Snow Emergency Extended

From Mayor Finch:

Mayor Finch Extends Snow Emergency to 12 Noon, Saturday, Jan. 15

Residents Reminded to Clear Sidewalks and Curb Cuts

Mayor Bill Finch has extended the Snow Emergency through 12 noon, Saturday, Jan. 15.

“Our public works crews are still working to clear snow, especially from our smaller side streets,” said Mayor Bill Finch. “We’re asking residents to be patient; we’ve hit every street at least once, but we recognize that there are streets that need more work because residents did not move their cars in advance of the storm,” he added.

Bridgeport Public Schools will be open on Friday and all students and teachers are expected to report for class.

• During the snow emergency all city residents should heed alternate side of the street parking rules until the snow emergency has been lifted. For example, on even days, e.g: January 14, residents should move their cars to the even side of the road no later than 7 a.m. on that day.

• The Department of Public Works reminds all residents and business owners to shovel the sidewalk and walkways, including curb cuts, for pedestrian safety. If sidewalks are not cleared, the City can either clean the sidewalk and charge the owner a fee for doing so, or the owner can be charged $100 per day for violating a City ordinance.

• Please do not shovel, or use a snowblower or plow to throw snow back into the street from your driveway or sidewalk. Anyone found throwing snow back into the street will be subject to a fine.

• Residents and business owners are also asked to clear fire hydrants and the immediate area around it of snow.



  1. *** The city should not be enforcing the odd, even side parking since they come by on any side of the street & reblock residents’ driveways & cars after they’ve been shoveled out. Also seeing is believing on the city clearing someone’s sidewalk & charging $100, no? *** Next snowball fight @ 999 Broad St. *** HERE WE GO! ***

  2. After trying to walk around in the city yesterday, I think we need to have a reasonable sidewalk-clearing ordinance and enforce it. I was passing large businesses who didn’t clean their walks at all. It makes for a very unwalkable city. Sometimes I think if they put more effort into the small things the big things would start to come around as well. They should at least ticket businesses who don’t clear the walks around their places.


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