Perez In Police Chief Competition With 10 Other Applicants

Perez swearing
Mayor Joe Ganim issues oath to AJ Perez in 2016 in acting chief capacity.

From Brian Lockhart, CT Post:

Acting Police Chief Armando “A.J.” Perez has to compete with 10 other applicants for his job–including two other unidentified members of Bridgeport’s finest.

Eleven potential top cops are in the running for the five-year contract, according to City Hall. The deadline to apply was last Friday. Sixteen people submitted resumes, but five did not meet the minimum criteria.

Rowena White, spokesperson for Mayor Joe Ganim–a close friend of Perez’s who promoted him to acting chief in March, 2016–said three of the candidates are from within the police department.

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  1. I knew AJ when he was a detective working out at the old JCC on Park Ave. He is a very nice man, but its time for new blood and someone not so connected to Ganim.

  2. There was a deadline for candidates for the Chief position to make their info known to the consultant. There has not been a deadline for Ganim to appoint the screening committee from the public at large. Not that he has not given it thought, but it is not time to make his choices known. And then that committee delivers their top three choices to the Mayor for his ultimate decision.

    Appointment of an acting chief was the 6 month opportunity for the consultant and trappings of a professional appointment to have been put in place, etc. But not in Bridgeport where better governance practices war with “creeping corruption” daily.

    Isn’t this public safety appointment another example of how the term “ONLY IN BRIDGEPORT” is earned daily, and why this Mayor will have to defend his administrative and management accomplishments and styles when out on the streets before November: how will he defend his neglecting the youth of school age, his failure to pursue perpetrators of illegal or incompetent activity from the previous regime when he continues to scream about a $20 MILLION inherited deficit, and a pledge to hire 100 officers, supposed to solve an overtime problem, but it did not. Lift the hood of police operations, expenses, and policy and take a good long look at what is necessary to rein in the fiscal craziness. Watch out for hitting your head on the way out. Answer??Time will tell.

  3. Randi Frank consultant testing company is NOT qualify to give any exam in Bridgeport for police and fire because this company has NO record with giving exams that have the type of demographic, diversity and their promotional and hiring rate for Blacks and Hispanics. You don’t have to believe me but just look for yourself, something that Joe Ganim didn’t do.

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  4. Perez does what he’s told,Mario wants/needs a chief like that.So you think any other chief would have let one of his guys run around with Mario picking up absentee ballots,or not criticize the Mayor etc??.Perez is a shoe in for the job,all the interviews and commitees are just going through the motions..

  5. Harvey, an absolute show in, an assurant by mandate of Mayor Ganim to David Dunn. I guarantee Perez will be the new chief, right David Dunn.(wink wink)

  6. *** Ganim will stick with what he knows & Perez will be picked as Bpt’s. Chief of Police. Weather its the State Capitol or another term as city Mayor; Ganim has nothing to lose by doing it his way. His way is to surround himself with his long time loyal subjects! Bottom line is Joe’s in a much better position, running again for Mayor than becoming Gov. *** TIME WILL TELL, NO JML ***


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