Pizarro Returns To Blight Department

Pizarro Finch tax protest
Several years ago Danny Pizarro led a tax protest against Bill Finch at City Hall.

Mayoral aide Danny Pizarro who was suspended in March by Mayor Joe Ganim for owing more than $55,000 in taxes on a number of city properties has returned to his position in the city’s anti-blight department.

When confronted with the news of Pizarro’s tax liability, Ganim said pay it off right away or face suspension. Several days after his suspension, Pizarro paid off more than $55,000 in outstanding property taxes that triggered his leave. “Mr. Pizarro does not owe any real estate taxes to the city,” said Tax Collector Veronica Jones in March.

Pizarro tax tape
March tape showing Pizarro paid his taxes.

Ganim let the gregarious Pizarro stew for several months before bringing him back. Several city employees had lobbied for his return.

“As a landlord, I share a commitment to ensure that our neighborhoods become places where family may thrive,” Pizarro said in a statement in March. “It is my endeavor to change the iniquities that impact current dwelling conditions and sustain improvement over time. The $55,387.45 has been paid in full, as I am committed to improve my neighborhood.”

Pizarro also had tens of thousands more in back property taxes sold in tax lien sales by the city. But in that case he must deal with the tax lien company rather than the tax collector’s office.

Pizarro was hired as a special projects manager in January at $75,000 a year.

AJ Perez Ganim victory
Danny Pizarro, third from left, with Ganim election night 2015.

Many City Hall insiders had wondered when, and if, Ganim would approve Pizarro’s return, particularly in light of Ganim’s “second chance” messaging.

Pizarro was a constant presence during Ganim’s mayoral campaign comeback in 2015, volunteering his time, driving Ganim to events and also serving as an informal campaign photographer.



  1. You asked for this, Bridgeport. Ganim very clearly has no ability to attract talented professionals to help this City. Instead, your tax dollars are paying fellas like this. Did you see the new hire for the Office of Planning and Economic Development!? How on earth is that retread possibly going to lead anything into the future, let alone this City? I don’t like doomsday proclamations and all that jazz, but I just feel like karma has caught up with our little corner of the world. Maybe I’m just getting old and impatient. Maybe the reality of having a child soon has opened my eyes. Whatever it is, I need to get my family out of here as soon as possible.

  2. Unreal. This administration has no effing regard for those who pay their salaries at all. Raise our taxes and slap us in the face by hiring a tax deadbeat back. Unfluckingreal.

  3. Ganim snookers the city unions out of ~$700K. So far, he spent ~$55K for this guy and $130K for Staley. He can hire 4 – 5 more people. Creating jobs already.

  4. “We gotta run the city,” Ganim said Thursday when asked about the timing.
    Campaign allies and former municipal staffers Tom Coble, who was fired, and Danny Pizarro, who was suspended, are back, both working in the public facilities department; newcomer Kimberly Staley will serve as a key mayoral adviser on social services; and Ganim’s communications chief Av Harris has a part-time assistant after losing a police and fire spokesman.
    Run the city into the ground?
    So how does a city employee making, was it $75k per year, come up with over $55 thousand to pay back taxes in less than a month?

    1. Jennifer, his parents were very affluent and he has a sizable trust fund. THE CITY JOB WILL NOT MAKE OR BREAK HIM AS NO JOB SHOULD DO TO ANYONE. Fair exchange, not sure what you do for a living but how have you been able to make your bills and travel expenses? The question is in VERY bad taste as also is your comment on Danny’s $$$.

      1. Thanks for the explanation, Hector. Most people did not know this, and over $55m in back taxes is a pretty big number for most people. With the history of JG1, bad taste and suspicion abounds.

      2. Hector,
        If his parents were very affluent and he has a sizable trust fund, why in hell didn’t he pay his tax bills when due?
        Lame excuse.
        Also why didn’t he pay previous tax bills instead of letting them get bought by the tax lien companies? Is he so affluent the 18% interest rate doesn’t bother him or is he simply planning on milking the properties and walking away when he is faced with foreclosure?

        1. Without naming names, check out our wealthiest business owners and you will see the majority if not all are behind on their taxes especially on business property.

        2. Bob. Just a guess, but the property was paid for but needed extensive repairs. Not worth fixing or selling. Collect the rents until the city takes it.

  5. *** In reality, you’ll always own taxes to the local, State or Federal governments. Let’s not start taking citizens’ jobs away so they end up owing more money in late fees, no? Work something out where everybody wins! ***

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