1. Lennie, that’s true but Pat Boone and a number of other white singers got rich copying entire songs from Chuck Berry and Little Richard during the same timeframe Chuck Berry and Little Richard had their songs out and there was no outrage or anything but that was America before copyright laws became the law of the nation.

  1. *** It’s a shame that Chuck B. who brought the electric guitar out into the limelight other than just the acoustic guitar during the early years of rock & roll, as well has had multiple R & R hits in the ’50s and ’60s; has been labeled “the grandfather of R & R!” When he rightly should have been labeled as the “King of R & R,” not Elvis. Elvis was labeled king because he was white, had some rhythm and was from the South! That’s like naming Louie Prima, a great Italian trumpet player during the great era of Jazz as the “King” of Jazz. Instead of the great “Louis Armstrong” just because Prima was white! How about the best R & R band of all time? For me it’s the “Stones,” hands down. ***

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