Scenes From Inauguration Night

Ganim, parents at inaugural
Ganim on stage Tuesday night with his mom Josephine and father George.

Joseph Peter Ganim has experienced enough highs and lows in life to cause whiplash. Tuesday night with 1,000 in attendance he shared the Klein Memorial Auditorium stage with other elected officials in what is his greatest political triumph, a resurrection few would have predicted. Sue Katz, the University of Bridgeport communications professor who designed the OIB website, shares images from inauguration night.

Crowd files into the 1,400 seat Klein Memorial that opened 75 years ago.
Crowd files into the 1,400 seat Klein Memorial that opened 75 years ago.

choir at inauguration
Lighthouse Program Gospel Choir inspired crowd.
police at inauguration
Uniformed services had a strong presence.
Joe's kids at inaugural
Right to left Ganim’s parents and his three children Rob, Joseph and Krista.
Mario, bishop at inaugural
Far left Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa receives special confessional from Bishop Caggiano.
Flatto, Goulet
Chief Financial Officer Ken Flatto, the former first selectman of Fairfield, and Heather Goulet, daughter of City Councilor Michelle Lyons and Police Commissioner Tom Lyons.
Rodriguez, Ganim
Superior Court Judge Eddie Rodriguez introduces Ganim.
City Council President Tom McCarthy receives oath for new two-year term council seat.
Katie Bukovsky receives oath for City Council from her brother mayoral adviser Danny Roach.
Rev, Lee
Rev. Mary McBride-Lee receives oath for City Council from attorney Edwin Farrow.
Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman addresses crowd.
Maria Pereira receives oath for school board.
Lydia Martinez raises hand as the city’s new city clerk.
Ganim, kids at inaugural
Rob Ganim hugs his father as son Joseph and daughter Krista prepare to do the same.


  1. The comment by Mike Bellamy on WICC this morning was over the top! That most people who live in Bridgeport are considered second-chance citizens.
    Or they have a relative or someone like Joe Ganim they know in Bridgeport who’s looking for a second chance. So Bellamy considers most people in Bridgeport as felons and that’s why Ganim won!
    I wonder if WICC’s sponsors feel the same way?
    I think Bellamy should apologize to all the people of Bridgeport!

  2. *** Nice night for Joe, family and friends, pols and voters. Too bad Joe’s political ticket line had so many political airheads like LM, DC, MP, MML, etc. Let’s hope they don’t end up being an embarrassment during his return as city Mayor! *** GOOD LUCK ***

  3. *** Anyone who listens to WICC’s Tony and Mike in the morning knows just how corny they are and how out of touch they are with the city of Bpt and its residents. They seem to have a right-wing opinion on anything that deals with minority issues and have the worst AM jokes ever that make any listeners want to turn off the radio and go back to sleep! If it weren’t for the AM local news and info. along with traffic and weather every 10 minutes or so, no one would be listening to those two clowns! *** BORING ***

  4. *** Tony and Mike work in Bpt but live outside the city, yet claim to know everything that happens in the Park City and what makes its residents click! They’re experts on the concerns of the minority communities and their needs and wants! They seem to know why the voters choose one candidate over another and overall what’s best for Bpt and its residents, no? *** GOD HELP US! ***


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