Read The Internal Affairs Report

In total, the Office of Internal Affairs report uncovering police misconduct regarding the 2017 incident on Colorado Avenue is more than 400 pages. Following an FOI request from OIB, the City Attorney’s Office provided the hefty report in four electronic files. The report covers background, officers accused of misconduct, findings and rules and regulations. Grab a pot of joe and click the documents below.







  1. It’s all exploitation in away. Where’s, Day, Ron, and JML with their racial angle? That was my point in the library JML. If there weren’t any Latinos and blacks involved in this incident you would have been all over the white supremacy angle. And that Game plays out every chance you it gets. But remember it dose poison the minds and hinders the needed changes for the betterment for the people. And those cams do help prevent abusive arrests. Something that all community leaders, religious leaders too could have made happen prior to this incident, and Jayson as well, That ultimately could have prevented some of the cops needless actions and behavior and help mitigated the outcomes, As well as, help show the people what they, cops, had to deal in their justification. But that time will never tell, for it is gone.

    So when you go on about you white supremacy regarding the blue please remember. Two white cops have passed, others have abused their power aggressively, and black, latinos and white cop covered it up, 17 in all.

    I know you like to talk about white supremacy cop”s behavior and shift blame to Ganim and his pick chief, AJ, but what do you have to say about the Latinos and black cops complicit in the “White supremacy” in the department I await your answer. That time can till, but only you know the time. I got 4:30 March 7, 2019. What time do you have?


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