Q Poll: Malloy 47, Foley 44

Quinnipiac University has released its final poll on the eve of Election Day showing Democratic incumbent Governor Dan Malloy with a narrow three-point lead over Republican Tom Foley. From the Q Poll:

With independent candidate Joe Visconti out of the Connecticut governor’s race, Democratic incumbent Gov. Dannel Malloy has 47 percent of likely voters to Republican challenger Tom Foley’s 44 percent, according to a Quinnipiac University poll released today. But 7 percent remain undecided one day before the election.

This compares to results of an October 29 survey by the independent Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pe-ack) University, showing Foley with 46 percent of likely voters to Malloy’s 45 percent.

Republicans back Foley 89 – 7 percent as Democrats back Malloy 86 – 10 percent. Independent voters are divided with 44 percent for Malloy and 45 percent for Foley. Malloy leads Foley 53 – 38 percent among women, while Foley leads 51 – 41 percent among men.

“Contrary to conventional wisdom, independent candidate Joe Visconti’s last minute exit from the governor’s race doesn’t look like it will help Republican Tom Foley,” said Douglas Schwartz, PhD, director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

One day before the election, 89 percent of Connecticut likely voters who name a candidate say their mind is made up, while 11 percent say they might change their mind.

Connecticut likely voters give Foley a split 42 – 44 percent favorability rating, while Malloy gets a negative 43 – 49 percent score.

From October 28 – November 2, Quinnipiac University surveyed 926 likely voters with a margin of error of +/- 3.2 percentage points.

Full poll here.



    1. When budgets are prepared and approved 1-6 months ahead of a fiscal year, they are all commonly balanced as required by many Charters, Constitutions and papers of organization.

      However the real test of “budgeting” is what happens to the results one to seven months after the FY in question when adjustments, auditors and suchwise have a go at it. If you stay balanced or show minor positive variances, most people are happy though this fact is not necessarily newsworthy. The reason is there may have been so much “room budgeted” into the revenue and spending plan, it was able to deal with challenges as well as inefficiencies and waste. A simple look at the final balance cannot tell you what the real story is. And if no one is around to ask about or read about the audited results, then is it really important? Time will tell.

  1. The Quinnipiac Poll didn’t take into consideration the FACT Visconti had 7% of the polling vote. He has, on Sunday, verified by the Hartford Courant, fully endorsed Foley. If this holds true and his voting followers vote for Foley, then Foley will be the next governor.

  2. Not gonna happen, Bob. No poll I have seen showed all of Visconti’s votes going to Foley. As a matter of fact, most polls showed his votes being split between Malloy and Foley.
    And three days before the election? My guess is most Visconti votes will go to Visconti since his name will remain on the ballot. Too little, too late, to make a difference.

    1. Bob Walsh, that’s why I said Visconti is giving support to Malloy because he is showing how unstable he is by dropping out now, if he wanted to help Foley he should have gotten out much sooner so his supporters would have known.

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