School Board Wants Surplus

On Monday Mayor Joe Ganim announced a surplus of roughly $4.6 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2017. A few hours later the Board of Education voted 7-0 to urge the mayor to hand it over to the school system.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

“I believe today the mayor held a press conference to announce there was a surplus,” said member Maria Pereira. “Seeing that we asked for $3.4 million last year and were given $357,000 and the year before that we asked for $16 million and got zero, I would like to see if we can get a big chunk of that surplus.” Pereira added: “If it truly exists.”

Around the same time the school board was meeting, Flatto was briefing members of the City Council on the state of the budget. He was optimistic that the $15 million deficit was being managed and will be greatly reduced when the fiscal year ends June 30.

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  1. Here we are almost 24 hours since the school shooting that took 17 lives so far and nothing is written. i will write it and say what need s to be said. I want to know who is guarding the entrances to our schools. Are they armed? If not why not? is their a plan of action for each school in case there is a shooter? Do all the classrooms have door locks that work? It is time to take a hard look in or at our schools and security for the kids.
    I have a few questions why did the new Super spend $98,000 in legal fees. We were told the glass in the new Roosevelt school was bullet prove it is NOT.The key question isHOW MUCH ARE THE LIVES OF OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN WORTH. If it happens here what are we going to tell the parents.

  2. Hey Andy,

    Your hero Donald Trump, the man that promised to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” blamed Nikolas Cruz’s neighbors for not reporting his behavior. He also blamed “mental illness” as if it is a street drug. Place the blame squarely with the National Rifle Association and the Florida legislature for laws that permit juveniles to purchase the AR-15 semiautomatic assault rifle before the age of majority. This punk kid isn’t old enough to consume alcoholic beverages but he can legally own an AR-15, the tool of choice of mass murderers. Adam Lanza used one to kill twenty-six children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Stephen Paddock used one modified to fire fully automatic on a country music festival in Las Vegas, leaving 58 people dead and 851 injured. 

    Fix the federal gun laws.

  3. Listen kid you fucking jerk off! Politicians are not my heroes. My heroes are everyday people that do extraordinary things like that football coach at the school that took the bullets intended for kids. Those kind of people are my heroes.

    1. I don’t give a rat’s ass about your heroes, Andy, you sniveling little shit. If the NRA didn’t have so much juice with the Republican Party’s Congressional leadership the assault weapons ban would have been made permanent.

  4. You’re right Andy when you say, “HOW MUCH ARE THE LIVES OF OUR SCHOOL CHILDREN WORTH. If it happens here what are we going to tell the parents.

    They next question you, the NRA and your 2nd Amendment zealots should be asking are Lives of children worth the right for any fool to own a gun and the only prerequisite is the ability to pay for a gun. You blame the lack of armed guards and door locks while ignoring the proliferation and the availability of guns.

    Read Derek’s (Bpt Kid) last post again he stated the problem so eloquently.

    1. Thank you Mister Donald. America has been blessed with the GOP controlling the executive and legislative branches of government. they can’t consider meaningful gun control legislation but they have been BOE to fund the federal government for two weeks at a time.

  5. Don I did not blame anything on locks or lack of armed guards I was pointing out some of what is needed. There will be no change in Federal Law because there is to much money involved. What needs to be changed is the following: If you own guns and they are stolen and used in a crime you are responsible for not properly securing your guns and should do a year in jail. If you are caught with an illegal gun you should do 10 years no plea bargaining no judicial discretion .

    1. To Wayne La Pierre and the National Rifle Association the seventeen fatalities are “collateral damage.” The Second Amendment is more important than the lives of innocent victims.

      Gun control laws are pretty much worthless. Andy. Virtually every shooting in Bridgeport is committed by an illegally possessed firearm.

    2. The National Rifle Association spend $21,000,000.00 to help Donald Trump “make America great again.” That alone indicates where The Donald’s priorities are when it comes to gun control.

      Trump, Pence and the rest of the cowardly Republicans in Congress offered another round of thoughts and prayers for the victims and their bereaved families. Guess what? Thoughts and prayers are about as effective now as they were after the shootings in Las Vegas, Orlando and at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The money flowing into campaign coffers is more important than the lives of innocent people.

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