Pizza And Politicians

I spent Sunday’s spectacular afternoon chewing Julian’s fantastico brick-oven pie on Madison Avenue and leaning against the street sign at Madison and Capitol cheering marchers in the Columbus Day Parade.

Mayor Bill Finch beckoned from his open ragtop with his two young boys. State Rep. Chris Caruso waved from his car, as well as State Rep. Jack Hennessy. Congressman Chris Shays and wife Betsi walked the route from Jewett and Wayne to Central High School. State Senator Rob Russo also walked the path just ahead of his Democratic opponent Anthony Musto. Former Republican Mayor Lenny Paoletta, now in his mid-70s, looked youthful on foot saluting the crowd. City Council members Tom McCarthy, Michelle Lyons and Angel DePara also had on their walking shoes. Judge of Probate Paul Ganim worked both sides of the street.

Anyone see Shays’ Democratic opponent Jim Himes? Mo and I didn’t see Jimmy. Team Shays had workers tossing miniature footballs and handing out balloons. Oh I know, Jimmy has Bridgeport wrapped up.

Can you believe it, just three weeks from November Neurosis! I’m so excited, OIB has launched the countdown clock. Shays and Himes will kick off their compressed debate schedule Tuesday morning at Housatonic Community College, sponsored by the Bridgeport Regional Business Council. This is where Shays will explain why you should rehire him and where Himes will emphasize why you should fire the incumbent. I’ll be there to share the blow-by-blow. New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg was in Westport Sunday night to endorse Shays.

Tuesday night at 7:30, Finch and the Board of Police Commissioners will meet in  City Council chambers to discuss selection of an acting chief following the resignation of Bryan Norwood who’s heading to Richmond, Virginia. Meanwhile the city will set in motion a national search for a chief with a five-year appointment selected by the mayor.

So, Missy Moonbeam Palin wasn’t so aglow following the Troopergate findings over the weekend in which 14 members (10 Republicans) of an investigative panel excoriated her for abuse of power. Betcha by golly!

Polling shows that John McCain’s sludge campaign against Barack isn’t working. Does this mean the Republican will actually talk about fixing the economy in their final debate Wednesday night? McCain promises to kick Barack’s ass. Just like he guaranteed last week. Yes, my friends.



  1. OUR MAN on the scene–

    Trick question: WHAT do Lennie and Christopher Columbus have in common?

    Answer: They BOTH had accurate compasses – Lennie’s compass led him to Julian’s Pizza (where happiness is made 8 slices at a time) and Christopher Columbus’ compass led him to America, which is the home of Bridgeport (wink and a grin), right?

  2. Lennie – Julian’s makes the best pizza and you should try their grinders too. I liked the parade and other people represented themselves besides Italians, which is a good thing. Park City Pride was excellent. I missed the people selling food and other stuff this year, but people I asked said local restaurants didn’t want to take the risk of not making money so they didn’t want to spend money on permits. I missed the pizza fritte! The economy is hurting a lot of small businesses around here, hope next year is better and things turn around.

  3. *** I missed the overall festivities that go along with the parade; food, beer & wine, italian pastries, friends, etc. this year. Although I don’t watch nor as a past elected official never marched in the Columbus Parade when invited, parades do bring people together! For me, Columbus gets credit for certain things he didn’t do & no credit or criticism for things he did. So let’s say he’s not one of my favorite explorers from the old world past. Moving on, Himes seems to get a lot of mention on this blog as having Bpt. wrapped up concerning votes! I’m not so sure about that, especially now with the new voting system in which you must read, look & find your candidate of choice, which gives voters time to really check out the voting sheet & a better possibility of splitting one’s vote. Also Himes has not worked as hard as Diane Farrell did & she lost, while Shays is rolling along. So I’m pulling for Shays to stay right were he is in D/C, working the bipartisan way with the seniority & experience that Conn. is going to need. Here in our state legislation for Senators, I like Russo & newcomer Johnson; the last #3 Dems. there, past & present were counter-productive for the state & Bpt. and everyone sees what one of them is doing as Mayor today! The state reps. positions, regardless of who wins, will not bring about any real positive change unless they start working much more closely together as a team on certain issues affecting Bpt. And last but not least, the country needs major shots in the economy, energy & foreign policy areas which means “change” & “hope” and Obama/Biden seem to be the best choice America’s got right now! ***


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