Planning Director Lynn Haig Submits Retirement Papers, Departure Scheduled For June

City Planning Director Lynn Haig has submitted retirement notification to the Civil Service Office. She has served in the planning office for decades, the past seven as chief planner.

She helmed the 10-year master plan approved in 2019 but has also faced her share of zoning critics for how the city has positioned itself for future development.



  1. Perhaps Willinger and Defillipo will fund her retirement party.! She was their “useful idiot” and did Chuckies bidding when HE devised and wrote the changes to Bridgeports liquor laws so Mikey could get his license. Took them about 5 years to be successful in finally getting it through. Speaking of them, when is Defillipo’s trial for voter fraud coming up? Or did Mario already fix that using “connections”as well?
    😂 😝 😆 🖕 Cheers!!!!

      1. Let voter fraud go?
        Besides, isn’t this venue for entertainment purposes as well?!
        AND I like to remind people how corrupt people in the Port are, and have been!! So when’s the trial?
        😂 😆 😝 🖕

        1. Of course, it is. Didn’t you see my happy/crying face? 🤣

          You are Looking towards the entertainment of Defillipo’s “fraud” trial I see. 🙂

          Perhaps Port’s corruption is just that, entertainment. I mean some “fraud” acts are so unnecessary.

          But I have asked, in the pursuit of entertainment, and to remind the people o the f corruption in Port politics. Are you just as eager to know when Bradley’s “fraud” trial is going to start? 🤣

          For entertainment purposes, Let her go. Captain. 😜

  2. Poor little Richie didn’t get his way. He tried to stop Mr Defillipo from building a more attractive better managed store that would pose a threat to poor little Richie’s store and little Richie lost. Mr Defillipo hired a lawyer who specializes in zoning and got the desired results. If any law was broken prove it and go after Willinger. As for the pending trial is Mr Defillipo innocent until proven guilty or do the rules only apply when they compliment little Richie’s agenda. You lost, take it like a man.

    1. Lol!!! The only one who lost was Defillipo ! Five years worth of business and untold lawyers fees, unless, of course, Mario et al helped his bartender out with getting the unindicted co-conspirator- Willinger, to do him a favor!
      I was out of there in 2018 and am proud to say that I had the largest volume store in Bridgeport. What happens after that is of no concern to me. I enjoy this and comments like yours just confirm why Bridgeport cannot loose its shithole reputation.
      You know how it goes…”oh what’s the big deal?” Everything goes to shit, or stays shit when you overlook the laws. That attitude allows all the corruption to continue. Especially when those in control try to get over on the “little guys.” So enjoy your continued existence in the Port!
      No one got over on me- ever.
      I called out the voter fraud before it was publicized and of course was vilified. Then even Ron and Don wrote ‘wow, he was right. We thought it was just personal. We guess an apology is owed’.
      So….when’s the trial?!!!
      Cheers!!! 😂 😆 😝 🖕

  3. Poor little Richie someone needs to change his diaper and put him into some big boy underwear. Much like himself his diaper is full of well you know. No need for me to say it. Poor little Richie he lost and lives in denial. But as the rest of us know much like his diaper he is full of it. Ohhhh maybe I’m wrong no one has ever defeated him. Good luck in your world little Richie.

  4. Am I missing something here, Joe, Are we using coded language? You should know I have a hard time “comprensión” coded language. 🙂 But you have been using the word little excessively. 🙂

    I am pretty sure Joe’s not a midget, being a retired cop.

    Logically speaking though, Porter being the logical choice for Chief, based on race, AKA “logical choice. In the world of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. How much of a logical choice goes into the decision to hire/recruit midgets to become cops even blacks at Historical Black Colleges?

    Not saying there are not some “little” police officers but I have never seen a midget cop regardless of their race or gender. JS

    Leonardo was gay? Did the Church know when they asked him to paint the Last Supper?
    No wonder why their all dude in the photo. Did you know Christ was a Jew? 🤣

  5. Not using code Robert. I refer to him as little Richie because he is acting like a child. He did his best and was unable to keep Mr Defillipo from opening his store. Yes he did delay it, I imagine that Mr Defillipo did incur significant legal cost. That is simply the cost of doing business. Mr Defillipo got what he wanted, Little (child like) Richie did not. I have spoken enough on this subject.TIME TO LET GO!

  6. That’s right. Let it go Joe. People like you who have no understanding of the FACTS of the situation or the knowledge about what the actual issues were, should let it go.
    In the meantime, crawl out from Marios ass and take a deep breath. (yes everyone knows about your dining habit location) 😂
    Oh and by the way, my comments aside, I’m sure Mikey just loves it when others opine which keeps him in the news and continues the comments on blogs such as this.
    So……when’s the trial? 😝 🖕


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