Internal Affairs Report Uncovers Police Excessive Force, Fabrications

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

The response by 46 city police officers to a “chaotic” situation after a noise complaint about a birthday/pre-Halloween party in 2017 has resulted in a finding that five officers and a civilian detention officer used excessive force and that 10 officers were not truthful about their actions, an internal police investigation has found.

In all, the report finds Bridgeport Police Department rule violations and possible criminal activity by 17 police officers and two civilian detention officers.

The 405-page report by the city’s Office of Internal Affairs was released to Hearst Connecticut Media on Wednesday, following a Freedom of Information request in January.

Full story here.



  1. So no matter what the truth is, this leaves A J in a terrible situation no matter what his opinion on the matter will be. As I have said before, here and in other venues: time for a change. Bridgeport needs a professional police chief akin to a Bratton or a Kelly to fix the city, vis-a-vis it’s crime problem AND to bring the P D into the 21st century. Any politician that thinks otherwise does not really care about the city and what it really needs. I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Oh I forgot. I also won’t hold my breath for changes in some CC seats, zoning board appointments, civil service, OPED, etc etc. You can’t make this shit up!! Corruption everywhere.
      And the hope is for things in Bridgeport to improve !! Good luck.

      1. Rich,
        You are absolutely right. I really don’t think we realize the deception and corruption that permeates every single piece of Bridgeport Governance. The more one looks,the more one gets disgusted. There is the direct governance of the City of Bridgeport. Every single worker seems to be in this spider-web of friends,family,friends of friends,girlfriends,boyfriends. ANY AND ALL interpersonal relatiionships are the DNA of Bridgeport “Governance” employment. Direct City Employment. BOE non-certified workers(and even some certified workers). WPCA. Bridgeport Public Housing. Bridgeport Police etc. I would estimate that 90 percent(give or take) of Bridgeport Governance jobs are incestuous(family,friends,god knows what else). It’s gotten to the point that I am ready to walk away from trying. I’ve lived all my live in Bridgeport. I got more involved in “BPT governance” when we had the Black Rock rezoning/ Black Rock NRZ. i got involved with the fight against O&G’s effort to bring their Seaview operation to the foot of Wordin Avenue right on the water. To be honest,I was suspicious of why Ganim wanted to get rid of O&G. To me,that remains an unaswered question. The ENTIRE city governance is screwed up with people who are only doing things for themselves and nothing more. There is a huge lack of altruism with in The Bridgeport Community. I will also admit that I made some stupid comments recently here on OIB which gives me more pause to contribute to this discussion. I’m sort of in a bad mood.

          1. Frank,
            I noticed in your resume of accomplishments that working on any campaigns is not on your list. Give it a shot. You want good Governance, go get it. I think you would have a lot to contribute and now is the time to get involved.

          2. For the record,did help outa bit in the last 130th City Councilptimary/general election.

        1. Frank: never give up. We have to keep punching back no matter what. This particular example of what has happened WILL have to topple some EVEN if the federal government has to get involved AGAIN as it has in the past. I know that it’s Bridgeport, but eventually something has to give. You’re comments about 90 percent involvement by nepotism and “friendships” has given us nothing but incompetence and corruption. Keep fighting, this cannot be tolerated and we must keep fighting back and exposing. I’m sure that my friends at the FED read and gather info. More to come !!

    2. Rich Augustynowicz, as I recall Lennie Grimaldi once mentioned that you owned a major liquor store in Bridgeport. Have you ever stopped to think how many of your customers or the people they served alcohol to, committed: Suicide, rape, car accidents, assault, murder, etc?

      The family of 316 Colorado Avenue happens to be related to the owner of Mendez Liquor on East Main Street. Alcohol was the driving force of the aggression demonstrated by some of the adults at this party gone wild. Some of you folks just don’t get it. How could anyone in their right state of mind, not see, that in this case, the system in place worked (with the exception of the suicides). Chief A.J. Perez wasted little time in turning the matter over to OIA; an extensive investigation followed. WHAT MORE DO YOU ASS HOLES WANT?

      For those of you (Paging Senator Moore) who are concerned about the alleged victims of 316 Colorado Avenue, here’s a ray of sunshine for you folks. That piece of shit who spit on officer Lattancio’s face, stands a good chance of getting the charge–assaulting a police officer–dropped because he is no longer with us.

  2. Rich, I’m in total agreement with you, there’s a lot of blame to go around, first with Mayor Ganim who only wanted his former driver to be the permanent police chief so David Dunn found the testing company that would Ganim Perez. The City Attorney Office that slowed walk the report and the City Council that doesn’t know how to get out of their own way. It’s obvious that the “blue wall of silence” is alive and kicking” because 10 police officers lied. Without the death of two police officers who committed suicide the public wouldn’t know anything.

  3. Didn’t Chief AJ already fired a cop? Rich I’m sure about all what you said. AJ get his job for 5 years. Ganim on the other hand has far more exposure than AJ. He, Ganim ran on the police department. With Moore nipping at his heels. He can’t cover this up, not with a 405 page report. That’s a book people. I can sure you Joe’s not going want to look at another come back because of some over zealous cops and noise complaint, shaking hands at dump line or on a bus how current mayor did this or that. Key word here is bus people. Someone getting fire, and those sergeants are getting demoted. Or Moore’s going have a field day during the campaign. With detention officer using excessive force. That abuse happen in house, while in hand cuffs. I’m not a political savant, ask Maria, but this has to be a political mass during a campaign season. Every time I read about police abuse I have flashbacks to this. It is one of the coolest, misogynist, heartless, things I seen.

  4. Has it been mentioned yet that Sgt Belinkies lawyer brother also committed suicide? It can not be said that he definitely took his life due to the unfortunate incident on Colorado ave.
    I hope people will respect the man and not use his death as a political football as no one could possibly know what he was thinking.

  5. *** There will be no changes in the top spot unless the city buys out A.J. so he stays. Most of the ones that lied on their reports look young in the pictures, so I would say “maybe” 5 yrs. or less on the job so were directed on what to write or not mention in their reports. All those involved in the report where its obvious that they used excessive use of force, should be fired! The rest, demoted if supervisors with some suspensions, some on desk duty along with fines, with reprimand letters placed in their files. But we all know here on OIB that if half of what I’ve mentioned happen to all those involved & found guilty, that Lennie Grimaldi would run & be the next Mayor of Bpt. ! Maria would be hired as the new bpt. schools superintendent, joel would be the new city’s parks & rec. supervisor, robert teixeira would be the new dept. of health supervisor, the bpt. kid would be the new supervisor of public affairs for the city, Newton would be the new head of civil-service, Ron Mackey new chief of the fire dept. & JML the new city finance director just to start. So in other words citizens of bpt; don’t hold your breath’s. ***

  6. Joel: my post did not criticize but was only my opinion on what should take place if the City was to improve and move forward. To your point however, regarding liquor stores, you may take your opinion and ask CC person Defilippo why he has fought so hard for almost 4 years to change the law allowing for liquor stores to be placed closer to schools, places of worship and other liquor stores. We all know his crusade is only for himself as he has been trying to open a liquor store where one is not allowed and has been using all sorts of methods not available to the “common”, citizen in a regular setting, to achieve this. Ask HIM how that would make Bridgeport a better place. And Joel, just to clear the air regarding Lennie mentioning my ownership in a “major liquor store” -if you go back and read my response to him you will get the whole story. Yes I did own Bev-Max on Wood Ave. I sold it last May and am retired. I still am involved in the fight against what Defilippo is trying to do because it is the right thing to do. As far as my opinion on Police matters you should know that I am a retired Police Officer with 20 years of experience. I spent much of my time in Narcotics beginning just before crack cocaine hit the streets and well beyond and have literally thousands of felony arrests under my belt. I also proudly represented my guys as union president for 4 years and garnered them two of the best contracts that were ever attained in over two decades. (This was in Stamford). I know many of the officers in Bridgeport and how the game is played so I can intelligently opine on these topics. I can see from your many posts over the past few years that you as well have some knowledge about police but are probably not one yourself. We are on the same page with most of this stuff but when you “threw the ball” at me above I thought I would clear the air. Cheers!!

  7. I just read about one of the officers dragging a wheelchair bound VICTIM up the booking ramp as he was yelling out he had pins in his legs.

    His wheelchair was left on Colorado Ave. and left there unsecured when he was arrested.

    What decent human being would do this to someone wheelchair bound? What BPD officer that witnessed this horrendous behavior stood silent or did not intercede? If you did, you are no less guilty.

    Who here thinks it is okay for an officer to take his flashlight and repeatedly hit a prisoner in the head to the point it left the letter S imprinted in the prisoner’s head? Every officer that witnessed this outrageous conduct and stood silent or did not intercede is no less guilty.

    If there is ANYONE that is going to defend this action we are going to go toe-to-toe today.

    There has been, and continues to be, tremendous turmoil under Chief Perez.

    1. Hey dumb ass researcher, the wheelchair fell off the trunk of the patrol car to the PD. The fool in the wheelchair put his dumd ass in the middle of it all. He can wear the ‘S’ on his head as a superhero character named ‘Stupidman.’ By the way, I hear he is looking for a side kick to ride on his lap. Give him a call.

      1. Joel, if you are going to respond to my post can you do so in an intelligent manner?

        Your response is what’s dumb. I can’t believe you are a Hispanic male who resides in Bridgeport, and you are defending this deplorable action. I don’t think you realize how horrible you look posting these comments.

        You come across as absolutely ignorant.

        1. Look who is writing–the voice of reason on the BOE. Let’s look at the flip side of your question and apply it to you.
          What BOE members, that witness time and time again, the horrendous behavior of Maria Pereira stood silent or did not intercede? Ignorant? Coming from someone who records herself harassing a colleague who responds with, “Go Fund Yourself” and then accuse the victim of saying, “Go Fuck Yourself.” It’s about time you take a good look at yourself as far as your behavior in meetings and the comments you post.

          1. Joel,

            In CT, anyone can be recorded in a public setting. It is perfectly legal. Harassing a colleague” We are elected officials. Any elected official who doesn’t think they can or should be recorded should immediately resign. I have never used foul language when addressing a colleague in a public setting. Not once.

            Do you know how many times members of the public have spoken during public comment and made unsubstantiated claims about me, called for my resignation, claimed this or that? You know what I have done in every single situation? I have sat there and listened attentively and have NEVER responded to the speaker. Every elected official has to be able to take criticism because there is not a single politician that gets 100% of the vote. You cannot slander someone, however they have a right to their perspective and point-of-view.

            For me, you also have to be someone I respect for your criticism to impact me in some way. If I don’t respect you, your criticism goes in one ear and out of the other.

            As far as your last sentence, which is absolutely vulgar and inappropriate, I recognize you are who you are.

            Please don’t think I hadn’t notice how your entire post was focused on me, and not on the defense of the police officers conduct in this scathing report. It’s often referred to as “deflecting.”

  8. Joel’s correct in away. Alcohol is a contributing factor in people behavior and probably here. Rich you called it, ” how the game is played”. The game has change some what. Key word here is GAME. Ok the officers got provoked but not their job to administer judgment. That’s for the courts. Alcohol could have be a factor in the partygoers behavior, but what was the factor for the officers behavior? Clearly it was not professional.

    Mojo, new dept. of health supervisor, nothing about me says health supervisor, Bond is doing a fine, she cute too. Thanks for putting me on your list. though 🙂 and Ron If this recent office didn’t pass it would have come out in the heat of the campaign. Moore and her people would have made sure of it. Joe would have wanted this out of the way along time ago. JS

    P.S TBK new supervisor of public affairs for the city, See move up, Good Job LOSER. 🙂 BAM

    This topic is done. I will read what AJ and the “commissioners do. Back to my HCC classes Bam out 🙂

  9. The three monkeys:
    Monkeys are important in the Shinto religion, and the adage was represented with three monkeys in the carving: Wise monkey Mizaru, covers his eyes, and sees no evil; Kikazaru covers his ears, and hears no evil; and Iwazaru covers his mouth, and speaks no evil.

    Again, The response by 46 city police officers to a “chaotic” situation after a noise complaint about a birthday/pre-Halloween party in 2017 has resulted in a finding that five officers and a civilian detention officer used excessive force and that 10 officers were not truthful about their actions, an internal police investigation has found.
    In all, the report finds Bridgeport Police Department rule violations and possible criminal activity by 17 police officers and two civilian detention officers.

  10. I will be in touch with Our City Council President and Co- Chairs of our Public Safety and Transportation
    Committee. To put in a Resolution for immediate consideration that a copy of this report be forward to Public Safety and Transportation Committee. Should we meet any attempts to stop the city council from reviewing and making changes in Our police Department. I will submit a resolution to look at what NewHaven has done with Creating a Civilian Review Board!

    1. Remember that you’ll need the full support of the body of the council to get documents released. Then there’s the issue of pending Police Commission Hearing for each one involved. There are questions being raised as to the release of the report before the Police Commission hearing. Could the premature release of the report compromise the Police Commission hearing process?

      How about speeding up the Police Commission hearings, the sooner the officers know their fate, the sooner they can move on with their lives.

  11. I know i’ve been off the city council for a long time. Back when i was President of the City Council 1981-85. Our City council had a lot of power over our police department. I can’t believe how members of that body allowed the City Attorneys, a long with past Mayors and past police chiefs to take the authority away form the Legislative body. Shame on past Presidents for not fighting to protect our right. Shame on past Members of the city council for allowing them to do it. This is why we need our own Attorneys. We should hire a Legislative aid who happens to be an Attorney to protect the legislative body. Something i’ll be looking to do.

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