Rev. Stallworth Back In The Ganim Fold–Assisting With Minority Police Recruitment

Charlie Stallworth
Charlie Stallworth at podium for Ganim fundraiser in 2015. Sue Katz photo.

State Rep. Charlie Stallworth, an early Joe Ganim appointee who left city service about a year ago after a falling-out with the mayor, has returned as a consultant to the Civil Service Office with the task of recruiting minority candidates for an upcoming police test. He’ll be paid $2,500 for the next month with a push to attract more Bridgeport residents. Stallworth’s new role helps to rehabilitate Ganim’s relationship with Stallworth, a city minister, while beefing up a gubernatorial campaign message seeking minority support.

In a statement to OIB Stallworth writes, “I’m looking forward to working with the community, community organizations, and individuals to connect with persons in minority communities who have an interest in law enforcement. The next 30 days or so will be an exciting time. This is good for the community and a good effort on behalf of the city.”

The timeline to bring a new police class on board given the testing and background check process is expected to be completed by the end of the year. Ganim’s Communications Director Rowena White shared the following about Stallworth’s role and the testing timeline.

Charles Stallworth will be assisting Civil Service with identifying and recruiting qualified and diverse and minority candidates for the entry level Police Officer Exam #2350.

His consulting contract runs April 23-May 21;  he will receive $1,250 upon commencement and $1,250 upon completion.

Scope of consulting includes grassroots outreach to local community groups and organizations to help reach and identify possible qualified candidates. He will share information about eligibility, qualifications and requirements for Candidates through community forums, meetings, events, as well as provide one-on-one information sessions.

April 23 – Exam will be announced.

June 3rd – Candidates must complete the application process.

June 23rd – 2018 Police Officer Civil Service WRITTEN Exam #2350

Week of July 16 – 2018 Police Officer Civil Service ORAL Exam #2350

Stallworth was elected to the State House in a 2011 special election after long-time district representative Chris Caruso was appointed to a position in the State Labor Department by Governor Dan Malloy. Stallworth was an early supporter of Ganim’s comeback for mayor in 2015. In Stallworth’s East End church, on January 1, 2015, Ganim issued his first public apology about his 2003 conviction on public corruption charges on his way to a historic comeback. Stallworth, a leader in the politically active Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, emerged as a high-profile Ganim campaign supporter. Ganim rewarded him with a $100,000-a-year job as special adviser to the mayor working out of the mayor’s office.

In March 2017, Stallworth resigned as director of the Small & Minority Business Resource Center after being demoted from the mayor’s office as part of an administrative shakeup by Ganim in December 2016. Stallworth had joined several black political leaders condemning the rank demotion of Lieutenant Lonnie Blackwell who was accused of fabricating a racial letter within the Police Department. Blackwell denies the charges. Stallworth speaking out was seen as a public swipe at Ganim.

Stallworth’s consultant position comes at a time the Ganim campaign for governor hopes to organize turnout in cities for a projected Democratic primary in August. But first, Ganim must make the primary ballot. His path to do that is securing 15 percent delegate support at the state party convention next month or in lieu of that a labor-intensive drive requiring roughly 15,000 signatures from Democratic electors in the state.

Stallworth, meanwhile, faces a Democratic primary challenge from Congressman Jim Himes’ former deputy district director Shanté Hanks.



  1. Ganim give him a full time job and maybe he wont run for State Rep up here . He is a double zero for residents of the Hooker School area. Good to see we hired a consultant to recruit blacks for the police force , what about other city residents

  2. There’s but two ways to percieve this development: 1, Ganim is bribing Stallworth for his endorsement; 2, Ganim is so indifferent to issues like equality he has to pay someone else to recruit minority police officers.

  3. C’mon Reverend Stallworth, if you aren’t starting with the dismissal of David Dunn as the Director of the Civil Service Office then you are wasting your time as well as that of the Black community. Bridgeport hasn’t had a problem recruiting and hiring of both police and fire departments in forty years prior to David Dunn and his race based policies that has been proven to exclude Black’s.

    If you just want or need the money then take that, but don’t allow Mayor Ganim to blow smoke up your ass and you in turn blow that smoke up the asses of the Black community. The biggest hindrance to hiring Black’s for the police department in the last forty years has been and continues to be DAVID DUNN. One other concern that I have is whether your getting this position was continent upon you putting this on OIB so that the Black community can see how good Massa Ganim is to the the Black community. Rev, it’s been said that while it’s against the law to buy Black’s, you can still rent one and my hope is that you don’t fall into the latter group.

      1. The “Reverend” Stallworth is not a reverend is any way shape or form. Right now, he is counting his coins of gold. Shame on Charles Stallworth.

    1. Don, Rev. Stallworth’s knows exactly what the problem is and he knows what is needed to make the changes and everything starts with David Dunn. Rev don’t pump the black community like Mayor Ganim is doing by renting Negros. This recruiting will be a failure at the end when it becomes the time to hire, blacks will be on the backend. Rev. Stallworth standup and act like a black man and do the right thing and don’t get played by Joe Ganim.

  4. Frank I take exception to your characterization that Reverend Stallworth isn’t a reverend in any shape and form. Reverend Stallworth is in deed a man of God who has devoted almost his entire life preaching and teaching of God’s word and his promise for mankind. My guess is that you’ve never witnessed a preaching moment delivered by Reverend Stallworth and his passion for the love of God so how would or could you know whether he is a minister?

    May I suggest that you stay in your lane and keep your posts confined to something that you know, at the vey least, a little about because Reverend Stallworth doesn’t meet your criteria as you know absolutely nothing about this man of God.

  5. Another taxpayer funded portion of Ganim’s campaign. Let’s see how this will be portrayed in Ganim’s attempt to get the black vote.
    Donald Day, in most religious communities, ordained members do not take payment for doing what they feel is right. He may be a “man of God” to his congregation, but he is a politician for hire in this situation.

    1. Here we go again, Tom White being white, Rev. Charlie Stallworth is a contract employee providing a service like any other City vendor. What being ordained have to do with anything, isn’t the Pope a paid employee and leader of Catholic Church.

  6. Derek, sure it can be both ways. There are many ministers that have jobs other than saving souls and doing one has absolutely nothing to do with ones ability to do the other.

    Tom being white, the Rev is taking money for a task that he will perform and that’s the white American way, isn’t it? You can’t have it both ways, you can’t cry about entitlements and when a Black man gets a job you then complain about he should do it for free. You just can’t let that slavery SHIT go can you?

    1. Reverend Stallworth is a community activist. He’s also about the money, show me the money. Pardon my cynicism, Donald. It will be tempered if and when he produces results. If andwhen Reverend Stallworth produces results then and only then will my opinion of him change.

    1. “Stallworth’s new role helps to rehabilitate Ganim’s relationship with Stallworth, a city minister, while beefing up a gubernatorial campaign message seeking minority support”

      Once again,Joe paying Rev Stallworth $2500 of our tax dollars,in an attempt to get back in the good graces of the african american community,because he knows he can’t win without them…If he wasn’t running for governor,Rev Stallworth wouldn’t be getting this $2500.00,disgusting how Joe just continues to rob us.Arrogant,SOB..

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  7. Barry, I’ve learned in my 67 years that a bigot will see anything that they want to see to justify their bigotry. The article speaks to Rev. Stallworth using his community outreach to assist civil service in RECRUITING people of color, not hiring them.

    Barry, no police department in America has ever had a problem recruiting Whites for police officers so if one wants a conduit into the Black or Latino community in the 21st century then it stands to reason that a white person won’t work as well, right? Or does bigotry prevent you from understanding something as simple as that because a bigot will see anything that they want to see to justify their bigotry.

  8. Congratulations Charlie Stallworth. Though I am very disappointed in the negative comments they are to be expected. When Afro – Centric individuals attack the success of an another and expect them to carry the world on their shoulders it is a heavy burden. I am certain you will carry it well and respect the fact that you would not come on this blog and defend yourself against these “Negro”comments.

    I think in the city of Bridgeport, it is a brilliant move. As a leader in your community amongst Blacks, Browns and whites, I can only think of a few individuals that may be able to help increase the number of minority police officers. Isn’t that a plus for the Ganim administration? I support Charlie Stallworth. I have walked the 135th for Charlie Stallworth.. As a former Finch supporter, I thought it was great that Charlie put his reputation on the line for Ganim. He lives his faith. I hope he has great success recruiting minorities…

      1. Had to wait for my lunch break to answer— NO Jim Fox I think it would be safe to say None ( Norwegens is code for Jews if anyone is not following). If there is one- I stand corrected but I doubt it.

  9. From a purely afrocentric perspective, one of which some people will never understand, we understand that Luke 12:48 reminds us “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

    From a truly afrocentric perspective, we fully expect people who can facilitate change to carry the hopes and dreams of other Black’s on their shoulders because someone did for them.

    From a truly afrocentric perspective we still understand that we have to be twice as smart and work twice as hard just to be considered almost equals and with the tough issues facing Black community the last thing we need is another pusillanimous fool speaking for a Black man.

    From a truly afrocentric perspective we understand that You have to Do something different to get something different and some people can have all the so-called Black’s friends that they want, but will never understand anything from an afrocentric perspective because it aint for you white bread.

  10. Other than Day and Mackey, I doubt there is an OIB reader who sees this situation as anything other than Stallworth helping the Ganim campaign at taxpayer expense. Day and Mackey have their ‘afrocentric’ point of view and everyone else is a racist. Steve Auerbach is in a category of his own due to oxygen deprivation.

    1. Tom White Thank you. I am proud to always be in a category all of my own. Donad Day there is nothing wrong with having pride in your heritage and having an Afro centric belief system. But don’t expect Charlie Stallworth or any other Black man to take care of YOUR personal agenda. He has a large following . You do not. You imagine you are telling everyone that Ganim has no support in the Black community, You are ignorant and blind. And for Christ sake- what the hell is Ganim supposed to do for the “Black Community” that he isn’t supposed to do for all of the residents? You may be correct that many Black people voted for him but they do not all live in one neighborhood, district or share the same culture. When you vote in the city you have a voice. You do nt. Stratford has their own issues. Imagine for one moment, the city were run by a Black man. What do you imagine would be different?????? I do not expect you to respond. Tom

    2. I’ve been writing about the poverty, discrimination, crime and exploitation here in Bridgeport. One contributor called me a scumbag for doing so. (Stand up, Steven Auerbach.) reverend Charles Stallworth is a link in that chain, exploiting the poverty and ignorance of his community for personal enrichment. It is doubtful he would be endeavoring to “recruit” minority candidates for law enforcement training if there wasn’t any money involved. He had a job with the city that paid $100,000.00 a year. His salary was cut, as were those of many in Ganim’s administration, to balance the books. Did he take the pay cut and reassignment like a man? Hell no, he pitched a fit and left. He only came back around after $2500.00 greased his palm.

      There’s nothing to do with race, ethnicity ir skin color, gentlemen. Reverend Stallworth is suffering one of the seven deadly sins: GREED.

      1. Bridgeport Kid- Why you continue to bring up my name in your posts is still a curiosity to me. I did wait for my lunch to respond- So here it goes.

        Mr. Derek Brown, I am not questioning that I have called you a “scum Bag” in the past. I thionk that is still my opinion of yourself. I can assure you and make no mistake about it, That that opinion of you has nothing to do with your stand on Poverty , Discrimination, crime and exploitation. The good news for myself is that most readers of the blog know me. I am certain I will receive calls and emails asking why I respond to you. Honestly, I don’t know but I am told you may have a crush on me and that’s why you continue to mention me when I am not part of the conversation. Get over it. :-).

        1. I met you before, Steve-O. My opinion of you was formed before then. You’re a longwinded gasbag with a myopic view of the city. If we were living in Alaska you would take up the Palin msntle of “Drill baby, drill!” at the exornse of the environment.

          1. Sorry Derek, the environment is very important to me . Drilling, Fracking and coal…. Not my thing. You really are unbelievable.

          2. You called me a scumbag for not jumping up and down while shaking crepe paper pom poms and shouting “Rah rah!” for a casino that is at least five years away from shovels breaking ground. (Given The abundance of palms demanding grease for any development to proceed in Bridgeport it’s more likely to take 15-20, just like Steel Pointe.) Too many of Bridgeport’s socioeconomic and environmental ills (a failed public school system, high unemployment, poverty, drugs, crime, shuddered and abandoned factories, industrial pollution) have been left off the mayor’s agenda because there is no percentage in it.

            All I said was “Hey, fix this stuff, stop acting as if ignoring it will make it go away.” You called me a scumbag for that. Gee thanks, you’re a nice fucking guy.

    3. Tom White again being white, of course you know nothing about Afrocentric perspective. White, we don’t call you a racist, you are a bigot with racist views. In order to be a racist you have to have the power to enforce your bigot with racist views and White you don’t have that power but your leader 45 does. White keep listening for those dog whistles, right White.

      White, here is real racism.

  11. So what now?,Does Rev Stallworth go before his congregation for the next 4 weekends and announce the Bpt police are looking for candidates,and if interested, he can help them fill out an application?, is there a secret stash of candidates the Stallworth knows about??.What about young Latinos?, our police dept can use them also, what about young asian men &women?,Will Joe offer $2500 to those community leaders to help find candidates also?..
    This $2500 payment is nothing more than a binder to have Rev Stallworth around and be photographed with him at every opportunity.Hey Joe, you want to “reconnect” with Rev Stallworth?, give him a job with your campaign, and pay him out of YOUR money, not ours.

  12. Rev. Stallworth efforts to increase the applicant pool of black candidates will not help with those candidates getting hired because David Dunn has already put into motion a system a testing company that has NO record of successfully of hiring blacks. Rev. Stallworth is being setup for failure because all one has to do is to look over Clients Served by Randi Frank HR Consulting the company that is giving this exam. What is this company’s record in giving non-discriminatory exams with the makeup of Bridgeport and what cities have they had good success in hiring people of color.

    There is nothing about Randi Frank HR Consulting dealing with diversity in hiring from their exams. Her clients are all small towns and cities and none of them have the racial makeup of Bridgeport. David Dunn has been doing this for years hiring companies just like this one because there cost is much lower because they are dealing with a different type of population. What is this company’s record in giving non-discriminatory exams with the makeup of Bridgeport and what cities have they had good success in hiring people of color, none.

    1. Well Ron, maybe it’s time for a black mayor in Bridgeport. Anyone in particular you would endorse? It should be an individual with public service experience and motivated by the need to recalibrate the political culture to be representative of ALL the people of the city of Bridgeport, not payback for real or percieved historic wrongs.

      The mayor’s office and City Council has been manipulated to benefit a select few, for years. Stallworth is a member of this group. He pimped out his congregation for a media op to burnish Joe Ganim’s image. He was given a job with a six-figure salary. Now he’s been given $2500.00 to RECRUIT minority candidates for the police department. He took that money to provide recruits from the black community. That’s a whole lot different than sending them to the academy.

      Reverend Charles Stallworth pimps off the ignorance of his community.

  13. You’re absolutely correct Brother Mackey, this is a dog and pony show that is being done to have someone to blame when David Dunn’s exclusionary hiring practices are implemented and very few Black’s are hired just like it’s been since David Dunn has been Civil Service Director.

    What recruitment drive that is effective and one that reaches its target audience lasts only 28 days? The honorable Reverend Stallworth is being bought on board for Ganim optics for his gubernatorial run and not for the hiring of Black’s for the BPD. One would think that if Mayor Ganim was serious about hiring Black’s for the police department it would start with the hiring of a testing company that has demonstrated the ability to give a test to a city as diverse Bridgeport, that has shown that it can administer an exam that isn’t culturally biased and that doesn’t have a disparate impact on Black’s and Randi Frank HR isn’t that company.

    1. Unless and until a new mayor and City Council are seated by the electorate in a fair and honest election the status quo will remain unchanged, David Dunn will remain in his current position as Mario Testa’s pimp for municipal jobs.

      Stallworth was paid $2500.00 to decorate the windows.


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