Pinocchio Press, Trump’s Phony Endorsement

Trump, Ganim June 1994
Trump and Ganim in Bridgeport in 1994.

We live in an era of alternative truth–the Pinocchio Press–including a phony news account Tuesday of Donald Trump endorsing Joe Ganim for governor. If Trump wants to kill a Democrat in a blue state all he has to do is endorse, right? Ganim will announce his run for governor on Wednesday.

From the Hartford Courant:

In an age of fake news, Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim has not been endorsed for governor by President Donald J. Trump.

A fictitious email was sent to multiple reporters Tuesday that said flatly–and falsely–that Ganim had been endorsed by Trump.

The email quoted Trump as saying, “I am proud to back my friend, Joseph S. Ganim, in his run for governor of Connecticut. He’s a great guy, and he’s better than the other guy [Malloy]. We’re going to work together to make Connecticut great again.”

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  1. Remember Joe Ganim’s early “alternate truth” or what is also called “fake truth” when he campaigned for Mayor in 2015? About property taxes he declared STOP RAISING TAXES, do you remember? And what did he do?

    And so that we understand the pragmatic (or cynical?) approach of Ganim2’s publicity handler, the article ends with Av Harris comment on the Trump fake news story: “When an email initially seems to make sense, Harris said, “For the average person, how are they going to know the difference?” How many average persons are going to listen to the story of his plea for a second chance in Bridgeport and here the comments coming from this City about two years worth of “second chance”? Is it any wonder that he is sticking with the big cities that are in the greatest fiscal problems, where the poorest and least educated folks in the State reside? What will they believe in his story of renewal and change?Time will tell.

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