Senator Moore Endorses Bhargava For State Treasurer

State Senator Marilyn Moore on Monday endorsed Dita Bhargava‘s campaign for state treasurer. She is challenging Democratic-endorsed Shawn Wooden, former Hartford City Council president, in an August 14 primary.

Campaign news release:

“Dita is the right candidate with the experience our state needs,” said Senator Moore. “Her deep experience in finance and her understanding of the challenges that working families in our state face is exactly what we need to lead a critically important office. I wholeheartedly endorse her candidacy and urge all Democrats in Bridgeport and beyond to vote for her in the August primary.”

Senator Moore, the Senate’s Deputy President Pro Tempore, chair of the Children and Human Services Committees and a lifelong resident of Bridgeport, joins a list of elected officials and civic organizations that have endorsed Dita’s campaign, including EMILY’s List, State Representative Chris Perone, State Representative Jonathan Steinberg, Manchester Mayor Jay Moran, Ridgefield First Selectment Rudy Marconi, and Simsbury First Selectman Eric Wellman.

“I am honored to have the support of Senator Marilyn Moore,” said Dita. “She’s a fighter who stands up for her community, and she knows that I will bring the same level of advocacy for working families to the Treasurer’s office in Hartford.”



  1. State Senator Marilyn Moore seems to be getting lost in her constituents priorities. Senator Moore needs to adjust her priorities or she will get finched.

    1. Frank, I don’t have to like some of Senator’s positions but I respect and support Senator Moore. Senator Moore is respected, a hard worker for her constituents, principle and honest. Frank what political person do you agree with all of the time? You are starting to act and sound like one of those Democratic Town Committee members who does whatever Mario Testa tells them.

  2. What’s this BS Frank, ” State Senator Marilyn Moore seems to be getting lost in her constituents priorities. You couldn’t possibly think as a constituent you have a right to tell Senator Moore who she should or shouldn’t endorse for public office. Are you delusional or do you think Senator Moore needs to very your approval prior to endorsing anyone. Frank, you don’t own her you merely voted for her and she’s a grown ass woman with her own set of ideas, priorities and conscience.

    My guess is that you don’t know a damn thing about Dita Bhargava.

    1. @Donald Day
      I’m both a constituent and a supporter of Senator Moore. I know plenty about Dita Bhargava and don’t support her. Dita made a failed attempt at the Governor’s slot on the Democratic ticket and when she failed to gather support she dropped down to Treasurer, Sh lost at the convention.
      I heard her speak to the TDTC twice, once for each position and did not vote for her at the state convention.
      She called me asking for my vote and started the conversation by attacking her opponents on both the Dem and Republican side specifically because they are lawyers and therefore know nothing about managing money.
      I quickly told her off. This J.D. has been a trust administrator and money manager for more than 30 years. The endorsed candidate Shawn Wooden has handled state and Union pension funds for decades.
      Dita is an engineer by profession. I don’t Dita’s education against here, but her remark was both arrogant and ignorant.

  3. Marshall, as you can see being a reasonably intelligent man my response was to Frank Gyure and not you. I read your response where it said you support Senator Moore, but would not vote for Dita. Why the need to address me and my response to Frank when in reality all you really wanted to do was tell the Dita story and how she called and bad mouthed other candidates and why you wouldn’t vote for her.

    You could have done that without the need to interject yourself into my response to Frank unless you are Frank also. I met Shawn and will vote for him, but my response to Frank remains the same, Senator Moore doesn’t endorse a candidate because of what one disgruntled constituent thinks, feels or believes.


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