Remington Fire, Plus: This Way To The Wiener Line, Mayor Rescues Dog Cart

Remington fire
Fire at old Remington plant, from OIB friends

CT Post link re fire at old Remington plant

Mayor Saves Dog House From City Pound

Okay, okay, turning this hotdog vendor into sausage has some of my friends thinking (they’re just as warped as me) hey how far is the state courthouse setback from the city sidewalk?

In other words, where does the city lose jurisdiction to the state? The Marzan family Snappy Dawgs cart was flagged by city police as a result of a protest by former city development director Nancy Hadley for pulling up its hotdog cart on the city sidewalk (where it had been for years). So why not pull the cart right up to the steps of the courthouse and draw a wiener line, or a mustard line, or a relish line, or any kind of line you wanna call it. I’m on state property, you colon heads, so until the state tells me to get lost I’m selling dogs to jurors and judges, and yes, all those lawyers that didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to be doing business here.

Am I being ridiculous? Of course, but then the Marzan family can turn this into a national story, and then we can have a national hotdog eating contest on the steps of the courthouse and invite the Guinness Book of World Records. Did I say Guinness? I think it’s time for a stout.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bill Finch has saved the doggie cart from expulsion until something can be worked out. Says the mayor …

“We, as a city, have more important things to do than to harass legitimate businesses in Bridgeport. The police took action based on a request from the Downtown Special Services District, not from me. I have enjoyed hot dogs from Snappy Dawgs on many occasions. I have discussed this issue with the law enforcement and our city attorney and I am confident that we will come to a resolution of this issue in short order.”



  1. Snappy Dawgs gets New Leash on Life! Here’s a pooper scooper bulletin that just came in over the wires. Kuchma and Hadley to take over downtown area with boutique hot dog carts featuring a fine whine. They will operate from the curb not the sidewalk. Two proposed names being bandied about are, “Franks for the Memories!” or “Curb Your Dog!”

  2. Good morning Lennie and OIB friends. Have you guys noticed I’m blogging mostly in the early hours of the morning and on days like a couple of years ago? No, I haven’t been laid off–at least not yet. Over two years ago I was selected for layoff. I worked at the Zoo doing security–Osborne disagrees with that–from 4 p.m. to midnight. I exercised my bumping rights–I bumped no one–and was moved to the Police Department to do Maintenance on the day shift. A while later, I was moved to the Health Department still on days and in Maintenance.
    A few weeks ago, I got another notice I would be moved back to the Police Department and back on the night shift. I can’t help but notice that this move comes when there are critical elections near. Why me? Why not move the new hires with less seniority than I as the NAGE Union contract calls for? From whom are these orders coming? Do they think it really matters whether I know who he is? When are people going to understand I’m a very self-educated man capable of making precise educated guesses? Why not just fire me and take the food off my kids’ table once and for all? I think they or he know–or at least should know–that firing me would not stop me from expressing my thoughts and it would only give me more free time to self educate. Besides, another job will come and I wouldn’t be surprised if the job will be in a position where those responsible for these actions taken against me will feel their job is threatened. There are three things people should not do to me: Don’t fucking bother me when I’m reading; don’t fuck with my sleep; and don’t fucking try taking the food from my kids’ table. It’s just a damn blog with some damn good points. It’s not as if anyone else can’t do the same. Leave me alone before I’m forced to put my precise educated guesses into fifth gear, as I have no brakes and no reverse. If you can’t blog, talk to me!

  3. I have been away for a few days staying at a beautiful B & B called the Chime Inn. I think the Ripper Van Winkle needs to HEEL!

    Joel–Keep the Faith! You have your finger on the pulse of the city. I just hope it’s your good finger. I give you Two Thumbs Up!!!

  4. Joel:

    Just because you spend all your time at the Bridgeport library doesn’t mean you’re self-educated. I hope your children never hear, see or read the foul-mouthed brand of vitriol that permeates your every post.

    Here’s why I’m writing:

    Nancy Hadley has never insulted you. She’s running a genuine private-sector company dedicated to improving downtown Bridgeport. She uses the language of police, court documents and other government officials to state her case. YOU talk about “bumping rights” while using profanity. In the process you betray your background as a City Councilman and suggest you’re flunking adulthood. Your numerous posts makes Local Eyes think you’re trying to “force” your way into the conversation too many times.

    On a macro and micro level Nancy Hadley has a vested interest in downtown Bridgeport. She’s doing something. Joel just has a vested interest in seeing the light bill getting paid at the library and showing up for his next municipal job.

  5. Hey Hadley!!!

    In case you haven’t noticed, Main Street Bridgeport is a disgrace. It’s filthy, crime ridden and certainly not appealing to anyone who would consider relocating a business to this dump. If you have such a “vested’ interest, you have a lot more to worry about than a hot dog cart you say is robbing businesses of customers at lunch time. What a hump!!! You need a good “wiener.” No, you’ll have to look harder to get one.

    1. … another mean-spirited post from a member of Lennie’s TreeFort.

      Here’s the worst part: Joel and yahooy have been emboldened by Lennie who has given them asylum here.

    1. So it is nonsensical that I suggest Hadley focus on the detriment of Main Street instead of putting a vendor off the streets. I wonder what you think is worthy of consideration.

      1. 2 questions from yahooy and not a single question mark. We know what that means …

        yahooy, your attempt to be the voice of logic has failed. Nancy Hadley is not responsible for the conditions on Main St.–capisce? You talk about “the detriment” while she tries to soothe a taxpaying retailer.

  6. We do not live by food alone … so departing from the City going to the dogs and attempting to return to the serious subject of governing a City and the money necessary to do it … did anyone other than GR read my post from the City Charter yesterday?
    Low voter turnouts … overburdened property taxpayers … citizenry ignorant of municipal topics and indifferent at the same time … City short of funds … serious people not provided time in Mayoral and Council process for communication … all themes running through this blog on a daily basis. GR says $.30 per day is too much to pay for living in Bridgeport. Anybody else agree with GR? Perhaps indicating this blog is only good for backbiting, insults and sophomoric or worse humor? We floated an idea that deals with all of the themes. It is outside the box. Go read it. Critique it. Raise your sights and your voices!!!
    After all, since we don’t have the day-to-day responsibility for governance, we should have more time to come up with more effective ways of dealing with the problems, issues and concerns facing us. Right?

    1. BEACON2

      I am only a freshman so please forgive me as this is pledge week. We could start off by paddling the BOE for the Golden Shower Award that was heaped onto Dr. Ramos with his health package. We could also look at the BOE where a Mason makes over $100k and a Steamfitter pipes in about $126k.

      Factor in legacy and health package costs and I wish I had a Guardian Angel like the city.

      1. UP

        Riddle me this, 42 schools, 2 masons and 3 steamfitters.
        I understand you’re jealous, but what do you expect when the buildings are falling apart and the new construction is done low bid and the stuff they installed is crap? Those guys deserve a medal for keeping those schools up and running, not a jealous fool crying about what they made.

        1. BIP–Some good points in your riddle. How much is in overtime? They deserve a gold medal and get one with their pension. You didn’t address my statement about Dr. Ramos?

          1. You need to walk a day in their shoes and you’ll see what they’re up against. Inferior materials, old age and let’s not forget vandalism (yes believe it or not these kids do destroy things once in a while), there is always some maintenance to do every day of the week. Compare that to 10x the amount a contractor would charge.

          2. I won’t address Dr. Ramos as that is the business of himself and the BOE. No one gets a gold medal with their pension, just half of their three best years after 25 years of service. Not bad but nobody’s getting rich for being on call 24/7 for 25 years and dealing with all kinds of emergencies and kids and teachers and so on and so forth. Next time a toilet floods your house and a licensed plumber saves your ass at midnight, think about what the schools have when there are 42 schools and 50 toilets and 2 plumbers to cover them all.

        2. I don’t smoke Camels!

          I don’t have a problem with you guys being steamed about steamfitters. It’s a good thing we don’t have tin knockers working for us.

          Part of the problem is self interest.
          I don’t begrudge these people earning their money for their work. I begrudge a system that doesn’t or can’t manage its assets and liabilities.

          1. Sorry BIB,
            Eye Doctor told me I should walk a day in their shoes. I took literary license with I’d Walk a Mile for a Camel!

  7. OK, let’s look at this situation …

    On Wednesday the city declares an all-out war on crime, get the guns off the streets, use the citizenry as eyes and ears to help the cops locate the bad guys … true, all that’s been done before, here and elsewhere, but it was an idea, and anything aimed at getting rid of the bad guys is probably a good thing.

    By Thursday, however, we have mobilized our forces to chase down and run to ground a villainous hot dog vendor!

    Unless this hot dog guy is mixing crack cocaine into the relish, I have to believe there is a better criminal target out there to go after when the administration reaches for the Batphone.

    Just a thought …

  8. Political Science: Billions of dollars have been destroyed / ruined / lost / lately.

    Here’s the problem: loan values do not change, property values do.

    Landlords (property owners) have to charge rates that overcome their loss of principal. This gives rise to clever hot dog vendors who are exploiting this gap by offering an inexpensive option to penny-pinching but forever hungry eaters.

    NH is pro-acting on behalf of taxpaying renters/landlords.

    Local Eyes cannot see how yahooy or Joel will play a role in bringing new entrepreneurs to Bridgeport, filling empty office space or starting a job-producing business.

    I don’t think you’re qualified. Nancy Hadley is.

    But when it comes to being NH’s waterboy, I think you are both qualified!

    1. This comment is coming from Mr. OPIC; One Person Internet Company. That means the SNAPPY DAWG concept creates more jobs than your blind concept, as Snappy is run by at least two people with products Made in America.

  9. Here’s what I should’ve said:

    Nancy Hadley is pro-acting on behalf of existing taxpaying renters/landlords. Joel and yahooy are re-acting on behalf of their desperate egos.

      1. Joel, your ego can wait. Sic your dog on me and my homeboy will videotape the whole thing and you won’t be just cleaning the cage, you’ll be locked in it!

    1. OIB Rumor Mill:

      Don’t let those clothes fool you. Mr. Williams has been doing hard labor for months! The smirk on his face reflects his delight at being released from 6 years of hard labor in return for a $5-a-month discount he won’t even have to pay. The OIB TravelCam is aboard the Government-chartered airplane with the former President and Mr. Williams who is enjoying a steak dinner for the first time in almost a year!

  10. Good Morning all. There might be a way to bring businesses downtown. We can have a paid public official criticize them, get them on the front page of the newspaper (3 days and counting) to increase their popularity (I’ve never had 1, but you can bet I’m getting a “Snappy Dog”). Then we can give them a deal like so many of the businesses that are Downtown now get and get them off the street and into a storefront. Also, somebody help me out here but isn’t one of the businesses tied into Kuchma’s development up the street a hot dog/burger shop? I’ve been waiting so long for the completion of the project that I can’t remember the details. Snap … Snap … Snappy Dogs is Bridgeport’s own and deserves better treatment than some would be, promise to come here from where?, business owned by a conglomerate. If any of you bloggers get down to Snappy Dogs pick one up for me, I’m dying for a taste. Lennie let’s have the next blog party at Snappy Dogs. I’m sure they would accommodate us.

  11. I just saw today’s newspaper.

    What’s it like to be in direct opposition to the Connecticut Post’s editorial page?

    Answer: fantastic / euphoric / satisfying / great / totally cool / awesome

  12. “… Snappy Dawg’s cart was flagged by city police as a result of a protest by former city development director Nancy Hadley …” Lennie, don’t just pick a single culprit when there are others involved who are just as blameworthy. You singled out Frank Cuccura with the Peter Finch matter when there was another officer also involved. Now you singled out poor Nancy when the facts show Phil Kuchma and DSSD had a lot to do with it. Got 4 hours of sleep now my ‘eyes’ are opened enough to see the local scene. Dress lightly this coming week folks, it’s going to be a hot-dog-gity one.

  13. OK no one wants to answer the “is Mr.Kuchma or any of his tenants planning on opening a hotdog/hamburger, malt/shake shop, up the street from Snappy Dawg” question. Maybe someone can tell me if there is a d.s.s.d. in any other city in the state? If that’s too broad an area, what about Fairfield “do they have a d.s.s.d there?” If not, then maybe someone should get in touch with Fairfield’s officials and find out how we can get ours to thrive like theirs. 30 years ago I would have fallen off my chair laughing if someone told me Fairfield’s downtown would put ours to shame … guess everybody but Bridgeport is laughing now. If they do, that’s a regional group I would welcome with open arms (they could hold classes on improving commerce, entertainment for those that live locally, OR they could take over the whole d.s.s.d and they’d get my support).

    1. Fairfield does not have a “downtown special services district.” And while there have been some long-term commercial owners with vision who have ridden the real estate wave, it has been banks, restaurants and then retailers that have reformed the Post Road and Black Rock commercial areas.
      I have watched Fairfield and Bridgeport over the same time period and I suggest Planning and Economic Development activities have received more continuous and focused attention in Fairfield. (No big Steel Point deal to distract from “three yard and a cloud of dust.”)
      The Economic Development Director in Fairfield keeps track of commercial vacancies and helps post them for the benefit of people who come to him looking for space.
      Boards and commissions are fully staffed with a variety of willing and able volunteers and oriented to their mission. As I suggested two days ago, this is not the situation with the 20 Boards and Commissions receiving Mayoral attention in Bridgeport. People have a sense of the importance of government and infrastructure not necessarily shared broadly in Bridgeport.
      The only other observation that clearly makes a difference in my opinion is the financial one. Fairfield has a Finance Board, elected, with representation from both parties, with overlapping terms, and with candidates who have expertise year in and year out to keep budgets and taxes in balance. When City departments and outside agencies come to present their requests, it is fascinating to listen to the high level of understanding and questioning that goes into the process. So why is that invaluable step in the process missing from Bridgeport’s process? No good answer … And what happens instead? A 2010-11 budget that is presented to the Council and is approved basically as presented (despite the Council subcommittee process) and which has a built-in deficit!!! Wow … wonder what the rating agencies would say about that.

  14. There is a similar truck with its street vendor trailer that parks every day from 7am-3pm in front of the People’s United Bank Plaza. It seems this vendor is obeying the rules. He is parked on the street and feeds the parking meter. If he is doing the proper amount of meter feeding, it translates into $8 per day, $40 per week and $160 per month in parking revenue to the City. Snappy Dog, the vendor that drives up and sits on the public sidewalk in front of the Courthouse is not feeding a meter and therefore not paying the $160 per month to the City: The vendor that is sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Golden Hill Courthouse is not feeding a meter either. Inequity number one–two street vendors have an economic advantage over another street vendor. If Snappy Dog moves to the street and feeds a meter, then there is a level playing field if the city ordinance regulating vendors permits such activity.

    Then look at the 11 restaurants between the Snappy Dog courthouse vendor and the vendor in front of Peoples United Bank: McDonalds, Subway, Quiznos, Panda Chinese, Metric, La Pueblito, Amici Mie, Dunkin Donuts, Tiago’s, Take Time and the new Seafood restaurant on Markle Court. They all pay rent to their landlords so the landlords can pay their property taxes plus an extra 3 mils to the city for the DSSD. The street vendors are doing business without paying real estate taxes. The restaurants are struggling to meet their rent payments: Inequity number two.

    In my opinion, there is not a level playing field for the businesses that serve food in the downtown. Everyone needs to play by the same rules. The City needs to collect the appropriate revenues. From my perspective, that is what surfaced from the August 12th CT Post article by Dan Tepfer. The article prompted me to ask the question. Yes there are more food choices for Jurors since I left working for the City in 2008 but those choices need to be based on a level playing field. Despite the slow August news day syndrome and the pure joy I am giving some of you to pound me, I think this is a good discussion. We now have a downtown that is starting to thrive. I hope the discussion of the inequities can lead to a more orderly development of the downtown. That is a good thing.

    ps: I just bought a hot dog and soda from the vendor in front of Peoples United Bank plaza. You know, the one that is legally parked on the street. He is actually feeding two parking meters because he keeps his truck there while he’s working. So double my calculations above. $320 per month in parking meter fees for PUB vendor; $0 from Snappy Dog. My bet is that you will buy from Snappy Dog because her price is cheaper. I wonder why …

    1. WAIT A MINUTE … the city funds the DSSD. Do the employees receive city benefits? Who is the director? Who holds them accountable? Where are they located and what type of access do the citizens of Bridgeport have to them?

      1. Hector I was driving through downtown a few weeks ago and I saw the D.S.S.D. crew cleaning near the News corner. The guy driving the DSSD dump truck and giving instructions to the younger crew looked familiar to me. He waved “hi” to me so I was sure he was familiar and then it hit me. He has grayed a lot. His nickname is “Yongo,” it is Mitch Robles’ first cousin. Is there a job Mitch hasn’t grabbed for his relatives or friends?

  15. Report of a fight in the conference room at City Hall Annex on State Street in Bridgeport. Police en route.
    19 minutes ago · Comment · Like

    Must be a Food Fight over at City Hall! They called the Sausage Police!

  16. The real discussion that should be held is why hasn’t the city of Bridgeport stripped the development rights to Downtown North from Eric Anderson or whomever he sold them to and put that redevelopment out to bid again.
    Too much time, effort and money is being wasted on silly things like hot dog vendors and parking meters while the downtown buildings crumble.
    That is what Nancy Hardly should have done when she was Economic Development Director (snicker, snicker) rather than run around and protect the chosen few like Ernie and Paul and Phil and Eric and Sal and David, etc.
    The so-called business leaders in the city would much rather see the status quo, see no development happen if they personally don’t get their cut of it. This is the core of the Bridgeport development morass.

  17. Nancy Hardly, the DSSD and Phil Kuchma whine over the wiener and obviously do not see a damned thing wrong with the city using a development site in the heart of downtown Bridgeport as a DUMP. A burial ground for tornado debris. Taking a monument to the lack of development in this city and making it ten times worse by turning it into landfill.
    I am HOT but not over hot dogs. I am hot over the silly, petty thinking that goes on downtown that no other city would allow to happen. NONE.
    And yet Hardly, Kuchma et al. won’t take the mayor to task, don’t take the new Economic Development Director to task because they are all feeding from the same trough.
    Like the Venus flytraps in Little Shop of Horrors FEED ME, FEED ME!!!

  18. We should be fining the city $100.00 a day for their blight with downtown city-owned buildings. It’s a disgrace to come down Main Street from Bull’s Head into the fallow area of 43 years of Congress Plaza renewal and then proceed into Main and Congress down to old Kay’s Department Store building.

  19. I personally don’t like hot dogs, but what a waste of energy and resources this is. Street vendors are part of any urban landscape. The restaurants have LOTS of advantages over hot dog cats. They can set an ambiance, provide a table and have large menus. Hot dog carts have just one advantage, they can go where the people are. This cart is an asset and does nothing to detract from the downtown area and provides a certain type of food that fills a niche in the market. The restaurants fill a different niche.
    Maybe the restaurants can provide an inexpensive and quick lunch. They can also market themselves better. Why can’t DSSD make a street map for jurors and visitors to the courthouses with restaurants and other small business that’s a positive way to “level the field?”
    For a developer to have the power in a city to try and stop a business from operating for their own gain is disgraceful and I find it deeply unsettling that this got as far as it did.
    For those who disparage downtown, they are very uninformed on the real changes that have been taking place. Last night there were large events at 4 areas all very well attended. The restaurants that are serving what people want are doing quite well. Ralph and Riches is packing them in night after night. Tiago’s seems to have a good handle on the bar scene thanks to good marketing and working with other downtown businesses. There are many downtown success stories right now.
    I am truly disgusted that a very small-minded and self-serving group of people have made an issue out of an utterly “non issue” and wasted time and energy when we have many true issues. Get serious people.

  20. And still no answer. Thanks Beacon for your answer on Fairfield and the numerous advantages they have. DO YOU KNOW IF MR. KUCHMA’S DEVELOPMENT ON FAIRFIELD AVE. HAS A FAST-FOOD ESTABLISHMENT ASSOCIATED WITH IT (other than TWO BOOTS). If you are scared, buy a dog; if you have one than get a gorilla!!!

  21. *** Just remember, smiling faces tell lies, they don’t tell the truth. *** Putting the Snappy Dog issue on hold ’til jurisdiction is established was the right thing to do, however seems the rest of the city is going to the “dogs!” ***

  22. Can you say Double-Dip Recession? The U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has an unemployment rate above 20% for close to a year now. In parts of the U.S., it’s above 10% in some parts with no signs of a recovery. What effect does a bad national economic outlook have on the political future of Mayors in cities throughout America?
    I say in Bridgeport a mayoral challenger can use the negative national economic outlook to his advantage, as the national economy affects the States and thereby the cities in those states. What does Lennie think, or is this too big of an Oyster for Lennie to “Pry Open?”


  23. The vendor at PUB feeding the meter is also breaking the law. Parking meters are designed to encourage parking space turnover to help local area businesses. Meter feeding defeats the purpose of the meter. Instead of illegal meter feeding the City should impose, like Stamford did, a Street Use Permit and charge a fee plus require a certificate of insurance to use public property for personal gain. Then you can begin to talk about leveling the playing field. The fee and program could be designed to encourage or discourage street and sidewalk vendors (there is a difference). Enough whining for wieners. Give me sausage and peppers!

  24. ENOUGH already about this damn hot dog cart!!! 80 posts on this subject. Amazing yet when we are told the city passed a budget with a built-in $8 million deficit hardly a peep.
    Now I read where the city is going to rent a building on Howard Ave that is in foreclosure. They are going to pay $13,000-plus a month in rent. This building will house the narcotics division and the swat team. These are 2 units that really do squat. Besides how many damned building does the PD need? I guess maybe a lot when 3/4 of your manpower works indoors.
    The bigger question here is There are no city-owned buildings that could be used to house these 2 units?
    Another question is who does this building owner know in the administration?
    Another question is with the city having financial problems isn’t it dumb to be spending $13K a month on another building for the PD?
    Another question is Who is minding the store? It sure is not mayor moonbeam.

  25. Well TC 80 comments on David and Goliath did bring out some Bridgeport history of vendors, City attempts to regulate, support of a level playing field concept for fixed site and rolling stock businesspeople downtown, and finally a new insight into how Stamford manages meter-based vendors.
    As I read the story of the People’s Bank vendor yesterday occupying two meters and putting in his quarters to “stay legal” I am reminded of the designation on one CT city’s parking ticket: “METER REPEATER” as Independent Soul said, the idea is to allow multiple users access to street parking. Who handles downtown business district parking considerations, regulation, enforcement and common sense? Use parking to help new businesses like the one on Markle Court? To create a level playing field around City buildings … Why meters on the side of City Hall in front of Annex but free parking in front of City Hall and around parts of Police HQ for instance? Not a biggie, but people raise issues about parking downtown frequently and level playing field is important.
    Anything new on the Parcxmart card for meters, where to refill and/or buy new cards???

  26. TC
    The issue with the hot dog vendor is symbolic of the city’s misplaced priorities and patriarchal view of developers. Attack the little guy and bail out the big boys just like the issue about the lease.
    There apparently was no competitive bidding on this deal, the deadbeat developer refused to pay $70,000 in back taxes until the city agreed to a bailout. There was no mention of this need when the city put together a capital plan and suddenly we need to bail out this business.

  27. Also TC, this is a bailout of a bad loan made by Community Capital. Why doesn’t the city hold them responsible? Has anyone looked at how they spend their money? All overhead, no lending. Expensive salaries and consulting contracts for more friends of the city.
    Why won’t the city strip them of these funds if they cannot manage the money properly?

  28. To all OIB bloggers,
    When this lease contract comes before the full council I will be calling for the item to go back to committee until the lease proposal is advertised in an open process and the city receives at least three qualified proposals.
    If you live in the city of Bridgeport or are a taxpayer in the city contact the appropriate council members from your area and call for the same.
    Let’s see if the bloggers are simply whiners or will step forward and demand a better process.

    1. Who are the members of the committee that passed this on for a council vote?
      This goes back to what I have been saying about this council in general. They by and large just don’t give a shit, period.

    2. Bob Walsh, you really think you are going to get the taxpayers’ attention on this matter by an appeal on OIB? I doubt it! You have $9,000 in stipends at your disposal and you’re boneheadedly refusing to use it for worthy causes and in ways the voters will appreciate and approve of. This is a demand of a better process on your part. You ask that we call our council members, but fall short of giving their phone numbers. We are too busy blogging and whining to look for phone numbers you know. It would help if for once you guys and gals visit and talk to police officers–Detectives and Patrol Officers–and you all will be amazed at what you learn. There is a need for space of all kinds in the Police Department. The Swat Team Fort on Wheels is vulnerable where it’s stored, it is difficult to park and maneuver that fort in a crowded parking lot; The Property Room is way above storage capacity; The current Narcotics and Vice building on River Street looks worse than a Crack House and for as long as you’ve been on the Council, it’s been deteriorating, the owner is Sal DiNardo who gets over $100,000 in rent from the city. I understand your concern regarding the bailout appearance and I think the city should take it for back taxes and use it. To save money and address the need for Police Department space, the City MUST DROP the DiNardo River Street lease and consider moving Narcotics and Vice here which will put them closer to the West Side Police Station. Let the River Street building get burned down like Remington, if Sal wants to collect the insurance. When council members think like Joel, things will be well.

  29. Here are the facts boys and girls. The previous owner of Snappy Dawgs (a Caucasian) sold to the Marzan’s because HERE IT IS … he got hired to a city job with the parks! He was never bothered in seven-plus years. He sells to Latinos and bam, it’s an issue. BTW, it’s illegal to feed the parking meters all day like the People’s Bank hot dog guy. You are supposed to move your vehicle unless of course you are part of a construction crew working downtown. Joel and Troll, dig into the the new job.

  30. Latest News: There is a large fire at the Remington Arms site on Helen & Barnum. There are 2 buildings involved and it appears to be in the upper floors.
    I hope the FD is not going to say this fire was started by vandals using a camp fire. Can’t Happen!!!
    I hope and pray the Fire Department escapes with no injuries. Fighting fires in these derelict buildings is dangerous and does injure firefighters.
    How come the owner does not tear this complex down but does manage to tear down Bpt machines? Could it be $$$$$$$$$?

  31. Bob, thank you for weighing in with a new topic. When do you think the matter will be brought before City Council? How will the question be raised in subcommittee?
    Not being totally familiar with Community Capital’s operation in Bridgeport I went to their web site for info. While the info posted looks like it may be as much as one year out of date, a 1% loss ratio for the type of loans they make looks entirely reasonable, doesn’t it? The organization is a not for profit I believe. Michael Freimuth’s name is on a 2008 report filed but not currently on the organization Board listed at the site. (Housekeeping is a pain isn’t it?) But I will bet the compensation including the benefits for the staff are proportionately less than for City employees, Bob, because City post retirement pension plans and retiree healthcare benefits are more generous than in the non-profit area. Those types of benefits are what the City Council votes for every time a budget is passed based on Mayor’s Office and labor relations director “best efforts.”
    Community Capital looks like it has had an increased lending trend in recent years, but with this type of lending that fills in the spaces commercial banks won’t ordinarily fund, if the commercials are sitting on their hands then it would seem there is little activity for Comm Capital, right?
    Bob, thanks for continuing to ask questions, but getting back to basics suggests Ready, Aim, Fire! Let’s not use the ever-handy firing squad to execute those who seem to be part of the solution …

    1. Grin,
      Thanks for the link to Keila’s blog announcing Hartford’s $3 million loan to fill the final financing gap on the Arcade and 144 Golden Hill development. This is great news. The 59 rental units will now get the almost $9 million in private financing released. Look for the grocery store to open in the Arcade. Look for more retail uses so the downtown gets the amenities every transit-oriented neighborhood needs. Lots of my neighbors rely on the train, ferry and bus. Several have only one car so having a grocery store downtown is HUGE! Congratulations to Eric Anderson for slogging this out with the State. Thank you Governor. Between City Trust, Arcade and 144 Golden Hill there are 176 residential units of which 10-15% are affordable. All but 10-15% are market rate. In my building, City Trust, we are mixed income and mixed use with room service provided by Amici Mei. It’s a beautiful thing. This is Eric Anderson’s vision come true. Put all three buildings together he is on the hook with his partners for about $100 million in private investment. Now he can focus on the east side of Main St. because the West Side has its financing. A good day for downtown Bridgeport! I am in Chicago on a consulting gig so I am doing this post from my cell phone.

  32. I was reading councilmen Curwen’s comments on today’s fires at Remington complex. First let me say Bob leave the fire investigation to the professionals. It’s not a guy with a torch removing flashing that got multiple floors in 2 buildings going at the same time.
    Second why is it the city’s responsibility to pay for the demolition of these buildings? Where does Mr. DiNardo’s responsibility for this demolition come into play?
    If Mr. DiNardo came into majority ownership and took over a lot of debt why is it the city’s responsibility to assume this debt?
    Like the old saying goes There is something rotten in the state of Denmark.

  33. Speaking of do-nothing councilmen, why is the acting director of Housing Code/city councilman who was accused of several counts of sexual harassment still out on paid leave for over 5 weeks? Why does this city take so long to conduct an investigation and keep someone on the payroll to sit home half of the summer? Unless the plan was to keep Rich on paid leave so that he could work Lamont’s campaign and double-dip.

    It is impossible for the woman in this case to get a fair shake. Rich was obvious about his indiscretion and after the break-up was obvious about his jealous rage as he showed it in front of various witnesses time and time again. However, conducting this investigation are fellow DTC member and non-labor attorney Larry Osborne and fellow council member and actual labor attorney Tom McCarthy. Why does it take over 5 weeks to interview some witnesses and make a damn decision? This is a travesty of justice and conflict of interest in anyone’s eyes. I hope the woman in this case hires a good attorney and sues these guys’ asses.

    This is why we need a mayor like Caruso or Gomes who will once and for all rid the city of these political whores. Nothing will change as long as the machine controls vital depts like the labor office.

    1. “This is why we need a mayor like Caruso or Gomes who will once and for all rid the city of these political whores. Nothing will change as long as the machine controls vital depts like the labor office.”

      There’s nothing you will ever be able to do to get rid of political whores. Do you think Caruso is above cutting deals? Gomes? I supported Chris last time, but would the cronies Torres handed him in exchange for support be *that* much better than the cronies referred to Finch by some district leader?

      They’d be different, sure, but soon enough their priorities and mine (or yours) would diverge, and by the one-year mark we’d be calling for their heads instead.

      I’m not saying don’t beat up on these people when they do bad–just don’t sell us this “magic fairy” version of city government either.

      1. I just had a scary thought. I was thinking what breed of bloggers we’d have if Marlys and I conceived children. Then, my thoughts shifted into thinking what they’d be like if Local Eyes and I conceived children. Now that made me to consider never blogging again. Marlys, I appreciate your logical thinking.

    2. Wait a minute! Why do you assume Caruso or Gomes are like the only ones who can “fixer” problems and manage a city: Rick Torres, Rosa Correa, George Estrada … Oh wait, they are Hispanics and not capable of such a task. Let me try again: Mark Delmonico, John Slater, and Mike Garrett who was turned down but capable nevertheless. How about a candidate endorsed by both parties? George Estrada would have an advantage, but I doubt he would leave the security and tranquility of U.B. to jump into the fire. There are options other than a Democrat and that includes one in the center–an independent other than Keith Rodgerson. No matter what party they are from, OIB will be the party to fear.

    3. Ah, obviously you have the inside poop on these things. Confidentiality and good taste are qualities she lacks as do you. How do you know these things? Who told you?

  34. Joel the fact that Rick Torres, Rosa Correa, George Estrada, Andres Ayala and Carmen Lopez are all Hispanic is not the problem. The problem comes from the black and Hispanic community itself.
    The jealousy and mine is bigger than yours mentality is what kills any hope of them uniting.
    Just look at the fight that happens in the 137th every election year.
    I will give you an example. When Santa Ayala was making her historic run for registrar of voters against Lisa P we in the 138th supported and worked hard for Santa. We ran phone banks in both Spanish & English, we provided rides and did everything we could to get out the vote and we concentrated on those with Hispanic surnames. With all that we still were only able to get out 10% of those with Hispanic surnames to vote.
    The blacks and the Hispanics in this city can’t or won’t get together to support a minority candidate and until they do there will never be a minority mayor.

    1. Town, are you saying Puerto Ricans should support Puerto Ricans, Blacks should support Blacks and Whites should support Whites? If not than you should clarify, are you saying if Puerto Ricans and Blacks joined forces we could have our choice of elected officials and we are too ignorant to see what you (white guy) see? Oh by the way THANKS for pointing that out.

  35. Political patronage is a given in Bridgeport. But it has reached the point where city government is virtually crippled by the powerful influence of the Madison Ave machine. An acquaintance phoned me last night following my posting on the city councilman/supervisor on paid leave pending sexual harassment charges. She told me of another case that proves the extent of the political corruption.

    The secretary of Rosemary Hoyt, Testa’s “gumad” (as you people say), was put on an unpaid leave because she refused to follow through on a directive which she felt was illegal. When she went to see her union steward, Rosemary Hoyt, with the help of her friends in the labor office, placed her on leave without pay. They never spoke to the secretary only went by Hoyt’s side of the story.

    Hoyt’s friend include the non-labor attorney Lawrence Osborne and the actual labor attorney/city council president Tom McCarthy. These are the same people who placed the city councilman/housing code supervisor on paid leave for 5 WEEKS. Now I ask you, where is the justice here? Where is the due process? There is none because both the attorney and non-attorney do what they are told by the Madison Ave machine.

    Like the woman in housing code, I hope Hoyt’s secretary gets a good attorney and sues the city’s ass off.

    1. Maria Coyne Agueda is the unfortunate city employee. She knows first-hand what the consequences of carrying out orders that may be an illegal act; she was married to Patrick Coyne.
      Coyne served 10 months in federal prison for his implication in the Ganim case.

  36. I think I have talked about the use of a SCOREBOARD previously. The idea is to move a CITY topic that is handled secretly, out of the limelight because it embarrasses all, and unjustly takes advantage of less than all, but ends up being paid for by the public, that is denied open, accountable and transparent process and knowledge.

    So Lennie, let OIB set up a blog SCOREBOARD for cases the public should know more about because they are paying for the players involved for the most part, and will end up paying for the fallout of the suit or the work not completed!!! If the SCOREBOARD gains attention or “legs,” maybe we can get Lamar to designate one of their signs to carrying the statistics.
    How many City employees are accused of harassment? How many police on disability leave several months each year? How many big property owners behind on taxes on existing properties and looking for the City to bail them out in other ways? Where are results of City legal cases, win, lose, settled posted?
    The SCOREBOARD might transfer some local sports fever to the civic venue. Statistical subjects all are popular ones: sex, money and power!!! And the SCOREBOARD might begin to indicate the need for a fairer deal for the taxpayer in all of this “behind the scenes” management that produces little or nothing but is so expensive in terms of dollars and loss of positive attitude and future expectations.
    Imagine if people in the area began to ask, “What stats went up on the SCOREBOARD today?” Just might make a difference??? Technology is different from 250 years ago, but wasn’t that what those pre-Revolutionary pilgrims were doing in the CT colony with public stocks and “scarlet letter” activity? Memorable? You bet!!! Unforgettable!!!

  37. BEACON2, haven’t you noticed OIB is an Echo of the CT Post? Lennie doesn’t “Pry Open” anything but the Webzine numbers of hits. This is Lennie’s tag line from his CT Post blog: Only in Bridgeport
    Award-winning journalist Lennie Grimaldi cracks open the juicy stuff in Connecticut’s largest city

    Is the above statement or claim true to anyone here on OIB? The SCOREBOARD is up, reply “Yes” if true “No” if not true. Go!


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