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 Sunday October 21, 2018

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Precinct Results State Senate

February 25th, 2015 · 11 Comments · News and Events

Gomes, Pereira

Ed Gomes embraces former school board member Maria Pereira who worked voter turnout at Hooker School precinct where Gomes ran up a huge win. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

The following is a breakdown of unofficial results by precinct for Tuesday’s State Senate special election. Connecticut’s 23rd Senate District covers two-thirds of Bridgeport and a piece of western Stratford.

Stratford results
Gomes 176, DeJesus 24, Dreher 20, Hare 3, Moales 54.

Bridgeport totals
Gomes 1309, DeJesus 767, Dreher 132, Hare 102, Moales 455

By Precinct: (Beardsley and Read listed twice because they are split by two assembly districts)
Beardsley, Gomes 15, DeJesus 12 Dreher 2, Hare 1, Moales 8
JFK, Gomes 160, DeJesus 100, Dreher 22, Hare 64, Moales 44
Dunbar, Gomes 181, DeJesus 31, Dreher 3, Hare 6, Moales 121
Harding, Gomes 105, DeJesus 56, Dreher 11, Hare 4, Moales 49
Beardsley, Gomes 15, DeJesus 6, Dreher 1, Hare 1, Moales 0
Hallen, Gomes 131, DeJesus 14, Dreher 8, Hare 1, Moales 37
Read, Gomes 27, DeJesus 8, Dreher 0, Hare 0, Moales 9
Hooker, Gomes 203, DeJesus 46, Dreher 41, Hare 2, Moales 34
Read, Gomes 3, DeJesus 7, Dreher 0, Hare 0, Moales 1
Johnson, Gomes 80, DeJesus 51, Dreher 3, Hare 2, Moales 24
Marin, Gomes 72, DeJesus 178, Dreher 5, Hare 8, Moales 19
Central, Gomes 51, DeJesus 23, Dreher 8, Hare 1, Moales 17
Bassick, Gomes 73, DeJesus 42, Dreher 6, Hare 2, Moales 36
City Hall, Gomes 55, DeJesus 49, Dreher 4, Hare 4, Moales 16
Batalla, Gomes 73, DeJesus 52, Dreher 18, Hare 2, Moales 25
Barnum, Gomes 65, DeJesus 92, Dreher 0, Hare 4, Moales 15


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  • Jimfox

    Ed Gomes, that was not a win! That was a mandate!

  • Michael Smith

    Lennie, do you have the breakdown of the Stafstrom/Torres contest?

  • Ron Mackey

    Losers and winners: Rev. Moales, Mayor Finch, and the IMA. Moales has very little support Citywide and Mayor Finch had pulling power to help Moales and the IMA looked bad with supporting Rev. Moales with their President, State Rep. Rev. Moales not saying anything during the election thereby showing he had no pulling power to help Moales. Ed Gomes vote total of 1309 was just 158 votes short of having more votes than the four other candidates together. Rev. Moales lost this election but Mayor Finch is losing black votes plus he lost his biggest booster to get those black voters, Rev. Moales. Mayor Finch now has the City’s two state senators who are not in Finch’s camp. The winner: Ed Gomes, enough said.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Sad truth Ron, is Moonbeam doesn’t have a clue as to the damage his interference caused. He’s oblivious to reality. I’m tired from an entire year of working elections, but the result was worth it. One more in November. I hope my luck hasn’t run out!

  • Jimfox

    Not November but August, when Finch will have to primary Joe!

  • Maria Pereira

    I am so looking forward to this upcoming election season. I honestly believe a significant anti-Finch sentiment has built throughout the city and Mayor Finch is in real trouble.

  • Lisa Parziale

    Ron, I would be so happy to see and talk to you, I miss you! One more, Ron and Maria!!!

  • Lisa Parziale

    That’s an amazing picture!

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