to be sitting next to Angel when and if he gets that help.

      1. Ron, trust me. I probably received similar threatening texts and he’s used all kinds of language here on OIB from calling me gay and asking to fight. Maria may have used him as a pawn but he’s put his own foot in his mouth. He handles every situation with threats and anger.

    2. Donald, all you have to do is disagree with him to have his wrath unleashed on you. The guy has anger management issues. Maybe this will encourage him to get some help.

      1. Enudio, that’s all one has to do with Maria and she’ll unleash her wrath on you. You guys knew ahead of time what type of person Angel was but no, Maria needed Angel so she primed the pump then started Angel up. Now Maria wants to run away from what she helped create.

  2. Enudio, I wasn’t saying the protective order wasn’t warranted, but the motivation wasn’t to get him help. You know better than that as do I and everyone who reads OIB.

    1. I see what you mean, Donald. I actually do hope he gets help. He has meant well in his efforts in Success but his ego got way too big. It became his way or the highway. He met his match with Maria. They seem to have that in common. She did create the monster.

  3. It is incredibly difficult to obtain a Protective Order against someone who is not a family member or a romantic interest. In fact, the woman heard before me was denied.

    Angel arrived with his attorney from his Whole Foods lawsuit. I represented myself. Out of everywhere he could sit, he sat directly behind me.

    I opened with explaining to the judge that I did not believe Angel to be a bad person, however I did believe he had untreated mental health issues and that he needed help. His lawyer quickly objected.

    After the judge requested I read any threatening comments from text messages and OIB made by Angel, I asked the judge if he would like to hear the threatening messages he had left on my voicemail. He said he did and I played them on my speaker phone.

    His lawyer did everything possible to have my request denied and told the judge that he needed this denial to assist in defending Angel in the criminal proceedings. He strenuously objected.

    Angel was ordered not to text, email, call or have any contact with me. In addition, he cannot come to my home or place of work. In addition, he cannot contact anyone directly associated with me like my boyfriend, daughter, brother, etc.

    For any woman or man posting on this blog who is stirring the pot and in essence supporting or condoning this behavior, you really should just be ashamed of yourself. Truly ashamed of yourself.

  4. And for your edification, Mr. Day.
    I went to the State’s Attorney office on Tuesday to make it clear that I had no interest in seeing Angel receive a criminal conviction. I just wanted him to have his untreated mental health issues treated. He has an EXPLOSIVE temper.

    As I told the judge, most people have degrees of anger that normally progress from sparkler, firecracker, M80, dynamite, bomb, to nuclear bomb. Angel moves from sparkler to nuclear bomb for the most minor of issues.

    Those with mental health issues are not to be judged or labeled bad people. They don’t ask to be ill anymore than someone diagnosed with cancer.

    You have no idea what you are talking about, sir. And you certainly have no idea what my intentions are or are not, so let’s just leave it at that.

  5. What a difference a day makes. Twenty-four little hours. And there is sun and flowers, where there used to be rain. My yesterday was blue dear, until I met you dear. What a difference a day makes and that difference is you.

  6. Breaking News: CT Post:

    Maria Pereira denied a seat on Charter School Board.

    Who in their right mind would put her on that Board???

    I ask that only because I believe in Charter schools and a person who has been so vocally opposed can serve no purpose. Sorry Maria.

  7. On one hand I’m LMAO, on the other hand this is a serious issue, people. I’m not even going to try to analyze the deeper psyche of either of them. At some point rejection will be the catalyst and it has nothing to do with politics that’s for sure. A kid in Milford killed a girl because she didn’t want to go the prom with him. You had a judge who sentence a kid six months for drugging and raping an unconscious girl, Jesus and imagine the evil you don’t see. It’s mind boggling how those who are blaming Maria for needing a protective order because she is being threatened. Didn’t someone get arrested for threatening Joe Ganim? How many of you blamed Joe? I’m not saying Maria doesn’t have anything to do with it, like cheating it takes two. However it’s always the woman’s fault because in our culture men are naturally prone to cheat. I hope you all get the help needed. Just to give you all a heads-up, prepare for some serious domestic violence initiatives when Hillary is president.

    1. I am curious. The statement “prepare for some serious domestic violence initiatives when Hillary is President.” Is that a negative or positive reflection on the potential of Hillary Clinton as President of the United States?

  8. Robert, please clear up your statement. It was Hillary Clinton who enabled her husband and attacked the women he raped, abused, harassed and took advantage of. And it is Hillary and her husband who have taken hundreds of millions of dollars from donors (and leaders) of countries whose abuse of women is well documented.

  9. Glad Miss Pereira was granted her restraining order if she felt threatened. But is it me, or does anyone else get the feeling she loves/wants the attention? Seems you can’t pick up the paper anymore without an article about Miss Pereira, either fighting, arguing ,etc. Seems to me she may need some help with her temper also.

    1. I will not say I know Maria, I don’t. Based on OIB posts by herself and others she seems to be a politician who views herself as an outsider and wants to take on a fight. This short-lived love relationship will only get her so far.

      Minus the cops, the same thing happened with Joe when she was running for the BOE on Joe’s ticket. She needs to carry not just a stick but also a carrot, if she want to succeed in politics. Outside the beltway of politics (UFC) people want to see politicians working through their differences to get meaningful things done for them. Not saying she has to give in on the fights she feels passionate about. She has to be tactful.

      As for her always being in the press, she’s taking a page from Joe’s playbook when Joe had showed up at every crime scene during his campaign. Watch out Joe, Maria’s coming for you and she’s a little smarter than Bill, a lot smarter. If taxes continue to go up and crime continues to be an issue, Joe won’t have anything to run on. Your second change yielded no results. The question is whose butt Steve is going to kiss. Bust out your popcorn people, the show’s just getting started.

  10. So when are we going to get the capability to use emojis on OIB? I was dying to post a middle finger for Grin Ripper and the keyboard version is too complicated for a simple girl like me. 🙂


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