Sing The Praises Of City’s Music Scene

Bijou Theatre

Spread the word, the Downtown Bridgeport music scene is heating up. The Bijou Theater, Downtown Cabaret, Two Boots, Klein Memorial, Webster Bank Arena and so much more. Concerts, clubs, community theater. Saturday night a jammed Bijou grooved to the genial showmanship of Livingston Taylor, singer songwriter extraordinaire, who’s also a professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston attended by city native John Mayer. Taylor was accompanied by former student, the amazing bluesy pianist Matt Cusson who introduced a special guest, Bridgeport-born Javier Colon, the acoustic-soul stylist inaugural season winner of The Voice.

Javier Colon
Javier Colon on the Bijou stage Saturday night.

With Cusson on keys, Javier delivered a cool cover of Bill Withers Use Me. Nice to see Javier accommodate folks seeking photos and autographs. He stayed the entire night. Also nice to see all those money-spending suburbanites Downtown.

OIB features ad displays of events at the Downtown Cabaret and Bijou. Give them a click to see what’s going on. And plan a night for dinner at the diverse dining options as well.  Spread the word. Let’s do this!



  1. Javier Colon!!! Love that guy! Does the city have a master entertainment calendar? They should consolidate all the musical/fun happenings in the city so we don’t miss out!

  2. I am dissappointed the Downtown Special Services District does not do more to “connect the dots” with general information, listings and promotions.

    There are a lot of great musical things happening in Bridgeport. They should be better attended. It’s great to hear the Bijou was packed out.

    I was in Port Chester at the Capitol Theater that was also packed out listening to a Bridgeport-born band: Deep Banana Blackout” … great show.

    A bus went down from Bridgeport to see this show.

    It’s too bad Bridgeport can’t get its act together and restore at least one of the Palace or Majestic Theaters. They were designed by the same architect, Thomas Lamb. A private developer in Port Chester just renovated the Capital Theater. It cost him $2,000,000. Development officials in Bridgeport and the Editorial Page Editor of the Post have continually said over the years: “Tear it down, we can’t afford a $200,000,000 renovation.” What cost $2 million in Port Chester, costs $200 million Only in Bridgeport!


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