Police Sergeant Charged With Sexual Assault Of A Minor

Sergeant Ivan Delgado was charged on Friday with sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl, according to Acting Chief Rebeca Garcia.

Delgado, a 13-year member of the Police Department, was served with a warrant charging him with three counts of sexual assault 1st and three counts of risk of injury to a minor.

A $250,000 bond was set.

In concurrence with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement, Delgado was immediately placed on administrative leave without pay.

“After consideration and review of all preliminary information, I have placed him on administrative leave without pay,” said Garcia in a statement. “Sergeant Delgado’s hearing will be within 10 business days.”

No other details were provided in the statement.



  1. Lennie,
    The reference is four years old and refers to an event six years ago, it appears.
    Where was the current “Acting Chief” serving at those dates in 2014 or 2016. I believe that her recent service has been to Internal Affiars. How long has her service been to that office and in which Division are Internal Affairs personnel listed: Patrol, Detective, Traffic, Narcotics and Vice, Training, Records Communications, Auxiliary Services or Unassigned? Why are assignments and titles of rank not part of listing by City for public assessment? How many cases settled due to PD activity by City in last five years? How many still active at this time? What is expense to City for settlements and legal representation? If this info is not available to you, just let us know, please. Time will tell.

  2. Here’s another bit of news on Sgt Delgado
    Ivan Delgado G Overview
    Ivan Delgado G in 2018 was employed in City of Bridgeport and had annual salary of $115,742. This salary is 124 percent higher than average and 136 percent higher than median salary in City of Bridgeport. Average annual salary was $51,725. He has ni shame in collecting overtime.

  3. Bob, When you provided average and median based percentages, were you comparing Delgado’s total salary including overtime to COB police department officers or to all salaries in Bridgeport, including Board of Education? In light of fact that some employees only have a base salary, with no opportunity for overtime earnings, this is critical in a fair comparison.
    Not calling you unfair, only asking for clarification. Time will tell.

    1. So much simpler to answer a question. Isn’t it? A question asked with respect extended to you to see what type of basic info you may have access to. and your sources in unearthing and revealing good data that the public needs. I do not take you as a hateful person, though you may seem so to others. But you are happy with divisiveness that is the game plan of the DTC and a goal. Is this your legacy to Bridgeport proper? Time will tell.


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