OIB Poll: The Search For Police Chief, AJ Perez Or Someone New?

The city is undergoing a search for police chief that can receive up to two, five-year terms, as specified by the City Charter. Should acting Chief AJ Perez be selected?

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  1. If memory serves me correctly, A.J. testified at Ganim’s trial that he knew or was suspicious that the wine he was asked to hold was kick back but he said he would do it again.
    Not the type of leadership you want for your police dept.

  2. Please, this is way over due but first Mayor Ganim must give the exam for the “Acting” Personnel Director position that has NOT been tested for 9n over 10 years, “Acting” is only for a temporary emergency position. Mayor Ganim needs to tell the voters and taxpayers what is his justification for NOT calling for a nationwide search for a new Personnel Director. As for AJ Perez, I’ve hear that he’s a nice guy but should acting Chief AJ Perez be selected as the new Police Chief depends on his placement on the list but Bridgeport needs more than someone being a nice guy.

  3. This is the second exam for the chief of police and not one exam for the Director of Civil Service. How can you expect to get a qualified police chief when the person running the process isn’t qualified to run said process. C’mon Mayor Ganim.

  4. Everybody stop picking on David Dunn.
    He just does whatever the mayor and Mario tell him.
    If Joe’s elected Governor he’ll go up to Hartford and continue to do what Joe and Mario tell him to do.
    My God, can you picture that. Talk about positions for sale.

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