Simon Says: Speedy Recovery For Jim “Sonny” Fox

Jim Fox
Jim Fox, the gadget man, in Black Rock.

Jim “Sonny” Fox is a charter member of OIB. He’s made us laugh and spout and shout in the OIB comments section on a variety of subjects. Some revealing, some provocative and some thoughtful. Now he needs our thoughtfulness as he recovers from serious heart surgery.

The thing about Jim Fox, he will verbally punch in you the nose one day and the next day when you need help the retired electrician will step up. I know from experience. His mind, like his electrician’s brain, is wired differently from some of us.

Let’s wire him a speedy recovery.



  1. Jim,
    We learned you suffered a heart breaker,
    And we suffer too, for you’re an OIB “art maker.”
    Spoken or written, your words reach our ears,
    And cause us to laugh, sometimes unto tears.
    Get plenty of rest as you now recover,
    You are a sincere integrity lover.

    Let us pray for the mercy of your honest thoughts once again. Peace, brother. Time will tell.

  2. Jim, we’re sending light and positive energy your way. You’re admired and respected by all. Get well, I need a good laugh and only you can deliver.


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