Razzing The Establishment, Omari Urges Voters To Do The Write Thing

how to write in Ras

Ras Omari is something of a Horatio Alger story trying to win a City Council seat in the Downtown/South End 131st District as a write-in candidate. He’s among a number of young insurgents taking on the establishment.

Educating voters about a write-in candidacy takes patience and endurance. Read about his creative path here.



    1. Lennie, RAS is not his real or legal name. There rules signin candidates must obey by and voters too. For example lets take Ron Mackey’s vote for “Raz”. Ron’s vote would not be counted because he misspelled it with a ‘z’ not the ‘s’ required. The name “RAS” doesn’t appear on the voters list at the address he gave. The records I checked show that he signed a petition during the primary cycle in the 131st. But, he failed to vote during the recent primary in the 131st.

      Has the rules for write in candidates changed Lennie?


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