Sneaky Pete’s Faux Bridgeport

Check out the Amazon series Sneaky Pete. It will remind you of city politics. Slash, burn, steal, revenge. Hey, it’s the favorite sport in town, right? Giovanni Ribisi plays con man Marius who swipes the identity of his cellmate to duck a vicious gangster (Bryan Cranston) he once fleeced. The early episodes have many references to Bridgeport, although the scenes were not filmed locally.

Confidence man Marius hides out in Trumbull where he schemes his adopted cousin, a Bridgeport cop, whose family runs a bail bonds business. Marius tries to connive his way into the family safe guarded by the business matriarch who trusts no one.

The first episode is a little scratchy, but the ensuing episodes captivate led by Ribisi and the commanding Cranston who engages a chilling eight-minute monologue in episode four before the gruesome pruning-sheer severing of Marius’ brother’s pinky toe. Snap, crackle, pop.

Meanwhile, Marius’ probation officer wants his ass. Who’ll get to him first?



  1. My wife and I are on Episode 5 of the series. It is a very good show headed by a strong cast. I was planning on bringing the Bridgeport references to Lennie’s attention so he could write an article about it. Looks like he beat me to the punch.


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