SHU Student Struck By Car Dies

News release from St. Vincent’s Medical Center regarding Sacred Heart University student struck by a car on Madison Avenue.

This morning the parents of Kaitlyn Doorhy gave permission for St. Vincent’s Medical Center to confirm that their daughter had died from injuries she sustained on Friday afternoon.

Her parents have agreed that her organs would be donated for transplant. Mr. Doorhy said, “Kaitlyn is an organ donor and will help save the lives of others.”

“Our hearts grieve with the Doorhy family. There are thousands of individuals waiting for lifesaving organs or tissue,” said Brooke Karlsen, Vice President, Surgical Services. “We hope it provides comfort to Kaitlyn’s family and the Sacred Heart University community to know that Kaitlyn’s generous gift of life will save lives.”

St. Vincent’s Medical Center will fly the Donate Life flag in Kaitlyn’s honor.

The driver of the vehicle has been identified as Brandon M. Pouncie, 28, of Bridgeport. The incident remains under investigation. At this time, no charges have been filed, according to a city police spokesman.



  1. What a sad day. Condolences to the family and many friends. Her generous gift of her organs will save lives and by the grace of G-d those individuals will do great things. There are no accidents. When your time is up it is up and those of us of faith understand whether you are 2, 20 or 94, every day is precious. She touched many people according to the very well-written and sensitive article in the post. My heart goes out also to Branden Pouncie. Accidents happen and this will be an awful burden he will bear for the rest of his life. Guilt is a terrible thing. She sounded like a beautiful spirit and I am sure her memory will be forever a blessing. Just a sad day!

  2. As a commuter and a person who drives by the school multiple times daily, I can tell you it’s a dangerous crossing for students and drivers alike. The commuting on Park Ave has grown very heavy, and getting more so every year. The college meanwhile is growing by leaps and bounds. After all the new dorms that have been built, the condos taken over for students, and the majority of area homes slowly turning into Sacred Heart student housing, hasn’t anyone considered a tunnel, or a walking bridge? This cannot go on. This is a major highway and drivers can’t be forced to stop every time a pedestrian needs to cross, there are just too many people driving. Why hasn’t this problem been addressed? Unfortunately, this accident is just an example of what may happen again. It’s very sad an accident like this has to happen, but I can certainly see why. Let’s get going on something to help these kids navigate across this busy roadway!

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