Shaban: Where’s Jim? Himes: Right Here, The Vote Play In B’port

Standing in front of the ballpark at Harbor Yard, Republican Congressional candidate John Shaban asserts that incumbent Democrat Jim Himes is striking out when it comes to showing up in Bridgeport to debate. In the video Shaban declares “Even if Jim won’t be here, I’ll be here.” A spokesman for Himes declares his boss has put words into action on behalf of the city.

Shaban and Himes both have their campaign headquarters in the city, commonplace for Democrats, a rarity for a cash-starved Republican who’s trying to connect with urban voters. What Shaban lacks in campaign finances he’s trying to make up by beseeching Bridgeport voters in retail appearances including polite nods to the Democratic political establishment such as Mayor Joe Ganim, a friend, and Town Chair Mario Testa whom he invited to his Bridgeport headquarters opening.

Himes’ campaign spokesman Rowan Kane asserts the incumbent has stepped up for the city.

“Jim’s work for Bridgeport speaks for itself; the $11 million towards the development of Steele Point; the $10 million TIGER grant for the Barnum Train Station project and $37 million for coastal resiliency are all helping Bridgeport fulfill its enormous potential. Our campaign headquarters is in downtown Bridgeport as is Jim’s District office, which aids constituents from Bridgeport and across Fairfield County every day. In fact, Jim’s work in Bridgeport was specifically cited by the CT Post and all of Hearst Connecticut Media in their recent endorsement.”

Himes won Connecticut’s Fourth Congressional District in 2008 defeating Republican incumbent Chris Shays in the Barack Obama electoral storm. He has cut a moderate tone in the district that sometimes infuriates liberal constituencies like Connecticut’s Working Families Party, which did not endorse him this cycle. The district runs from Bridgeport along the coast to Greenwich and takes in northern suburban towns such as Redding and Ridgefield, areas where Himes has outperformed other Democratic candidates.

Shaban has given up a safe State House seat to run for Congress. He’s hoping to cut through the static in this schizophrenic presidential cycles with so many twists and turns. It’s a hard haul without moolah to hammer home a message.



  1. Those single mothers with three kids to feed can now sleep easy knowing Himes brought back $37 million for a coastal resiliency project for Bridgeport.
    You can’t make this stuff up! Fluck you, Jim Himes!

      1. Ummm, staunch Trumper, links to back up that statement please, from reliable and recognized news sources, out of touch? I doubt his constituents would agree with that statement.

        1. So you’re telling me Shaban isn’t turning out the GOP line? He needs it. He’d better be a staunch Trump supporter.

          He’s quoted as saying he’ll make his decision “on game day,” which is just nonsense.

        2. Out of touch with his constituents? Maybe not. But then again his current constituents are not low-income, poorly educated, opportunity deprived residents of the state’s largest city.
          He’s never done anything for Bridgeport all the time he has been in the legislature unless it also helped his wealthy constituency in the ‘burbs.

          1. Doesn’t mean Shaban can’t or won’t. Both understanding and be effective. Here’s my issue with Himes, I asked him about Dennis Bradley, when he was running for BOE, who worked for him. His reply was, I don’t get involved in local elections. When I told him, this issue was too important and he needed to be more forthcoming, he refused. Makes me think he only cares about getting local votes and too bad he had opinions or knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

          2. Jen, Himes gave you your answer. He obviously had nothing good to say about Bradley, because if he had had anything good to say, he would have said it. Look at how reluctant most Republican politicians have been to badmouth Trump.

          3. Booty–Himes represent Bridgeport, has a vested interest in theory to see Bridgeport succeed. He gave a political safe response. While I understand your point, and the political implications of his answer. Shays was certainly beaten to a pulp for his honest opinion, and while it’s true, Shays is not running for office so the political fallout for him was not going to hurt his livelihood, i still believe Himes did a great disservice and harm to Bridgeport by keeping silent. And I find it offensive that he’s now involved in local politics asking for votes for himself. Yes, congress has a 10% approval rating, but everyone loves their own congressman and will re-elect him/her. How many people on this blog rail against the rest of Fairfield County, their wealth and Wall Street money, which is who and what Himes is, a Goldman Sachs man. While I don’t think Himes is a bad person, I do see him being a very typical politician more concerned with his popularity and reelection than really being engaged and involved with Bridgeport and its real problems. No doubt he’s doing the best he can with the constituency he has to work with.

          4. Jennifer Buchanan, very good summary of Jim Himes, unfortunately will vote for Himes holding my nose because he has done so little for Bridgeport and John Shaban has done nothing for Bridgeport.

    1. Haaa! I know Shaban from the times I testified in Hartford and working on other campaigns in CT. Do you know him? He’s actually a decent human being.

      1. Jennifer,
        Give me quotes from credible news sources that will point out all he has done for Bridgeport while up in Hartford.
        Or at least credible news sources that report he is a decent human being. Put up or shut up.
        I too am disappointed in Jim Himes. And if a better Democrat runs against him in a primary I would have no problem voting against Himes. But as far a Bridgeport goes, a bad Democrat is better than a good Republican any day.

        1. Himes/Shaban were on WCGH 1490AM yesterday.

          Shaban was asked his views on Roe v. Wade and Marriage Equality Act. He said he supports the decisions of the Court; however, his website says otherwise: “I do not believe in government interference with a person’s personal preferences or choices. More importantly, the people in the 50 states can determine how they want their marriage and/or privacy laws to operate–the federal government should play no role in these decisions outside of the established federal Constitutional boundaries.”

          And here’s the link, Jennifer:

          1. Planned Parenthood/Case gave the states leeway regarding abortion determination regarding Roe/Wade. I suppose the real issue on this is the $$$ to fund abortion. Insurance? State Aid? Federal Aid? If the Federal Government does not recognize same-sex marriage, that’s a problem for many things, starting with filing income tax returns.
            Good statement regarding government interference in personal preference and choices. Too gosh darn regulations local and federal for most people. Except for lawyers, they love regulations. So he supports the federal ruling, with states making the adjustments to suit their own citizens’ needs. Sounds just awful. Not at all what this country was founded on, strong states’ rights with the federal government playing a supporting role when it’s for the greater good. Essentially, we pay federal taxes then the Senators and Reps from all 50 states fight to bring the $$$ home, where the state’s elected officials then fight about how it’s going to be spent, who’s in line to get the contracts.

    1. donj, once again just stop by your local Trump for President office and ask them for that information. I’m sure they would be glad to provide you with that information.

  2. donj,
    Didn’t you hear Trump? Any election that is won by a Democrat is rigged so those numbers don’t mean anything. Trump will tell you the fix was in. No sense looking at numbers anymore, Don. Numbers lie.

    1. I understand from news articles they are friendly, sons close in age on the same sports teams. Since Ganim supported Bradley, Himes stepped aside for the win for Bradley. Seems supporting Shaban would be very bad political payback to Himes. Can’t blame a Bridgeport candidate for wanting the Mario-Ganim machine getting the vote out. Question is, what would Shaban owe Bridgeport is what you say is indeed correct. What could Shaban deliver that Himes has not? Could it be because of the Republican majority which might steer more $$$ to Bridgeport?

      1. Jennifer, the Republican House will not vote to give money to any large City in America especially ones that are Democrats and people of color. Of course if Donald Trump becomes President then we all know big Cities will get nothing.

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