Rosario Hails Offshore Wind Energy For Bridgeport

A wind-power proposal by Vineyard Wind along Bridgeport Harbor moved a step closer on Tuesday with State House passage of H.B. #7156, An Act Concerning The Procurement Of Energy Derived From Offshore Wind.

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From State Rep. Chris Rosario:

“This legislation will allow Connecticut to open the doors to wind power and will help diversify our energy production with green options,” Rep. Rosario said. “This is good for the environment, jobs and the environment. I look forward to Senate approval and the governor’s signature.”

An offshore wind development company, Vineyard Wind, is proposing a new multimillion-dollar project for Bridgeport. This will help the city to develop our port infrastructure and will promote economic development and job opportunities.

The legislation includes measures to ensure that construction workers receive the prevailing wage, best management practices to minimize any impacts on wildlife, natural resources and ecosystems, existing water-dependent uses and protections for fishing vessels and commercial fishing.

Chris Rosario represents the 128th District in Bridgeport. In addition to serving as Deputy Speaker of the House, he is a member of the Appropriations, Insurance and Real Estate, and Transportation Committees.



  1. I support this 100%. CT has to develop energy and use it ONLY for CT to lower our electrical rates which are in the top 5 in the US. Beyond that,Rosario and all State legislators need to look at PURA(PUBLIC Utility Regulatory Authority) which has done a disastrous job and CT electrical consumers are paying way too much for electricity. We are literally being robbed.

  2. Questions. Being that this is an off shore project is the property going to be taxable to Bridgeport’s grand list or are the waters state property.

    If it’s Taxable to Bridgeport’s Grand list I pray it’s not a pilot or some sort of 5,000 year abatement. Otherwise after construction we are only left with an eyesore on our waterfront. I fear the latter as there are miles of coastline in the more affluent areas that are not clamoring for these projects.


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