SHU’s V Spot–Hey Bobby, Why Don’t You Buy Testo’s Restaurant?

Bobby Valentine
Bobby Valentine, sports pioneer.

As Connecticut athletics go Bobby Valentine is a sports pioneer so it’s fitting the ex star athlete and baseball manager slip into a new professional SHU as the director of Pioneer athletics. Sacred Heart University technically has a Fairfield address, but its history with the state’s largest city is intertwined religiously, socially, educationally and athletically. SHU dorms are located in Bridgeport, the baseball team plays its home games at Harbor Yard, and lest we forget, the university’s bulging expansion fear on the minds of neighbors in the North End.

Can’t wait for Valentine, a Republican, to sojourn over to Testo’s Restaurant, owned by the venerable Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa, for a little linguine and red, a little linguine and white, maybe even a little linguine red, white and blue. Mario’s Madison Avenue restaurant is just a few minutes from SHU. Many North End neighbors are convinced Mario is seeking zoning expansion of his restaurant for a SHU dorm someday. Bobby, himself a successful restaurateur, could easily settle all this Mario-wants-SHU-dorms biz. Bobby buys Mario’s restaurant, turns it into a Bobby V sports bar with a legal promise never to turn it into SHU dorms. Maybe we can persuade Valentine to rename the restaurant Bobby V Spot as a magnet venue for adult dancers. Now wouldn’t the North End love that?

Since SHU baseball games are played at Harbor Yard maybe the sensible thing to do is for Bobby to scout out new housing downtown for SHU athletic dorms. Paging Phil Kuchma. Always good to keep the star athletes away from the sinister influences of the beered-up student body.

So you see, Bobby Valentine’s economic impact is already paying dividends. Let’s organize a Bobby V Day in Bridgeport, contact Mario and cut the deal.



  1. So much going on in Bridgeport … spot zoning requests, state bills impacting Bridgeport, the DTC, etc. What about the RTC? Let’s get another point of view from the head of the Republican Town Committee. Tune in tonight at 8:30pm.

  2. We need to make sure Testa’s property stays on the tax roles. Bridgeport needs to broaden the tax base rather than reduce it. Having Bobby V. buy it for a restaurant would be great but having it used for more dorms or other tax-exempt purposes would not be good.

  3. From: Jack Hennessy for CT HB-5724
    A BIG Thank You to the following co-sponsors of bill HB-5724
    Rep. Brenda L. Kupchick, 132nd Dist.
    Rep. Terrie Wood, 141st Dist.
    Rep. Tony Hwang, 134th Dist.

  4. Maybe Bobby V. could open a sports bar across the street from Harbor Yard. WHAT GREAT synergy that would have bringing a younger crowd downtown. Further down than Bijou Square. Whatever happened to the Eric Anderson projects? I would hate to see Mario Testa’s restaurant change hands. People may love to attack Mario and I can honestly say the only conversation I had with the man was a mean confrontation that of course had to do with his attempt to change zoning. Testa knows how to run a restaurant. The old place on lower Madison Ave. became a very nice restaurant but failed. I am sure as much as the neighborhood has bad feelings, his restaurant is a nice place on Madison Ave. I am not so sure any other restaurant would be as much of a draw. You do not put a sports bar in a suburban neighborhood and you certainly do not put a college dorm. As a New Yorker I am partial to Hightower but would only accept a luxury high rise with terraces like Park Royal and Embassy Towers. College dorms, forget about it. It is sad that other than the Inwood, THE LAST LUXURY APTS. built in this city had been in the late 1960s. The largest city in the state, Fairfield County … over 50 years. That is sad. Sorry I went off on a tangent but marketing Bridgeport is still my passion. Btw back to Mr. Bobby Valentine. I wish him good luck and maybe somebody can entice him downtown and the perfect personality to run it … Tom Kelly. That would be a winning combo. My gut tells me somebody with half a brain is going to make that happen.


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