Police Probing Scrap Metal Cash Receipts From Public Works

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Police and city officials are investigating allegations that employees of the Public Facilities Department have been misappropriating cash from the sale of scrap metal–charges similar to those probed in Stamford’s vehicle maintenance department eight years ago.

Police Chief Armando Perez said Thursday that at the request of City Council members, his department opened a case regarding the scrap metal claim and other alleged improprieties outlined in an anonymous letter.

… “It’s an anonymous letter, but we are looking into it,” Perez said. “There are allegations there that are very serious, in my opinion.”

City Attorney R. Christopher Meyer said his office knew of the letter and is taking it seriously, though he declined to go into further detail.

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  1. “John Ricci said in an interview Thursday, “I’m aware of the letter. I’m aware there’s some kind of investigation into the content and, hopefully, the source.”

    Why is Ricci so hopefull that the identity of the source is included in the investigation? It’s obvious to me that the source is most likely a city employee working at the transfer station. The statement by Ricci is enough justification as to why this person requested anonymity. For the record, it’s not me.

  2. Now! it’s Flucking Scape-Gate!? Van-Gate, WPCA-Gate, Residency-Gate, Driveway-Gate!
    And we Haven’t even approach -Main Street North -Gate, Congress Street Bridge-Gate, and Amphitheater-kick back-Gate!
    I need a new flucking scorecard !

  3. Accountability starts at the top with Mayor Ganim who appointed Ricci and Ricci himself who because of malfeasance or that fact they he might be implicated in this thief deserves to be fired. These two individuals need to be held accountable in this mess.

  4. Another scandal in Tin Can Alley! High drama! Somebody’s going to wind up on the scrap-heap, for sure… (But they’ll probably just get recycled to another position, perhaps collecting bottles and cans for the Parks Department…:)


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