Perez, Dunn Plead Guilty To Scheming Police Chief Test

Former Police Chief AJ Perez on Monday waived his right to a federal grand jury indictment and pleaded guilty to rigging the 2018 exam that led to his appointment as top cop.

Under the agreement negotiated between his lawyer and the U.S. Attorney’s Office Perez faces up to 24 months in prison, based on his plea to conspiring to commit wire fraud and making a false statement to agents, according to federal sentencing guidelines.

Perez, 64, is scheduled for sentencing January 4, 2021.

Former Personnel Director David Dunn, 73, also pleaded guilty to similar charges. His sentencing date is scheduled for January 11, 2021.

The government is also seeking restitution to the city of $149,405.

For background read the government’s 25-page criminal complaint.

More from Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

In a terse exchange, Perez admitted to the charges:

Judge Kari Dooley: “You received inside, confidential information about what the examination for police chief would be?”

Perez: “Yes, I did.”

Dooley: “And you enlisted others to prepare both the written and oral examination?”

Perez: “Yes, your honor.”

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  1. Scheduled to appear January 4.
    Merry Christmas!!
    There won’t be any jail time. But he will probably lose the majority of the cash that he received on his payout. If you consider he received approximately 350, take the tax on that away from the 350 and there’s is fine he may have to pay. A good chunk of it anyway. He also loses the right granted under a federal statute which allows retired police officers who retire ‘in good standing’ the right to carry a firearm nationwide. Again, I told him to take his retirement right after he was appointed “acting” chief.
    Well, as I end most of my comments here on OIB: CHEERS!!!

  2. There is nothing to explain how and why David Dunn got involved in helping Perez. Someone had to communicate to Dunn to help Perez or if Dunn did this on his own and question is why and who else has Dunn has given test answers to? They both won’t do jail time but Dunn has done more damage to the City than Perez so Dunn should not get his pension.

    1. Neither one of them should get their pensions. But I believe that AJ gets his from before he was chief. Different than under the collectIive bargaining agreement for “non managerial” positions.

    1. Troll, that could be but if AJ had something substantial to offer the feds his guilty plea would have come much later. This is a quick turn around from arrest to plea. Plus, AJ fibbed to the feds so they’d spend a lot more time calculating his veracity before taking him on as a cooperating witness. We’ll see.

  3. Oh and another story about the UB merger makes the news. Seems as if SHU has gotten cold feet and back out of the merger.
    It has nothing to do with the Common Council demanding answers. And expressing their collective outrage. It seems as if UB was not telling the whole truth about their finances.
    Oh well. Another Bridgeport scam disclosed.

  4. AJ Perez was the “Acting” Police Chief, he was never made the “Provisional” Police Chief which means that if Perez did retire (which I don’t believe that he did) he would get his retirement pay as a Captain because that was his true rank, now if he was a “Provisional” Police Chief he would have the same right as if he had pass the Police exam. Brain Rooney was made the “Acting” Fie Chief when the fire chief retired, then Rooney was made a “Provisional” Fie Chief instead of David Dunn holding a nationwide fire chief by the City Charter. Rooney retire as the “Provisional” Fie Chief thereby receiving the full pension of the “Provisional” Fie Chief, then Rooney passed the “Provisional” Fie Chief exam and placed in the top three and he was selected as the new Fie Chief. Brain Rooney got his pension as the Fie Chief and then his full pay as the Fie Chief making over $250,000 a year for ten years.


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