Debating A School Closure

Closing a school is rarely easy. Dunbar School in the East End is on the chopping block as Superintendent of Schools John Ramos must cut expenses as he deals with yet another flatline budget. A couple of Board of Education members have suggested Black Rock School should close before Dunbar. Can you imagine if that were a possibility? Pro-education types in Black Rock would chase down city education officials with hatchets.

From Linda Conner Lambeck, CT Post:

The plan to close Dunbar School moved beyond closed-door conversations and into the school’s auditorium Tuesday evening when nearly 100 community leaders, parents and teachers debated the issue before a sometimes emotional Schools Superintendent John Ramos.

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  1. The origins of busing is my issue. We created an industry that added massive costs to the City of BPT. Originally children walked up to the corner to catch their buses. Now the buses drive up to their doors & wait until the child elects to come out and ride. Consider the fuel & time expense involved here. Minimize the expense and let the kids walk 1/2 a block to catch the bus. You will immediately see a massive cost reduction.


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