See City Council’s Budget Committee Schedule On Ganim’s Proposed Fiscal Plan With No Tax Increase

Mayor Joe Ganim has submitted to the City Council his proposed spending plan for the budget year starting July 1. The mayor’s office released this statement about the budget that holds the line on taxes. See video from Ganim.

Read FY23_Proposed_Annual_Operating_Budget

Last evening Mayor Ganim met with City Council members to announce his proposed FY2022-2023 budget. The FY2022-2023 budget is proposed at $605,136,209, a change of only 1.2 % from the previous year’s budget.

Mayor Ganim stated, “I am very pleased to submit the proposed FY2022-2023 budget to the City Council for action. This is a comprehensive balanced budget that delivers all government services that our citizens need for this next fiscal year and will have a positive tangible impact on our resident’s quality of life.”

This proposed budget funds all essential city services, while holding the line on taxes. Keeping the mil rate steady is important for our taxpayers: however, I am also aware that some of the most vulnerable in our community–particularly seniors–face significant financial challenges due to high inflation and high costs of living. To address this issue, my budget proposes targeted tax relief through expansion of the senior tax relief program. My administration has already started a dialogue with some Council members on what this tax relief might look like and will look to submit a proposed ordinance change to the City Council by the next Council meeting.

“I am determined to continue to fight for our residents and not raise Bridgeport taxes over the next year. This proposed budget provides not only stability, but also a tax break for our seniors. I look forward to working with City Council members to achieve a budget that benefits everyone in Bridgeport.”

Mayor Ganim is proud that this budget also proposes to increase the Board of Education budget with an additional $2 million.

Commitment to Education, City Infrastructure and Quality of Life

— Next year’s budget plan includes a City local funding increase of $2 million to the BOE.

— The Bridgeport Police and Fire Departments are hiring new recruits and sending qualified candidates through state training classes. This effort will continue in FY2023 as new classes are included within budgeted total positions for these departments.

— The FY2023 Budget and the City’s Capital Plan includes funding for expanded street clean ups, parks improvements, and street paving.

— The Budget also includes the upgrade of technology cybersecurity and communications systems to enhance online access and services for Bridgeport residents.

The mayor’s proposal is now in the hands of the council’s Budget & Appropriations Committee that will spend the next four weeks reviewing the document, hearing pleas from department heads and conducting public hearings.

See schedule below:

Tuesday, May 3 6:00 pm General Budget Discussion Legislative Department Zoom/Teleconference

Wednesday, May 4 5:30 pm General Budget Discussion – Possible Committee Vote (In-Person) Conference Rooms A, B & C

Monday, May 9 (Special Meeting) 6:00 p.m. Vote on General Fund Budget (Possible Full City Council Vote) (In-person) City Council Chambers Tuesday,

May 10 (Special Meeting) 6:00 pm Vote on General Fund Budget (Tentative – if necessary) (In-person) City Council Chambers Schedule is subject to adjustments as needed by Committee Co-Chairs:

04/05/2022 Locations: City Council Chambers: City Hall, 45 Lyon Terrace 1st fl., Bridgeport, CT 06604. Conference Rooms A, B & C: Margaret E. Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street.



  1. Here we go again, Mayor Joe Ganim leading from behind as usual. New Haven mayor Elicker had his budget made public on March 1, 2022. Read for yourself the leadership in New Haven compared to Bridgeport and Mayor Ganim and you can see for yourself why it’s time for a changed for mayor.

    “New Haven Independent — It’s Your Town. Read… | New Haven Independent”

    Elicker’s proposed general fund budget is $633,168,579 in total.

    That’s $26.8 million more than the $606.3 million general fund budget the alders OK’d for the current fiscal year.

    Some of the key drivers of that general fund hike include a $5 million increase to the Board of Education, a $6.5 million bump to the city’s health insurance payments, a $1.5 million increase to police overtime, a $2.2 million increase in debt service, over $1 million in higher pension payments, and funding for roughly two-dozen new general fund jobs.

    Those new general-fund positions include a new police lieutenant and sergeant, two new Livable City Initiative (LCI) neighborhood specialists, a new fire inspector and special mechanic, and a new chief technology officer who will split time between the city and the Board of Education.

    Every public school would have a nurse under this budget.

    And libraries will stay open on Sundays.

    2.58% Mill Rate Drop; 5-Year Reval Phase-In

    “New Haven Independent — It’s Your Town. Read… | New Haven Independent”

  2. The City’s flush with money and the best they can come up with is a 9 million dollar surplus?
    They put more money into the amphitheater then a rebate back to the long suffering Taxpayers or the BBOE!

  3. Upon reading this I noticed that once again the city has scheduled the budget hearing for education during spring break. I sent the following e-mail copy pasted here to request it be changed. Following my email I will copy paste Councilman Newton’s response.

    Distinguished Council Members

    I’m just looking over the public hearing schedule and notice that the education Hearing is scheduled for spring break. In consideration of the over 19,000 students and families that we all represent kindly consider rescheduling the hearing to a date more conducive for stakeholder participation. I have attached a copy of the school calendar to assist you.

    Thank you,

    Joseph Sokolovic
    Bridgeport Board of Education
    Finance Committee Chair

    From Newton

    We don’t work around the Bd of Education time

    Councilman Ernest E. Newton ll
    Council District 139
    Deputy Majority Leader/Co-Chair Budget & Appropriations Committee
    (475) 225-6769

    Our city and schools deserve better


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