Bass, Boats, Bowling, Even Baseball On Tap For Grand Opening Wednesday Night

Bass Pro grand opening

Mega outdoor retailer Bass Pro Shops will officially open its doors to the public 6:30 p.m. Wednesday following a ribbon cutting that will include a night of celebrities, autographs and the introduction of the anchor tenant to the Steel Point revitalization area on the East Side, outgoing Mayor Bill Finch’s development legacy.

More on the opening from the Bass Pro website here.



  1. And Stevie A will be at the Grand Opening all week long. Hoping to win some of those great giveaways. Like a $5.00 Bass Pro Gift Card, or a camo-wrapped Tervis Tumbler or maybe the Columbia Beanie Hat or even the Cotton Cordell Big O Crankbaits. He’ll try to be first in line every morning hoping to win something.

    He will be the only person at the Grand Opening with a baseball cap that is half Yankees and half Red Sox asking Johnny Damon to autograph both halves.

    Twenty Years in the making. Stevie A is not going to miss this. Unless, of course, Finch refuses to invite Mayor-elect Joe Ganim and then Stevie won’t know what to do.

  2. Bob Walsh, I will be there without a personal invite from the Mayor as will Joe Ganim. This is a great day in Bridgeport. Are you confused where I stand? It seems so. I will be there supporting one of Mayor Finch’s crowning moments of a great destination that will be a huge success. Bob Walsh, it will be so successful it will kill you. Joe Ganim will be my Mayor in two weeks. I will always support our Mayor unless he gives me a reason not to. I will do everything to support Mayor Ganim as I did for Mayor Finch. I know that bothers you. Too bad. Oh, of course I will be there just to to enjoy the moment.

    1. Bob, it kills you that I can support Ganim? It kills you that I supported Finch? Get over it. Does it kill you that you cannot even mention Foster? Does it bother you that you could not acknowledge once Ganim ran a brilliant campaign? Does it bother you I have respect for the office and the person elected to lead? I have very good personal friends on Ganim’s transition team. I am very pleased. Whether it is a dog and pony show or not remains to be seen. One thing is certain. I believe in our future and I do believe Joe Ganim will be a good Mayor and I would hope the two candidates I supported would show respect for the office and a simple congratulations. It is what respectable people do. It is what I did. I am not responsible for other people’s behavior. I only care how they treat me.


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