Ricci Oars Gondola’s Bond

John Ricci
John Ricci. CT Post photo Cathy Zuraw.

Public Facilities Director John Ricci has a reputation for helping his friends. You might add his employees to the list as well. Jennifer Gondola, who made news in 2012 when New Haven police confiscated her phone after she filmed a police arrest, was charged this month in an alleged drug-sale conspiracy. Ricci, her boss, assisted her release on bond.

CT Post reporter Brian Lockhart has more on this.

Could you count on your boss to bail you out of jail?

What if you were caught up in a months-long investigation into the sale of narcotics by four different police departments?

Longtime Bridgeport municipal employee Jennifer Gondola got help from a key department head when arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling heroin and crack cocaine near a day care canter.

Her supervisor, new Public Facilities Director John Ricci put $1,600 on a personal credit card to help secure Gondola’s release.

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  1. Mr. Ricci certainly went above and beyond for this woman whom he states he doesn’t know much about. She is charged with 11 felony drug charges. That’s nothing to sneeze at; it’s serious, really serious. It would appear she may be facing incarceration even if it’s her first offense.

    1. Godiva, second offense, really. So she sold 11 times to an UNDERCOVER cop!! SO her I don’t-know-you boss bails her out. I need to work for the city, deal drugs and expect the mayor to bail me out. That’s nice.

    1. You clearly have no idea how desperate and dimwitted you sound making comments like those. To allude to the fact the Administration financed the release of a troubled PW employee through the use of the Department head as a pass-through is just absurd. And if that is not what you were alluding to then you should have your comments content-edited by someone who does give a shit before posting them.

  2. In the article above, Brian Lockhart reports: “She has been placed on paid administrative leave from her city job, pending an internal investigation.”

    I understand the basic presumption a person is innocent of charges until legal action moves along and reaches a certain point. Perhaps that is behind the sense of fair play that Mr. Ricci offered in his generous response to (whomever?). And he claimed not to have known about the specific charges until after putting the $1600 on his card. But will he look for repayment of his timely action to avoid time behind bars for the longtime Bridgeport employee? And will it create any precedent, if not in law, then in practice should similar generosity seem due in the future?

    Looking at the above quote, though, what is meant by an “internal investigation?” If there are four different police departments already involved, does this refer to an additional investigator to the activities? Is there some sense that wrongdoing was happening on City premises, City time or with other City personnel in any capacity? Who is doing that specific internal investigation?

    Under what union contract, city policy or State process does an employee receive the right to “paid administrative leave?” For how long a period is that allowed? On occasion, someone who has months of “paid administrative leave” may be found guilty of charges. Do they owe any funds back to the taxpayer who provided funds (like Mr. Ricci) but received no services for the payment?

  3. This is more of the same bullshit we in Bridgeport have been subjected to. Nothing has changed under Ganim, nothing at all. Ricci who really is a nice guy should get suspended. How do you GET ARRESTED ON MULTIPLE COUNTS involving drugs and get paid while your case moves through the court system? Ganim has brought a whole bunch of BS back with him. I guess the old saying holds true. It’s not who you know, it’s who you BLOW.

  4. Looks like “The Boys” lost their connection. So sad. Who will fill her shoes and be the new OTJ supplier? Maybe her bond was paid so she would not let the cat out of the bag! Which would give the new administration a black eye to say the least. LOL!

    1. What it was actually was a malicious prosecution based on false charges that took away my job that I held for 20 years just short of me being able to retire!! And 4 years of my life fighting for my innocence! I can proudly say I stood my ground and all
      Cases were dropped !!


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