Questioning FBI Director Comey, Himes Morphs Into Jeff Daniels, ‘Most Honest Three Minutes In Television’

Himes screenshot
Himes questions FBI chief Comey.

Congressman Jim Himes, a member of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, had a starring role Monday questioning James Comey on a day the FBI director announced an ongoing federal investigation into Donald Trump’s political operatives colluding with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election. Himes’ latest appearance resembles actor Jeff Daniels’ Will McAvoy role in the heralded HBO series The Newsroom.

Questioning Comey, Himes emerges at the 1:37 mark of the You Tube video asserting:

“Our new president will attack anyone and everyone. He will attack the cast of Hamilton. He will attack Chuck Schumer. He will attack our allies, Mexico, Australia, Germany. He will attack the intelligence community which you lead … But there’s one person and one country which is immune which is inoculated from any form of presidential attack, no matter what the behavior, no matter if … Vladimir Putin kills political opponents … the new president defends … does not attack.”

In case you missed it check out “the most honest three minutes in television” that explains why America is not the greatest country anymore.



  1. What’s the purpose of this posting from OIB? As I think about it, the only answer is to denigrate Congressman Jim Himes. This brings into question any impartiality OIB might provide to those who read OIB.

  2. So Himes was trying to incriminate Trump. The world knows Putin is a KGB thug and the Russian government is corrupt and has hold-overs from the Soviet era. Yes, Ukraine was part of the old Soviet Union and Manafort had interaction that he has divulged.
    Himes is citing CNN as a source of information. That’s like citing the National Enquirer.
    The American public has been hearing about cyber attacks by Russians for years.
    Is Himes’ attempt at gotchas because the Russians hacked the DNC e-mail server and exposed embarrassing communications which supported Bernie Sanders’ allegation that the Democrat party primary was rigged?

    1. Tom, keep on giving the talking points from the Trump administration and Himes is the bad guy in this and everybody is picking on The Donald including the FBI head who handed Trump his victory by making his comments about Hillary that helped change the election. But why is it The Donald can’t find ANYTHING bad to say about Putin?

    1. But we also the KKK, Jim Crow, child labor, Japanese internment camps, we refused a boat full of Jews and sent them back to Nazi Germany. There’s the good and the bad.

  3. I wish I could have posed a question to Comey: Mr. Comey, how, exactly, did Russia interfere with the 2016 elections? Was it the exposure of the DNC e-mails regarding how Hillary Clinton was ensured the nomination? Is this the “chaos” that Comey refers to?
    Comey revealed the FBI began its investigation of concerns with Russian ‘involvement’ last July when Obama was president.
    Himes’ line of questioning is in line with the Democrat party script of excuses for Clinton’s loss.

    1. Tom, you sound just like Jason Miller, the chief spokesman for the fall 2016 campaign and presidential transition of Donald Trump. It’s the same Republican talking points and that is everything is about Hillary’s loss to Trump. The Republicans back even before President Reagan were ALWAYS fighting against Russia and the USSR but now we have President Trump kissing up to Putin. There were 17 government security who all agreed Russia was trying to cause distrust in our Presidential election and President Trump has NEVER spoken out against Putin and Russia being involved in America’s elections. No, the problem was Hillary Clinton and not Russia.

  4. The USA was never the greatest country in the world. That’s a slogan for nationalism. Any country or society should strive to be better. And then there is the paradigm of who defines “better.”

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