SHU/Hearst Poll Shows Close Race Between Lamont-Stefanowski, Large Gender Gap

A poll conducted by Sacred Heart University and Hearst Connecticut Media shows Democrat Ned Lamont with a six-point lead over Republican Bob Stefanowski, roughly six weeks from the November general election for governor. Lamont has 43.1 percent to Stefanowski’s 36.9 percent, according to the poll conducted September 12-17. See questionnaire and results here.

Poll highlights:

❖ Stefanowski’s support among unaffiliated voters has increased over the past month as 36.5% support the Republican candidate for Governor compared to 29.8% in August 2018. In addition, another 28.6% of unaffiliated voters remain undecided at the time of the most recent poll.

❖ A major gender gap exists as 50.5% of female voters support Ned Lamont (D) compared to 28.5% of female voters who support Bob Stefanowski (R). However, 43.4% of male voters support Bob Stefanowski (R) compared to 37.8% of male voters who support Ned Lamont (D).

❖ In September 2018, 31.7% of Connecticut voters have a “favorable” view of Ned Lamont (D) compared to 34.3% who have an “unfavorable” view of the candidate. 30.5% have a “favorable” view of Bob Stefanowski (R) compared to 29.9% who have an unfavorable view.

❖ The top issues driving voters’ behavior heading into the race of governor was the “high overall tax burden” (23.2%) or “State budget crisis” (22.8%) in Connecticut.

❖ In addition, only 16.8% of Connecticut voters “approve” of the job Dannel Malloy is doing as governor, which remains consistent over the 15.9% who approved of his job as governor a month ago.

❖ In September 2018, data indicated that one-half of Connecticut voters (52.2%) reported to agree with the statement “Electronic highway tolls that collect significant money from out-of-state motorists and interstate trucks as well as from Connecticut residents would be an effective way to help pay for highway improvements to relieve congestion.” This marks a slight increase over the 49.8% who agreed with the same statement about one month ago.

❖ Three-fifths of Connecticut voters as of September 2018 (61.3%) reported to “agree” with the statement “If Connecticut cannot solve its budget crisis by cutting state services and spending, raising taxes on people with incomes over $1 million would be fair and effective.” This marks a decrease over the 66.3% who agreed with the same statement about one month ago.



  1. Not close race lamont increased his lead to 6 in shu poll last time it was 4. So with that being said it probably even a higher number in the Quinnipiac poll. The only thing I hear from bob is cut taxes that’s it nothing else!!! Registered republican here voting for lamont have not voted for any democrats since 2012 but that will change come nov.

  2. *** Close? *** What is this world coming to, Bob-(R) does not appear in anyway qualify to be governor of Ct. His campaign adds are shallow @ best with the usual promise of lowering state taxes but very little info. on where & how the state would recover the financial lost. Lets see what the up-coming debate has in store for savy state voters in general. CT. Voters need to keep tabs & pay attention to who will be the better person to lead this over taxed, expensive cost of living, poor economy & education, under-used poor multiple public transportation, etc… state! ***WHAT SAY YOU?***

    1. Bob Stefanowski represents the “masters of the universe” types that sit around the men’s grill of the local country club and complain they’d have wider profit margins if they didn’t have to pay their employees.

  3. In life, you’re only as good as yesterday’s results.
    In polling, you’re only as good as your last prediction.
    Kudos Tom Tom White for the “political perspective”.


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