Fox’s Jesse Watters Swats Pereira’s Ballot Harvesting For Gomes, Assaulting Senior Citizen, Threatening Voters


Give Fox News’ Jesse Watters credit, he spreads election impropriety around.

The latest in his scope City Councilwoman Maria Pereira who’s under state and local investigation for absentee ballot fraud including entering the vacant home of a dementia-suffering senior citizen.

In addition, mayoral candidate John Gomes’ chief absentee ballot harvester has a lot on her plate to defend – banishment from public housing units after 20 complaints from seniors alleging bullying and harassment.

Pereira lost to Kevin Monks with the walk in vote lifted up by absentee ballots. For years Pereira decried absentee ballots until she decided to join the party in pursuit of winning elections be it on her behalf or others.

Still no word from the Gomes camp distancing itself from Pereira.





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