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 Monday June 18, 2018

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Praise The Lord!–Does The Prophetess Profit? Rev. Claytor’s Voting For Barack And Linda (It’s Okay To Split)

October 23rd, 2012 · 33 Comments · Analysis and Comment, National Politics, News and Events, State Politics

Nothing like the divine inspiration of a woman of the cloth endorsing a candidate for public office, especially an inner-city minister working a food pantry for the poor folk of a housing project singing the praises of a wealthy Republican trying to carve into the voter base of her Democratic opponent. The state’s largest city has a long history of politics in the pulpit, and the Prophetess Gerry Claytor, active in spiritual, social and education issues, has brought it to a whole new level declaring in an advertisement for U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, “I’m voting for President Obama and I’m voting for Linda McMahon.” Local Democrats are keeping score on this one.

The prophetess runs Claytor Ministry/Feed The People Food Pantry for children of the P.T. Barnum Housing Complex that serves about 500 kids in the West End. Prophetess Claytor is not bashful about asking local pols for help. How about some money? How about a refrigerator? A stove? Food? Supplies? Let’s hope, for the kids’ sake, the prophetess is getting a nice pantry donation out of Linda for her endorsement (if not done already) because local Dems supporting McMahon’s Democratic opponent Chris Murphy are wondering in amazement that the prophetess who so often asks them for help has decided to endorse the enemy.

Musto, Claytor, Grogins, Vizzo-Paniccia

The Prophetess Claytor surrounded by Democrats in her pantry, State Senator Anthony Musto, State Rep. Auden Grogins and City Councilwoman AmyMarie Vizzo-Paniccia.

This is actually a nice piece of strategy by the McMahon campaign, even if it undercuts Romney in Connecticut. McMahon operatives know they need some Democratic votes to win; not a lot, but just enough to offset Murphy’s registration advantage. If the McMahon campaign can secure close to 30 percent of the vote in Bridgeport, that just might be enough to put her over the top in what is a close battle statewide two weeks out.

It’s why the Murphy campaign, which has regained its footing, cannot take Bridgeport–or any city–for granted. Murphy will be perched in Connecticut’s major cities the final two weeks.

Meanwhile the McMahon camp is trying to plant the message to city voters: yes, we know you’re voting for Barack, but vote for Linda, she’s a safe bet. It’s a message the prophetess is taking to her peeps in the P.T. Barnum Apartments. Praise the Lord! And yes, the prophetess will need to praise the Lord often if Murphy wins.



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  • donj

    Lmfao I saw this ad today. While I was on YouTube browsing music videos it came up. I watched it and laughed; nice way to put the guy on your top ticket under the bus.

  • donj

    Two weeks ago a man working for Linda came to my house and she asked who I plan on voting for. I said Linda, he wrote it down. Guess what, I am not voting for Linda!!!!!!!!!

    • Joel Gonzalez

      donj, your subconscious is talking to you–the man turns into a woman. I invite you to join me and see with your very own eyes what the people you support don’t want anyone to see. I’ll give you an important role to play, take matters into your own hands, and do more than all these clowns have done in four years, in a very short period of time. If you have free time and are not working for the ones you so admire, step up to the plate. This goes for all of my other OIB friends too.

  • Mojo

    *** A “man” working for Linda came to my house and “she” asked who I plan on voting for. You mean a “cross-dresser” came to your house and she “asked,” then “he” wrote it down, no? donj seems so confused, even he doesn’t know who or why he’s voting for anymore! I liked the political ad, and I too will be voting for Obama and Linda on Nov.6! *** TWO FACES OF EVE AND STEVE? ***

  • Joel Gonzalez

    Remember when I wrote this OIB piece?

    Don’t click on the link just yet–stay here until I tell you. This is a quote from my piece:
    “Wanda Geter pulled up in her car and met up with me on my post. With eyes wide open upon seeing the MJF handouts in my hands, Wanda said “Hi Joel! I thought you were with Finch.” “Where have you been the last three years? Don’t you read the blog or the newspaper? You know I served on the City Council with Bill Finch for five years. I know him better than my brothers,” I said to her. “I don’t know, but anytime I needed something, he was always there for me.” “Like what?” I asked. She avoided the question.” Folks, I always find an answer to my questions one way or another.

    Wanda Geter knows lots of people in the P.T. Barnum housing complex. But the people there don’t know how blacks sell out blacks and Hispanics sell out Hispanics for their own gain or personal agendas. Geter has family and lots of friends at P.T., but she only helps her family and uses everyone else to get what she or her white husband wants from the pols she claims will help us all and are good for us. The woman even uses God and religion to get what she wants. I found this article in the summer. The article is from the ‘WORD’–a quarterly newspaper put out by the Bridgeport Housing Authority. Here is a small quote and you can click on the link when you’re done. Remember to come back to me like Wanda going back to the pols who pimp her around:
    “In the spring/summer of 2012, BHA completed renovations on three new accessible apartments at P.T. Barnum–the first of which is now home to James Geter, who has lived in P.T. Barnum Apartments for more than four decades. Recently, health issues have created new needs for James–such as the assistance of a motorized wheelchair. With a ramp and wider doorways and halls, James’ new apartment provides the accessibility he needs. Other features of the renovated apartments include grab bars and adjusted heights of sink and mirror in the bathroom, accessible kitchen counters and raised toe kicks, electrical outlets and switches mounted below 48 inches, and a newly designed window lock feature that meets ADA compliance while still maintaining window warranty.” You can click on the link now. Make sure you notice that Barack has James’ back.
    www .bridgeporthousing.org/ra/pdf/2012%20word/June-2012.pdf

  • Grin Ripper

    Is Gerry a Prophetess or a Profitess?
    If the McMahon campaign were really smart they should hire Wanda Cheater. She would be a great double agent.

    • The Fixer

      Linda doesn’t need Wanda Cheater. She has double-agent Finch. He is after all a closet Republican. What Democrat privatizes programs, lays off hundreds of workers and busts the unions? None that I know of. Not in Bridgeport, anyway.

  • Follow the Money

    “Praise the Lord and Pass the Bucks!”

  • Ron Mackey

    Seeing that Prophetess Gerry Claytor, former NAACP President Carolyn Nah, Pastor David Miller are involve with advertisement for U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, perhaps Lennie could find out through MaMahon’s public disclosure for her campaign if they were paid and how much for being in McMahon’s advertisement?

  • Grin Reaper

    Here is my question.
    A great effort is being made by the NO forces to encourage minority voters to vote NO based on giving up their voting rights.
    Right or wrong, does the charter question mean so much to Finch he would attempt to suppress turnout in minority districts to the detriment of Representative Murphy and to the benefit of Linda McMahon?
    To quote JML, “time will tell” but the telling may be too late.

  • Grin Reaper

    Was Amy at the food bank to make a deposit or a withdrawal?

  • Ron Mackey

    Perhaps I missed them but where are the flyers, signs and ads to get out the vote for Obama in Bridgeport or in Connecticut?

  • donj

    I said it once and I will say it again, black churches have been a downfall to many cities by telling blacks who to vote for etc etc. If these pastors took money shame on them and people should leave their church asap. I stopped going to church a few years ago because it seemed money was always number 1!!! Not saving souls!!! If money were made, shame on them. This could have a negative impact on Linda because a lot of her voters are very mad on her Facebook about the ad. She might actually lose votes, look at her Fb comments and you will see. Never been a fan of church and politics it could be Democrat or Republican.

  • Steven Auerbach

    FYI Obama signs are available at the Jim Himes headquarters located at Lafayette Square, 3rd floor, 350 Fairfield Ave. I am voting for Obama and the entire Democratic slate. I will not vote for a woman who would stand in the way of Obama’s attempt to keep moving us forward. Her commercial about collecting green stamps was just too embarrassing. I will bet any minority voting for her is definitely getting paid. Funny how the LINDA MCMAHON SIGNS ARE ALL ON PUBLIC PROPERTIES AND EMPTY LOTS AS WELL AS HOMES FOR SALE. BRIDGEPORT CANNOT AFFORD TO ELECT ANY REPUBLICANS WHO WOULD CUT ANY OF OUR MUCH-NEEDED PROGRAMS. OBAMA DOES NOT NEED ANOTHER ANTI-OBAMA PERSON ELECTED. AS MUCH AS I LIKE LISTENING TO CHRIS CHRISTIE SPEAK, HE IS AN OBAMA HATER AS IS LINDA MCMAHON. VOTE WISELY BRIDGEPORT. FUNDING FOR THIS CITY IS CRITICAL. CHRIS MURPHY UNDERSTANDS THE NEEDS OF BRIDGEPORT.

    • Joel Gonzalez

      Steve, are you working with the Himes camp? Tell them to get ready to provide some answers to some serious questions. I suggest you shut up and go away. You’re going to cause some embarrassment for Jim Himes with this posting of yours.

      • Steven Auerbach

        Joel Gonzales–are you a moron? I am not working for any campaign. I have stated where anyone can pick up a sign. You suggest I shut up and go away? Why don’t you cut off another finger and tell Linda you are failing as her surrogate. She will lose Bridgeport. Maybe she will have you to thank. Guess you got a few free hotdogs and hamburgers. Maybe you are the one putting Linda signs on all the vacant properties. Embarrassment for Jim Himes with this posting? Is your brain working? Are the electrical synapses connecting? People can vote for whomever they want. I suggest the entire Democratic slate simply because we need Obama to have what he needs to succeed. It is laughable that you are supporting McMahon. It is clear you are working on her campaign. How embarrassing is that? Does she even know who you are? Maybe she has seen your YouTube commercial? I do want to thank you for your suggestions. When I want your advice I’ll give it to you.

      • Godiva2011

        This is so laughable coming from someone who actually mutilated himself on the steps of the Capitol. Speaking of embarrassing a candidate you are working for, how did that work out for you when you were on Ms. Foster’s ticket? Talk about putting your foot in your mouth … the outcome had to be an embarrassment to you and to her campaign. She was quick to remedy that, wasn’t she?

  • donj

    Steven Auerbach I finaly seen Obama signs in my part of the neighborhood today, what about putting some on the other side of Black Rock starting with Fox going right back to Scofield Ave, it’s like we are the forgotten side of Black Rock section!!!

    • Steven Auerbach

      Sorry donj, I am not connected to the campaign. You can call Jim Himes Headquarters 203-987-3333. They have Obama signs. You can call and they will put them up or YOU can go to 350 Fairfield avenue–Lafayette circle, 4TH FLOOR.

  • donj

    Hahaha yeah I notice Linda signs are all over for-sale homes and public property including light posts. I just want this election to end now. In 2 weeks I will be voting for Obama Murphy Himes right here in Bridgeport!!! Linda will not I repeat will not hit 30 percent in the city. Obama will get more than 80% of the vote in the city and she is not going to run above 10 points higher than Romney.

  • donj

    Joel Gonzalez talking about embarrassment to another blogger on here??? That is a lmfaooooooooo moment, you should be the last one talking. I just got a good laugh LML (LAUGH MAD LOUD!!!)

  • donj

    I respect every poster on here even though I might not agree but Joel seems to be hot tempered. If you do not like what other bloggers are posting, simply skip it. Obama 2012!!!

  • The Fixer

    The Profitess is indeed sticking her white-collared neck out here. Linda must have bought her off BIG TIME. Maybe Finch is a double-agent and endorses the Linda endorsement. If not, and if Murphy wins, the Profitess had better say bye bye to any govt funding she is currently receiving for her food pantry. Hell hath no fury as a Finch-Wood scorned.

    Likewise, I pity Linda if she wins and Obama loses. She can expect no cooperation whatsoever from the new prez. Not good for her CT constituents. This ad might win Linda the seat but it is a huge risk given the prez race is so close.

  • Andrew C Fardy

    Why is it a surprise Republican money is being filtered into the minority community? It’s been done for years by the Democratic town committee. I have seen it time after time. In my district there was a payment of $200 to a political activist to get out the vote in Success Park. This individual now works for the city making $47,000 per year. BTW the year this happened seven people from Success Park voted. Ask someone how much money is sent to PT Barnum every election by the Democrats. None of this should be a surprise to anyone, that the Republicans are finally learning how to play the game.

  • Jim Callahan

    Getting people to cut at Longfellow is easier said.

  • Bridgeport Now

    Tonight at 8, Charter Revision on Bridgeport Now.

  • Mojo

    *** I, on a once-a-week basis, deliver food from the CT Food Bank to pantries in Bpt and Milford. Murphy has never once reached out to lend a helping hand to Rev. Claytor’s small food bank, “feed the people” nor any pantry I know of! Many flyers and letters have gone out to local politicians in the past just to make them aware of the programs and some of the needs of the community with little or no response. When Linda McMahon was running for Gov. of CT, she reached out to Rev. Claytor’s program and has since continued. Maybe this is one of the reasons Rev. Claytor is giving her support to Linda McMahon for US Senate, no? *** YOUR VOTE COUNTS, EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT! ***

  • Mojo

    *** Almost forgot, another politician who once in a while during election time makes a photo-op appearance at the “Feed The People” pantry when the CT Mobile Food Bank Truck is there passing out food items to the needy but “never” has lent a hand towards any type of pantry help is “Jim Himes!” He’s like many others who smile, take pictures and pass out political business cards with empty promises of “call me if you need something!” So maybe Rev. Claytor and her following remember; especially so close to election time just who comes through with help for her pantry for the needy and who does not when it’s time to vote! Maybe it’s not the political party but the actual persons themselves who can make the difference towards positive change and understanding sometimes it’s the small things that count and stand out towards gaining someone’s trust and vote. The trend of splitting one’s vote between political parties is nothing new and should be explored more often by citizens. So I applaud Rev. Claytor and her following for paying attention to whom and what their political representatives “are doing or not doing” for them and realizing their vote counts! *** EXERCISE YOUR RIGHT, YOUR VOTE COUNTS! ***

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