Pereira Urges Court To Barr Tony From ‘Coming Within 100 Feet Of Me’

Pereira Harding
School board member Maria Pereira gives thumbs up at ceremony for new Harding High School last summer. She filed a complaint against Democratic Town Committee member Tony Barr.

Passions run high in city politics. In the case of Upper East Side adversaries Maria Pereira and Tony Barr it has led to a request for a protective order.

Pereira, school board member and former Democratic leader in the 138th District, has filed a court complaint against Barr who was part of a town committee slate that won all nine seats against Pereira’s coalition in March.

A hearing is scheduled next week on Pereira’s complaint which declares, in part, “I am requesting he be prohibited from coming within 100 feet of me and my residence and the court direct him to stop posting comments/videos about me on any social media platform.”

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post:

“I am concerned for my safety and well-being for several reasons,” Pereira states in her application. “Mr. Barr is delusional and completely disconnected from reality which may point to mental health issues.”

“She’s the person who needs to get help,” Barr told Hearst Connecticut Media. “I don’t know why she feels she has to do this. I’m a good guy, a real gentleman.”

Both Pereira and Barr have pending, unrelated criminal charges in the Golden Hill Street courthouse.

Barr is accused of fighting with police officers and inciting a riot after getting a parking ticket. Pereira is accused of interfering with police and breach of peace during an incident at Success Village.

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  1. I disapprove of Maria Pereira using the court system as a private police force. A restraining order would prompt the BPD to backstop her demands . I encourage the judge to deny her request.

      1. Kid, I don’t know Mr. Barr other than a quick introduction, but I agree with you, and Local Eyes should be ashamed of himself. He has no idea or personal information regarding what Maria is up against, and if it takes the Court to protect her, then so be it. I was present at a meeting last Friday; Maria was there in an official capacity. As she was reading a lengthy report for those in attendance to hear, Mr. Barr was sitting directly in front of me and became very agitated because I guess he felt it was taking too long for Maria to finish. He became loud, vocal, and was using hand gestures towards her. I gently tapped his back and asked him to please be “nice.” Yes, I used that hokey word. He did calm down for that minute. Since I left the meeting shortly after that, I don’t know how long “nice” continued. My point is that just from what I witnessed, Maria is dealing with an explosive personality, and I hope the Court awards her protection. Anyone, man or woman, should never underestimate what could occur in a situation with any individual displaying anger by ranting and raving towards anyone. So, I respectfully ask that critics refrain from judgment, I was there and can attest to witnessing what could have resulted in harm to Maria had this not occurred in a public venue.

        1. As soon as Lennie Grimaldi makes this issue the topic of his latest post, it becomes a reason to write. After all, we pontificate here, right? I discredit those who diss me for simply having an opinion. As long as my posts are profanity-free and above-the-belt, they’re within the framework of acceptable blogging practices.
          In a related matter, when considering a restraining order, a judge is favorable toward extremes. In this case, the judge will find similarities.

  2. C’mon Maria, while I don’t know Tony Barr that well I do know he has no interest in Maria. This is a joke and the judge should throw her ass out of court and admonish her about filing frivolous lawsuits. Had she not lost to Tony and his town committee slate this would not be a issue and is the rant of a defeated mind.

        1. To Mr. Ernest Newton and Mr. Ron Mackey. Whenever I was around with Maria Pereira, I never felt any danger. In fact,it was Maria who advised me to “cool down and take it easy.” Whenever I was in a room with Tony Barr,I gravitated AWAY from him. I’m not going to get sucked down into defining “thuggish.” I probably should never use that word. It’s like calling Mario Testa ..”a Mafioso-type political operative.” And,”BOTH OF YOU,NEWTON AND MACKEY,KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN BY THUGGISH BEHAVIOR. GIVE ME A BREAK. THE THREE OF US WERE NOT BORN YESSTERDAY.” Tony Barr always uses physical intimidation. I admit. Sometimes I use physical intimidation. Politics is a body sport. Soooo,maybe I am a thug too.

          1. Frank, you wrote, “”BOTH OF YOU,NEWTON AND MACKEY,KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN BY THUGGISH BEHAVIOR. GIVE ME A BREAK. THE THREE OF US WERE NOT BORN YESSTERDAY.” Frank I know what you mean that’s why I asked. Frank I don’t know Tony Barr but I know that he has been to jail and serve his time and the voters in his district voted for him to serve on the DTC. I think this is more a culture difference, I’m a vet and retired from the fire department here and I’ve been involve in some loud serious conversations but it never got to the point of fighting or to bring charges against anyone including Andy Fardy. Frank, that’s a white thing, calling a black man a thug, well I think the current occupant who lives in public housing, the White House, is a thug.

          1. “Thuggish behavior” is not dog whistlese for “African-American male.” You read something into Frank’s post that wasn’t there. Mr. Barr’s lack of social grace is well known to everyone. As there are no caves in Bridgeport there ain’t no excuse for ignorance, obtrusion or disingenuousness.

          2. To Ernest Newton Brother Mackey.. I always feel being in a danger zone with Tony Barr. That’s my honest feeling. Take it or leave it.

  3. Tony Barr is person who has problems. Couple of weeks ago there was an article here on OIB that showed he has no care and no respect for parking laws and those who are here to enforce those laws. I don’t know anything about what is going on between Tony Barr and Maria Pereira. However,Tony Barr’s presence on the BPT Democratic Town Council shows how low that organization has become with Testa as DTC chairman. Embarrassing.

  4. How could any person, with a fully-formed, fully-functional brain, take issue with the presentation to an official state court, presided over by a duly-appointed judge, of a request for consideration of a matter of perceived personal safety by a person exposed, in a public, political context, to the vicissitudes of a society increasingly definable by a potential for random mayhem/violence by persons both known and unknown to law enforcement, when the applicant for such consideration is addressing interactions with a person known for a history of extreme violence and threatening behavior that has been publicly, and on social media, been directing ire and unwanted attention at this person?! Thank goodness that we have a court system with a policy of screening out mindless background chatter from its decision-making process!…

  5. Frank, if you go back in time you will see that both have thuggish tendencies, displays and attitudes. Save the courts for real issues because I think it’s being used to make a point, not to achieve justice. Don’t take my prior comment as support for Tony in any shape, form or fashion, it’s just that both tend to swim in the deep end of the pool.

  6. Maria should have no difficulty getting a civil protective order given her concern for her safety and Barr’s felony background and recent incident displaying his violent behavior.

    1. I disagree. They cancel. Despite Barr’s background, the judge will find it impossible to grant a request from someone so recently in police custody. Hot heads get a cool reception in the judge’s view.

    I can’t believe what i am reading. Maria is no saint she has used this BLOG to talk about everyone. She has talk about Mr. Barr like a dog. Just remember Maria is NO SAINT! She”s a Legend in her on MIND. Maria if you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  8. I think I said the same thing Ernie, just not so descriptive. It’s like a bully who gets his ass kicked by a bigger bully now the other bully wants to start an anti- bullying campaign.

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