Pelto On The Ropes For November Ballot Qualification

Petitioning candidate for governor Jonathan Pelto writes “it appears increasingly likely that we will fall short of the 7,500 ‘valid’ signatures to get on the ballot.” State election officials are reviewing the signature petitions of Pelto, a critic of Democratic Governor Dan Malloy’s education policies. Pelto’s presence on the ballot could siphon votes from Malloy in an appeal for education votes. From Pelto’s blog:

The Secretary of the State’s office continues to count the Pelto/Murphy petitions as they are sent in by local town clerks. While the process won’t be concluded until the middle of next week, it appears increasingly likely that we will fall short of the 7,500 “valid” signatures to get on the ballot. Although we’ve identified a significant number of signatures that were inappropriately or illegally rejected, the traceable problems do not appear, at this time, to be enough to put us over the top–even if we were able to go to court and ask a judge to overrule the actions taken by certain local officials. When we know the final status of the petition count we will, of course, inform readers immediately. Regardless, we want to thank all of you who have been so supportive of this quest — more to come.

Malloy is being challenged by Republican nominee Tom Foley and petitioning candidate Joseph Visconti, a Tea Party favorite and gun rights activist, who will likely poach votes from Foley in what is shaping up as a close general election. Pelto spent time collecting petition signatures in Bridgeport, a labor-intensive process. He has written often about city education issues in his criticism of Malloy education policies.



    1. Oh no, say it isn’t so. OMG. Dan Malloy should ask for his vote and move on. One less bell to answer. One less egg to fry. Golly gee whiz, maybe now his supporters can jump on the Foley wagon … Not!

  1. I liked Pelto as a state rep and appreciate what he has done on his blog in support of changes to the Bridgeport school system. When asked to sign his petition I declined. His effort always sounded and seemed personal and vindictive without any real chance of succeeding but only helping Foley get elected.

      1. How many good signatures did Pelto get in Bridgeport?

        Kind of ironic you will be supporting the fat cats you despise.

        How much will Ton Foolery’s PACs be paying you?

        1. Grin Ripper, the answer is 0. You can review any campaign filing of your choice. I have never been paid $1 for the advocacy and campaign work I do. I spend hundreds of hours knocking on doors, making phone calls, standing in front of schools on election day, etc. for free.

      1. Bob Walsh, it is with you I agree 100 percent.

        Maria P., it seems your reason is also vindictive against Malloy at any cost even if Bridgeport suffers. That is a mistake. I suppose Foley’s soon-to-be-announced endorsement by the NRA should help solidify your support against Malloy. Very disappointing. It seems you spend more time undermining campaigns than supporting them.

        1. Steve, please list three substantive things Malloy has done for Bridgeport. Malloy colluded with your dear friend Mayor Finch to illegally take over our schools. Malloy would have never done this in Fairfield, Stratford or Trumbull. Malloy and Finch have NO respect for the residents, parents and taxpayers of Bridgeport. We were smart enough to vote for Obama, Malloy and Finch, but too dumb to vote for our school board members. He passed the largest tax increase in CT’s history, the vast majority of that increase is funded by the middle class. Do you know how much extra those making over a million had to pay in increased taxes? The answer is not one penny. Even with this tax increase, CT is still facing a $2.4 billion dollar deficit over the next two years. Although Bridgeport Public Schools is the most underfunded school district in CT, he has increased per-pupil spending by $300 per child, however his precious charter schools have increased their per-pupil expenditure by $2,000 per child. You are worried about Foley’s stance on guns, yet Malloy, with Finch’s support, has just allocated $22 million in taxpayer funds to Bass Pro that will be in the highest crime-ridden neighborhoods in Bridgeport and they will sell guns in those very neighborhoods. Malloy has given over $500 million dollars of taxpayer funds to some of the wealthiest and profitable corporations in CT. In fact, he gave Bridgewater in Westport $115 million to relocate from Westport to Stamford. This is the largest hedge fund in the world and its founder earns over one billion dollars annually. Then after $16 million was spent on remediating the privately owned property in Stamford, Bridgewater withdrew leaving taxpayers on the hook for $16 million. I do not make my decisions in a vacuum. If I am making a mistake, it is my mistake to make. I consider myself a well-informed voter, the most frightening kind of voter for a dishonest, disreputable, disgusting elected official like Dannel “Dan” Malloy.

          1. Maria, I can not even begin. You are so hell bent against Malloy and I respect your position. Your post is well researched and it is clear you are a great debater. I just do not understand your stance on running against someone. Do you really believe Foley can or will help Bridgeport? Are you willing to cut off your nose to spite your face? I believe Bridgeport has received megabucks during Malloy’s term. I understand you are focused on the Board of Ed. I am sorry if your choice for Governor was not able to get on the ballot. I would have to hear amazing stuff from Foley to even consider him. I have to realize I live in the largest and poorest city in the state. I have to vote for the individual who will be most beneficial to the City and my neighbors as well as myself. I voted for Jodi Rell and I could vote Republican but most likely I will not. I am certain you will vote intelligently because you are obviously well informed. Make your vote count. Personally, I am not following this race too closely. I was hoping McKinney and Walker were the opposition.

          2. Steve, thank you for your reply, however you have still not listed three substantive things Malloy has done for Bridgeport. What are all these wonderful things Malloy has done for us? Malloy passed the largest tax increase in CT on the backs of the middle class, he has plenty of money for charter schools that serve few, but he has so little money for true public schools that serve the masses, he worked with Mayor Finch to disenfranchise every registered voter in Bridgeport, he has millions for wealthy for-profit companies, but so little for the poor and middle class, etc. When Malloy was asked by the press as to why he was not increasing taxes on millionaires, he replied by stating “I do not want to punish success.” What that statement tells me is our Democratic Governor defines success by whether you have more or less than a million dollars in your bank account. Every CT resident who is not wealthy is not successful in Malloy’s eyes. I for one will not judge someone’s success based on their bank account. After all, Bernie Madoff had well over a million dollars in assets. There are many wonderful people in Bridgeport and CT who volunteer, donate to charities, go to school or work every day and do everything in their power to provide for their children and families, however Governor Malloy doesn’t consider them successful because they don’t have a seven-figure bank account. If it quacks, walks and talks like a Republican, it is probably a Republican. Malloy is not a true Democrat, he is a Republican in sheep’s clothing. I am a realist, Steve. Malloy will win Bridgeport, however I honestly do believe it will not be by 14,000 votes. That is just simply my personal opinion.

          1. I’ve gone to both Dan Malloy’s site and Tom Foley’s to compare their stance on the issues. Unless I missed something, I see notes on the economy and nothing else. Is there another Foley site that has his agenda? Thanks.

          2. Steve, I clicked the link you posted to his website, however it does not answer my question. Please list three substantive things Malloy has done for Bridgeport. You are a supporter of Malloy, therefore one would hope this is an easy request for you to fulfill.

          3. Maria, I am voting for Malloy. His support for major development projects in Bridgeport are not important to you. I am not working on his campaign, I am not trying to convince you to vote for him. I would advise you to contact his campaign headquarters for these answers and then I’d compare to Foley. Malloy already has my vote. I am not expending any energy to defend his platform. I know what to expect from Foley. I am not anti-Malloy. To be honest, the only people I know voting for Foley are staunch gun-carrying conservative Republicans.

          4. Steve, I never said Malloy’s support of “major development projects” is not an important issue. Of course making sound investments in Bridgeport’s future is important. Bass Pro is not a “major development project.” The company is being sued for discriminatory hiring practices and is a major retailer for selling guns. I worked in retail for over 20 years and the vast majority of these jobs will be minimum-wage jobs. The one good thing about the retail industry is they often promote from within and most retailers do not require a college degree to be in management.

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