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 Wednesday June 20, 2018

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Paul Ganim Responds To Eviction

June 1st, 2011 · 20 Comments · News and Events

OIB reported on Tuesday a landlord eviction action brought against Bridgeport Probate Judge Paul Ganim for lack of rent payment. Ganim statement:

Statement from Paul Ganim regarding 271 Grovers Avenue:

This will confirm that there is an eviction proceeding with respect to my residence at 271 Grovers Avenue. The landlord is under foreclosure by the bank due to her own financial difficulties and all rent through the month of May has been paid in full. During the month of May, an agreement with the landlord was reached. Due to her financial circumstances she was unable to repair a failed hot water heater and I undertook, by agreement, the replacement of that hot water heater.

The amount due for the month of May after deducting the agreed upon repair is estimated to be $250.00. That balance will be paid upon receipt of the final bill from the plumber for replacement of the hot water heater. The eviction will proceed solely on the issue of lapse of time, as the landlord is unwilling and unable because of her foreclosure and her financial difficulties to renew any lease agreement. The only issue was the date upon which I would be vacating the property. I actively am seeking to move at the end of the school year.



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  • yahooy

    Inconsistent with statements made by the landlord in her court filing seeking eviction of Fredo.

    • Antitesto

      Do you think Fredo’s actions will hurt Sonny’s odds of entering the race?

      • Jimfox

        Not Sonny but Michael Corliganim.

        • Jimfox

          Judge Paul Gamin “The beater of Wife.”

          Now this bag of shit wants to beat on some lady who rents to him.
          And he claims she’s under foreclosure.
          Maybe because Ganim stopped paying the rent.
          This bag of pus is Bridgeport Judge of Probate, how sad is that?
          Hey Paul, let me know if you’d like to beat on me, you punk.

        • yahooy

          Michael was an honorable man with principles. Not so Joey or Paulie. These two should hang their heads in shame for what they have personally done to disparage the good family name the old man worked so hard to establish. I’m ashamed of the people in this town who would support any notion of Joe Ganim running for office.

      • yahooy

        Sonny’s own actions will affect his odds of entering the race for mayor. I really don’t think the family business can survive the antics of Sonny and Fredo. Papa will intervene.

      • The Bridgeport Kid

        I think Michael will kill Sollozzo and McClusky and everything will be copacetic.

  • Grin Reaper

    Once again the Ganim family and the Ganim Law Firm create a new meaning for the term “ethical behavior.” As in, if I say it is ethical then it must be. Who better to decide than a judge?

    • Ronin

      How the fuck do we rid Black Rock of this piece of shit? He is lowering our quality of life here. The little wife beater should move back to Easton with mommy and daddy and grow the fuck up.


    This morning there is a RATPACK storage container on the lawn at Harborview and Grovers Avenue. Somebody coming or going? Rats packing?

    Interesting how foreclosure actions can pop up anywhere, isn’t it? Interesting how it seems easier to talk about other people’s problems than just attend to your own? And when the story hits the Post the answer comes to OIB? What’s the attraction, OIB?

    Is talking to OIB like confession for certain people? “When you call Ganim, you get … ?”

  • Jimfox

    Glerkler v. Judge Paul Ganim

    Plaintiff’s Atty./Rob Russo: Your Honor this is a case of nonpayment of rent.
    Judge: How much is the past rent for?

    Plaintiff’s Atty./ Rob Russo: Mr. Ganim moved in and never pay a dime! $12,500 in rent, plus costs, sir.

    Defendant Ganim: Judge, every month I put all my bills in a hat. Then I put the hat over my head, and shake all my bills up, so I can’t see which bill I’m going to pick to pay that month.

    Plaintiff Atty./ Rob Russo: Judge, that’s not fair to my client!

    Judge: Mr. Ganim, did you put the plaintiff’s rent in your hat every month?
    Defendant Ganim: Yes I did your Honor, every month.

    Plaintiff’s Atty./Rob Russo: Judge, that’s no way to pay someone’s bills! My client may never get paid!

    Defendant Ganim: Your Honor, she’s just having a bad run of luck, sir.
    Judge: It happens. Judgment for the defendant.

    Defendant Ganim: Judge I also have a countersuit for $15k.
    Judge: Granted! Next case!

    Ganim whispers to Russo, “Tell your client she’s out of the hat this month.

  • The Bridgeport Kid

    Ain’t that just like a lawyer, covering his ass.

    My late father was an attorney, went to law school on the GI Bill. He was nominated for a judgeship in the state of Iowa, God bless him. He was appalled at PI attorneys advertising for business on billboards, public transit, television, etc. He likened it to chasing ambulances.

  • Grin Ripper

    Probe, Ate, Judge!

  • yahooy

    If what Fredo says is the absolute truth, shouldn’t the eviction proceeding be stopped? He claims the only amount in contention is the May rent which isn’t even that late to warrant the Summary Process. Plaintiff says Fredo stopped paying in March. I wonder if an “answer” to a Summons and Complaint is considered a sworn document. If so, the firm of Ganim, Ganim, Ganim* and Ganim* might have just hired a new law clerk.

  • yahooy

    Our esteemed Judge of Probate is accused of assaulting his wife and then is the object of an eviction proceeding. Does anyone think Bridgeport will ever get it right?

    • Jimfox

      Are all judges unaccountable? Come on, this is America, where the judiciary is almost totally exempt from licit examination or accountability. This bag of pus should be removed!

  • Vigilante

    These shenanigans make the Three Stooges look positively brilliant with their law firm of Dewey, Cheatem, & Howe …

  • Celia Cruz

    Hey PAULIE, maybe the Ganim family should buy 999 Broad Street, that way you and Joe can be roommates and live in downtown …

  • Jennifer Buchanan

    According to public records, the property is not foreclosed on nor is it under foreclosure process–so I question the judge and his statement. As long as the owner is not foreclosed on, they are allowed to rent the property and renew leases. Again, I question the validity of the statement made by the judge. As for the kind of tenant he is, leaving a storage pod on the lawn for more than a week, which will kill the grass, rather than on the paved driveway which will cause no property damage–that action speaks volumes. The house is listed for sale, however I have heard from realtors that the current tenant, the judge, will not allow the house to be shown to prospective buyers. I am not a big fan of the name-calling so popular on these sites–let us judge the actions and facts, which in this case speak in favor of the homeowner.

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