School Board Says Sayonara To Parent Advisory Council

From Linda Conner Lambeck CT Post:

“I guess its rule by coup round two in Bridgeport,” Pattis said, referencing the state take over of the school board in 2011. Pattis was among the attorneys that won a State Supreme Court reversal of the takeover.

“There is something profoundly undemocratic about the Bridgeport school board and Mayor (Bill) Finch’s approach to it,” Pattis said, suggesting the same “big money” that attempted to take over the board is now working to stop parents from keeping those beholding to charter schools off its board.

Pattis added that Mooney’s contention that First Amendment rights could have been violated is ridiculous.

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  1. Andre Baker turned out to be a whore and a Finch butt boy. Shame on you, Andre.
    Dave Hennessey was a jerk, is a jerk and will never change, he is another power-hungry whore. This whole board with one or two exceptions is worse than the one Finch appointed.

  2. Why not repair the leaky roofs on schools, ensure the resources are there for other essentials for the normal functioning of our public schools … before inviting lawsuits based on personal vendettas?

    Dave Hennessey, what more can you do to act the opposite of how you presented yourself during the 2013 election? And were you happy to see your ally Jr. Moales with Gov. Malloy last week in Hartford (photos on Moales for state senate Facebook page)?


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