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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Predictions, Please. What’s Your Internal Poll Telling You?

November 4th, 2014 · 21 Comments · Analysis and Comment, City Politics, State Politics

Okay, here we go. Mail pieces, television spots, radio commercials, e-blasts, door knocks, phone calls and general harassing of the public good are coming to an end. Share your predictions.

Will Governor Dan Malloy win a second four-year term or will Republican opponent Tom Foley squeak out a win? The average of all the polls shows this as a razor-close race just like four years ago.

What other races interest you?

The State Senate battle between Democrat Marilyn Moore and Trumbull Republican Rick Costantini? The Congressional race between Democratic incumbent Jim Himes and Republican Dan Debicella? The State Treasurer fight between Democratic incumbent Denise Nappier and Republican Tim Herbst, first selectman of Trumbull? Something else?

Let us know.


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  • Up On Bridgeport

    Malloy-Himes-Herbst. Moore in a close one with Costantini being nailed to the Cross!

    • Local Eyes

      Like it or not, Connecticut has a two-party system and Bridgeport is better served by having both parties as part of its delegation to the General Assembly. In the state senate, he’d be a new voice–from a new party–representing Bridgeport. That’s just one reason why Rick Costantini would be the best advocate for Bridgeport’s interests. Both would be newcomers and both have similar positions on the most important local issue but Costantini’s youth and elected experience make him the better choice. He’s the ideal candidate for the entire 22nd district. Here’s the best part: It’s never been easier to split your ticket.

      • Bob Walsh

        Please. Your true Trumbull colors are now showing. He served ONE undistinguished term on the Trumbull Town Council pretty much doing what he was told to do.
        Marilyn Moore served as the Senate Aide to former Senator Ed Gomes. She will take office knowing the process and knowing the players. If it is experience you are looking for, vote row B for Moore.

        • Joel Gonzalez

          The only reason she served as “the Senate Aide to former Senator Ed Gomes,” was only because she is Ed Gomes’ cousin. No one had to tell Gomes to do that.

  • WittyUserName

    Don’t be so sure about Moore. She alienated Trumbull/Monroe voters big time, and hasn’t even bothered to campaign there. If the Trumbull/Monroe GOP machines get the vote out, Costantini could pull it out.

  • Steven Auerbach

    Democrats across the board. Malloy 48 Foley 45.

  • Baffled in Bridgeport

    Tough calls on Malloy, Moore and Nappier. I would guess they all pull it out–some squeakier wins than others. I think Malloy has turned the corner, Moore has recovered some of the missteps and Herbst hasn’t quite peaked in time. Himes clobbers Dan whoever.

  • donj

    I have no idea on the gov race. Himes Moore turnout 20 thousand.

  • donj

    1,500 voting at Black Rock.

  • Bob Walsh


  • Bob Walsh

    Democratic sweep. Not as close as some people think it will be.
    Republicans never caught fire; never formulated a believable plan going forward.

  • Bob Walsh

    Joel Gonzalez scores major upset in squeaker. NOT.
    Not to Joel winning and not the squeaker part.

  • Maria Pereira

    I am really hoping Malloy loses tomorrow, however anything can happen.

    I am voting for Pelto/Murphy, Lembo, Debicella and Herbst. I don’t like either of the candidates for Attorney General so I will not cast a vote for either. I was going to vote for Denise Merrill, however after reading the Hartford Courant article and editorial on Mitch Robles falsifying his Notary application four times and getting away with it, I will not cast a vote for secretary of the state either.

    At least it will be 60 degrees and sunny tomorrow for all those people working outside the polling locations.

    • WittyUserName

      I like Jepsen for AG … he has Blumenthal’s focus on consumer protection without Blumie’s egomania and bluster. Kie Westby’s comments about repealing gun laws make me wonder if he even knows what the AG’s job description is.

  • Bob

    Foley 52%, Malloy 48%. The turnout in Hartford, Bridgeport and Stamford won’t be strong enough to overcome the suburbs. The withdrawal and support of Foley by Visconti will boost Foley’s number by about 2-4%. That will result in enough votes to overcome the blind following in the cities.

  • Bob

    The Himes vote is hard to predict. The dissatisfaction with the Democrats in Congress can have negative results for incumbents.

  • charlie

    Malloy and the other Dems win, Bridgeport’s loss!

  • Ron Mackey

    Democrats across the board, Joel Gonzalez loses big time.

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