1. Not understand why there is a need for another general if the first general was based on the same results as the second redo primary. It seems it is just another change to Gomes to best Joe.

    Considering this is an inside game, Gen Now style, L) and for the most part Port pols are just puppets while the puppet master pulls the strings. Each election is like back to square one. Holding your breath either with anxiety or hope.

    Regardless of the candidate G2 and Gomes are the one contenders with the inside game. Can’t really see the rationale for Daniel or Herz to go through the trouble of running an election campaign for a special election in the middle of winter.

    Gomes on the other hand fourth bit of the apple. It would seem G2 has to win four elections to continue to be mayor while Gomes has to win one of the four.

    Anxiety for G2’s camp with another election, Hope for John’s

    The way I see it, Puppet Master/Port. Try to play nice. Let me know Puppet Master.


    Who is pulling the strings in this retarded election cycle, Port? Do they know it is winter and cold outside? Do they even give a shit? 🤣


  2. RT
    Let me explain, from my understanding of American democratic process, assuming that this still operates in Bridgeport. In every election cycle, party members get together and discuss who they will endorse. In the case of the Democratic party, they endorsed the current incumbent, Joe Ganim, for a third ‘current’ term. However, other party members wished to advance an alternative ticket, followed a process of petitioning, and were placed on a September PRIMARY ballot, to secure a favorable position on the November ballot.

    But visible absentee ballot actions in September, a suit resulting in court action and decision (while the November election proceeded) caused the Judge to throw out the entire process and ordered a do-over election , starting with the two who faced each other back in September. The results of that vote is shown above. A Ganim2 PRIMARY win. However, a general election for Mayor is to follow the primary. But only if there is at least one other name on the ballot, be it GOMES, DANIELS, or HERZ. Each has until February 1 to record their intent, I believe. If none stands to run, Joe claims the mayoralty as unopposed.

    The principle that you miss is that a Democratic Primary limits nearly 30,000 registered voters from expressing their voice and vote for the 2023 cycle, which means eight years between such a State sanctioned opportunity. Difficult to see “American democracy” in operation, so I wait upon the word from three who would lead in response to this final opportunity to face the winner of 7% of City voters’ ballots. If you dispute my comments about democracy, how would you get more folks to express their inner thoughts, grievances, or upset about Bridgeport doings going forward? Isn’t a vote possible and powerful? Isn’t talk about ‘what is wrong’, just cheap and ineffective? Time will tell.

  3. I think you missed my point, John.

    I believe the Judge said he lacked the authority to post or cancel the general when he overturned the Sept primary. So what gives his order the authority to null and void a state-authorized general election that he had no authority to stop?

    While G2 had the right to challenge the Judge’s ruling on overturning the first primary based on an overwhelmed understanding of voter “irregularity” I can’t not see why G2 wouldn’t challenge the validity of the judge’s order for another general base on the same results of the primary he overturned and his own admission of authority or lack of.

    While I could see G2 losing the public relations for trying to challenge the Judges’ order for new primary elections, considering.


    However, G2 has more standing, on solid ground, to ask if the Judge has the authority to suppress the voters, a democratic process, and null and void the new general that he, again by his admission, couldn’t stop, postpone, or cancel. Are you saying this sounds like Democracy? JS No link 🔗cause I know you are not a fan. 🙂

    1. Correction/clarification

      I don’t understand how a Judge who ordered a new primary based on the voting “irregularities” and by his admission stated he had no authority to cancel or postpone, the democratic process, the general.

      Somehow though, he has the authority to Null and Void that very election he had no authority to stop or postpone and was able to order a new general election.

      Thanks for explaining it to me. 🙂

      P.S. I assume the Democratic Process still operates, Do you and your red boots 👢 still operate? Your consternation perhaps lies with the Democratic Process itself and the bull 💩 that is tethered to it.



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