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 Friday October 19, 2018

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Railroad Station Design, Airport Improvements On City Council Agenda

July 6th, 2015 · 15 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Council, City Politics, Development and Zoning

The Bridgeport City Council begins its summer session Monday night, one regularly scheduled meeting for July and August. While the mayor’s race is getting most of the attention, this is also an election year for the council.

On July 21, the Democratic Town Committee will endorse candidates for mayor, City Council, school board, town clerk, city clerk and city sheriff at Testo’s Restaurant. The next day challengers to endorsed candidates will hit the Registrar’s Office to begin the process to petition onto the ballot.

Jockeying is underway for a variety of city offices with some incumbents still undecided about running again. The council’s one Republican Rick Torres is a candidate for mayor. West Side councilor Trish Swain has decided against another term. Former City Council President Lisa Parziale has announced her candidacy for the West Side 132nd City Council district.

Council agenda items for Monday include a grant agreement with the State Department of Transportation for the P.T. Barnum Rail Station Conceptual Design referred to Economic and Community Development and Environment Committee, immediate consideration for the proposed authorization to execute acceptance of the Federal Aviation Administration grant offer for airport improvements at Sikorsky Memorial Airport and authorization for an August 3 public hearing regarding a development agreement and long-term lease with the Wakeman Boys and Girls Club for the redevelopment and operation of Madison Avenue Boys and Girls Club.

Council agenda here.


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  • John Marshall Lee

    Contrast and compare, taxpayers.
    *** Airport budget was balanced previous to Finch. Since then it has been run with an annual deficit. $42 Million project needed roadway issues resolved very fast. Speed created a free driveway for Moutinho in Stratford courtesy of Bridgeport taxpayers. What budget did that come from? (The City has no Error and Omissions Line item.) And where is the report? The Mayor and Council President McCarthy are on the Airport Commission. What’s the holdup?

    PT Barnum Station: Where is the serious report citing the need (not the want) for this station? Costs and benefits laid out for the public, including sources of funds and a reasonable time line? Or is this being done with a hopeful assumption anything near a RR Station (or a City Park) will get an increase in value and get developed? Show us the numbers and assumptions before we commit the money, please.

    Come out to the Council meeting. Let’s hear the reasons stated. And come to the hearings, too. Time will tell.

  • Jeff Kohut

    One thing we can count on at this council meeting is we’re sure to get “railroaded.”

  • Jimfox

    “Allegiance, after all, has to work two ways; and one can grow weary of an allegiance which is not reciprocal.”–James Baldwin, Nobody Knows My Name.

  • Donald Day

    Jimfox, very nice, my man. If you can’t say amen, say ouch!

  • Jeff Kohut

    A “very good thing” for whom, Steve? When you do an analysis do you include negatives to weigh against the positives? Do you consider, for instance, opportunity costs?

    Did “P.T.” Malloy pick the name for this train station?

    • Steven Auerbach

      Jeff, if you do not see the train station as key to the future of this city, the largest city in the state, Fairfield county, than I cannot think of anything to say other than I respectfully disagree and ask at what point does Bridgeport get ahead of the curve. You think like a most intelligent hillbilly.

      Jeff, I have asked you on this blog a few times, who is your candidate of choice you would like to see running this city???

  • Hector A. Diaz

    Speaking of “Hilbillies,” this train stop will be no bigger than petticoat junction and will have NO Sam Druckers. Oh but you’ll have a place to park if you don’t mind the two-block walk to “El Morivivi” for pastelillos and potato balls.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Hector, I know the place you are talking about very well. The best Spanish food in Bridgeport. My employees turned me on to it when I was the store manager of Pep Boys.

      Hector, I honestly believe it will open a whole new world. We are a city. People from that area will be using the station as well as those arriving. Think Bridgeport 2020. Break out of the box that has held you hostage. Where is your vision??? I thought you were a leader. Lead!

  • Hector A. Diaz

    The real SMACK in the face will be if they charge for parking.

    • Steven Auerbach

      Why? Do you know train stations that do not charge for parking? Does the city not need revenue?

      • John Marshall Lee

        There you go again, Steve, talking about money. Let’s be real basic, Steve. The City runs on revenue. Tax revenue. Fine revenues, grants (from other levels of gracious government), parking, copying, participation fees (like $850,000 from families of Lighthouse youth) but why do you think the City would earn that revenue if they do not put up the money? Look at what happened in Fairfield where a developer ran into problems, was not able to perform per the plan, and the Town of Fairfield instead of getting parking revenues had to turn to the State to complete the project. To whom do those parking fees flow, Steve?

        Stick with restaurants, Steve. Your wonderment credentials do you no credit when serious discussions take place. By the way you keep asking bloggers who their “candidate of choice” is to run the City. Why? Are you worried and looking to jump ship? What would Bill, Adam and Andy do if you weren’t supporting the Team, Steve? Anyone who reads you anticipates you will use their answer to “stick pins into.” Far better to keep you exercising on your “mouse wheel” than answer you, when you fail to answer many on Finch details. Time will tell.

      • Hector A. Diaz

        I never paid to park in Fairfield or Norwalk when I worked in New York, but that was so very long ago. Who would that revenue go to, Steve? Do you think the city or will the train stop have a landlord or maybe a manager?

  • Jeff Kohut

    Well doggies, Steve! You can call me Jethro, but putting a second train station in Bridgeport at that location makes about as much sense as putting a prison downtown–or on Virginia Avenue.

    Now, keep in mind “Uncle Jed” Malloy doesn’t want a second train station in Stamford, just a $500 million upgrade of the single station that serves that Appalachian town and its down-home, hillbilly populace.

    I guess Stamford just doesn’t have enough of us down-home, Bridgeport folks to slop the hogs, bail the hay, and clean their cement-ponds for them, so they think a second train station in Bridgeport will help them.

    But then, doggies! I’m just hill-folk. What do I know?

  • Bridgeport Rising

    They can’t build this thing fast enough.

    As for Fairfield Metro, the economy tanked. But now the train station is there and development will eventually come.

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