SHU/Hearst Poll: Close Race For Governor

From Ken Dixon, CT Post: 

In the race for governor, Democrat Ned Lamont is ahead of Republican Bob Stefanowski by nearly four points in the new Sacred Heart University/Hearst Connecticut Media Poll.

While the Greenwich businessman has 40.8 percent support among likely voters, Stefanowski, an executive from Madison has 36.9 percent, the poll finds. The gap, however, is within the margin of error of 4.32 percent, meaning the race is essentially tied heading into the Labor Day weekend next week.

The poll finds that women support Lamont 49.3 percent to 30 percent for Stefanowski. But males in the group of 502 surveyed would vote for Stefanowski by 43.9 percent to Lamont’s 31.4 percent.

The crucial support of unaffiliated voters is virtually tied, at 29.8 percent each, for the two candidates. And 16.7 percent are undecided over whom to support on November 6. Nearly 82 percent of Republicans say they support Stefanowski, while about 77 percent of Democrats say they are backing Lamont.

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  1. Whenever I see published ‘results’ of surveys, I am curious as to the questions asked, how they were asked and who was asked.

    Some pollsters have better ‘battering averages’ than others.

    Did any OIB readers participate in the survey? I did not.

    I’m sure most will agree that ‘unaffiliated’ voters will be a big factor in who becomes the next governor.

    I anticipate our ‘afrocentric’ commentators will insist that the candidates must reach out to the black community to win. Sure.

    1. I am not ‘afrocentric’, but I do agree if Republican want to win, they will have to come to the cities like Bridgeport and give the people a reason to vote for them. Many African-American communities in Bridgeport are tired of being used as campaign year props for Democrats. Bridgeport did no better under Malloy than it did under Rolland, and Ganim2 hasn’t made the effort; so why should they vote for anyone if they do not but in some sweat equity to give them a reason to vote for them? Bridgeport is the largest and the city swung the election for Malloy twice. The candidates ought to come here.

      1. DC Faber, I’ve been singing that song for years, I voted for Jodi Rell because I watched and listen to her plus the late Senator Alvin Penn always spoke highly of her to me. I’m a loyal Democrat but I’ll vote for the best candidate who will address my concerns. I rather deal with the devil I know than the devil that I don’t know. One thing that this poll hasn’t address the trends around the country where black women are voting in larger numbers and the same for Hispanics. President 45 will be on the in the person of Connecticut’s Senate and House of Representatives because of a number of reasons like ADA Obama Care, immigration, the lack of respect towards blacks and Hispanics. Bob Stefanowski has made it known that he supports 45 well DC, Stefanowski is telling blacks and Hispanics that he’s not seeking our vote and in knowing that it will make us not to vote for him.

    2. *** Tom, I never realized you had such stored-up animosity or built-up anger towards people of color or the Dem. party? Get a grip, hatred can become a cancer of your self humanity Tom. You can only do what you can to shed light on today’s darkness; No more no less. ***

      1. Mojo, Tom White has always been a disciple of Steve Bannon and Pat Buchanan and now that 45 is the President Tom has come out of the closet to show everybody that he doesn’t have hide and wait for the dog whistle because 45 is using his bullhorn so it’s safe for White and whites to come out and be free.

    3. Stefanowski doesn’t have a rat’s ass of a chance at winning the general election, Tom. Donald Trump has done too much damage to the GOP. Michael Flynn, and Michael Cohen copped pleas. Manafort was found guilty on eight counts of bank and wire fraud. All the president’s crooks. Omarose Manigault-Newman has a treasure trove of audio and video recordings that are sure to be not a little embarrassing to the administration and the Trump organization.

      The GOP in Bridgeport is a non issue, a political party committee of angry old white men. Steven Auerbach would fit right in. He doesn’t like women or minorities holding public office or even living in the same area code.

  2. Meanwhile, today’s Quinnipiac poll sees it a tad differently: “In a head-to-head matchup, Lamont tops Stefanowski 53 – 37 percent, the independent Quinnipiac
    University Poll finds.

  3. QPOLL has lamont up by double digits and the Murphy up by 2 to 1 it will be interesting to see if lower Fairfield county votes red again and the valley/eastern ct votes blue again in 2016 election trump did good in the valley and eastern ct he flipped a lot of towns red that voted for Obama in 2012 and usually votes blue like ansonia derby ect but Clinton flipped towns that usually votes red like Greenwich Darien and new Canaan. I think eastern ct is going back blue.

  4. Like Brother Mackey I too voted for Jodi Rell and Tom Foley twice and like Mackey I am a lifetime Democrat. The hindrance with any Republican trying to win the hearts and minds of black’s for this election is living in the Whitehouse.

    As an afrocentric commentator, I can assure you that black’s will not support any candidate that says they would like 45 to campaign for them in Connecticut. Tom being White, I’m equally sure that an afrocentric perspective isn’t necessary to understand that.


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