Siting Council To Conduct Hearings On Solar Plan

From Brett Broesder, city communications director:

Today (Thursday), Connecticut’s Siting Council–the state body responsible for overseeing utility projects–will review Bridgeport’s plan for putting solar panels and a fuel cell on a landfill.

Championed by Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch, Green Energy Park will consist of 9,000 solar panels and a 2.8 Mw fuel cell at the site of Bridgeport’s old Seaside landfill. The project has already received approval from the Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), as well as Bridgeport’s Parks Commission and City Council.

“This is a bullish investment in our future,” said Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch. “Green Energy Park converts an old landfill into a job creating, clean energy producing, tax revenue generating parcel of land that also helps ensure our kids breathe cleaner air. I’m hopeful that the Siting Council will join PURA, the Bridgeport Parks Commission, and the Bridgeport City Council in approving this project.”

Green Energy Park has a tremendous upside for the state’s largest city. It will create up to 92 jobs. It’s projected to earn the city more than $7 million in tax revenue over its 20-year lease. And, it will create enough virtually pollutant-free energy to power more than 5,000 homes. This will help ensure our kids breathe cleaner air, which is critical in Bridgeport where kids currently suffer from asthma and breathing ailment rates that are three times worse than the state average.

The schedule for today’s Siting Council review is as follows:

Ø 2:00-3:00PM – Siting Council conducts site visit at the Seaside Landfill (LOCATION: Intersection of Barnum Blvd. and Barnum Dyke, Bridgeport, CT)

Ø 3:00-6:00PM – Siting Council holds hearing with interested parties (i.e., United Illuminating, City of Bridgeport, and Rick Torres). (LOCATION: Bridgeport City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace, City Council Chambers, Bridgeport, CT)

Ø 6:00-6:30PM – Press conference: Mayor Finch joins business leaders, elected officials, and community leaders in support of Green Energy Park (LOCATION: Margaret Morton Center, 999 Broad Street, Bridgeport, CT)

Ø 7:00-10:00PM – Siting Council holds hearing for public comment (LOCATION: Bridgeport City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace, City Council Chambers, Bridgeport, CT)


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