Pastor Gee Defends His Aunt Rev. Lee

On the steps of a church. From Gee’s Facebook page

In the final days of a primary campaign for mayor, a statement and a defense. City minister Fred Gee Jr. who’s also a city employee, posted on his Facebook page “Sundays are sacred and should never be used to promote a negative agenda for differences concerning politics. Senator Marilyn Moore‘s family came to my families church this morning where I pastor wearing t-shirts with the hashtag #BlackEnough.”

Gee’s declaration follows a story in the Connecticut Post in which his aunt City Councilwoman Mary McBride-Lee, also a city minister, shares her preference for Joe Ganim over Marilyn Moore including questioning the mayoral candidate’s fidelity to the black community. Both McBride-Lee and Moore are African American.

From Gee:

Sundays are sacred and should never be used to promote a negative agenda for differences concerning politics. Senator Marilyn Moore‘s family came to my families church this morning where I pastor wearing t-shirts with the hashtag #BlackEnough. Senator Moore’s family and supporters have every right to be angry and offended by what was printed in the Connecticut Post on September 4th, 2019.

Coming to a house of worship with the intention to disrupt a Worship Service is just as distasteful as the words printed in the Connecticut Post. Ms. Moore we are sincerely sorry for the words that were printed that caused you much pain and discomfort. However the church that I am graced to Pastor has nothing to do with this unfortunate circumstance. Members of your family asked a member of The Impact Church – Bridgeport, CT (not Rev. Lee’s service) to take their picture while they posed on the steps of a House of Worship. He had no idea what was going on, all I ask is that whatever course of action you take please do not involve a House of Worship or the membership of that House of Worship.

Reverend Mary Mcbride-Lee is my Aunt and I love her dearly. And WE as your family stand with you not as a politician but as an amazing Sister, Aunt and servant of CHRIST. At this point it doesn’t matter what Reverend Lee says about the quote, she has already been found guilty in courts of public opinion. It is my sincere prayer that WE as a community can heal from this and continue to move our city forward.



  1. smh! He can defend all he wants for a pastor to say not black enough is a horrible thing to say and a lot of black people in the city are not happy and a lot of non black primary voters are now going to vote!!!! I have no respect period for a so called pastor to say that!!!! I would never in a million years attend that church! And after reading pastor bennett article i can tell you this I would attend his church!!! Im not a christian but if all pastors were like him I would have a different of opinion about church.

      1. RT,
        Why is this important to you? Searching for a place to worship? It does not seem so…and your point is?? And I still do not have that call from you to meet, listen and learn, from each other, perhaps? Time will tell.

        1. My point was, I wanted to learn if McBride’s comment about Moore was really about Moore “not being black enough” I can’t fathom it was about Moore’s skin color or your assessment the form of racism, John.

          “Whether advanced on moral, biological, developmental or any other grounds, creating a hierarchy based on the color of a person’s skin may serve a public or social aim by some, but it is an obscene betrayal of “the equality of all persons and fairness to them under our rule of law” or so it seems to me”

          ” A race-based constructs” of the hierarchy of different peoples found in different geographic locations on the globe, served a spiritual purpose, a serious economic purpose (with slavery consigning a value to human beings) for the advantage of traders, growers, or conquerors from a neighboring tribe.”

          Perhaps we can learn from each other, but what will we learn, and just a reminder learning has not come easy for me?

          1. Do not take my word for it. As a student get a copy of Ibram Kendi’s latest publication, HOW TO BE AN ANTIRACIST and read it. I am on Chapter 10 WHITE RACISM. Later. Time will tell.

  2. The only loser here are the people.

    How come no one asks our mayor Joe Ganim, to chime in on this topi?. Considering he is the only beneficiary of the chaos. As a civic leader where all the dark clouds swarm around him, why are we not asking of him to denounce what was said, to unify the people. Like a John MacCain Moment when he defended Obama as a Christian.

    That’s what I am most pissed about here. I respect Fred. Gee. Senator Moore has taken the high road. The media is calling the NAACP and any “Black leader” it can find for it’s opinion.

    Rev. Lee’s comment would lead us to believe that Joe is “Black Enough” and the only candidate concerned with the inner city needs. So why are we not holding our Mayor to a standard and ask him to clarify??? A true leader of the city would never need to be contacted. They would make a statement that unifies and removes the tension. Instead we are a divided people as intended. He put us in the battle arena and sits asking “Are We Not Entertained”???

    That’s what I feel about our Mayor.

    1. Absolutely. Whether people want to talk about or not Colorism is very real in all cultures. For the most part most Latino communities have a least 1/3 Afro Roots so yeah, not only do we understand, it’s sensitive to us as Black and Brown people. It’s sensitive for all people, white friends and residents are eager to understand but have to tip tow because it’s a touch subject..

      As someone who grew up in Puerto Rican household with strong Afro/Taino roots , I know exactly what Rev. Lee meant. She is also not to first person of color to think that and will not be the last. I think it’s sad, because it’s shallow and lazy to find out about someone. Out campaigning, jokes are like, “We’ll claim here, She’s Latina enough” I jokingly reply, no need she simply enough to be mayor. Someone else told us, I never know what you looked like, from the comment’s i was expecting someone very “light skinned”. We can laugh it off on the campaign trail but it’s sad we’re discussing it.

      But year, add this to the long list of things that could back fire for that campaign come Tuesday. On the flip side, I can see a lot of people not voting to not be part of the circus. I call it like I see it.

      Tuesday’s Primaries is like getting a 50% chance of rain forecast.

      One last thing, this whole thing was started by a picture of Joe posing with 10 Female Pastors. NO ONE QUESTIONED JOE ON HIS INTENT OF THE PHOTOGRAPH. WHAT WAS THE PURPOSE OF AN ENDORSEMENT OF 10 FEMALE PASTORS? Joe is a ring master and we took the bait.

          1. I think his mom is Italian, and thanks for clarifying colorism, I can’t understand that one either. There are many things that can be broken down into one’s dislike of another. That’s my part of my point, McBride and Moore are the same hues. So McBride’s comment to Moore about not being black enough had nothing to do with hue, more tip-toeing.

  3. Rev. Gee, if Rev. Lee’s comment was written the wrong way and it didn’t express Rev. Lee’s true feelings then Rev. Lee should have contacted the Conn. Post and ask for a retraction and given them whatever she thought was right but Rev. Lee decided not to correct what was printed. Rev. Gee did those tee shirts disrupt anything? Rev. Lee made the choice NOT say anything about her statement about Senator Moore in not being black enough, Rev. Gee again your cousin made that choice and she’s not seeking to redeemed her statement, the blame is not a tee shirt.

  4. Ironically at around the same time Pastor Gee’s post came up on Facebook I also saw a post by team Ganim. The post features Joe Ganim at the microphone at an east end church and pictures of many of his slate mates with the tag line “vote line a”. I questioned Pastor Gee on FB if this was more disruptive (since team Ganim’s political actions appear to jeopardize the church’s tax exempt status as a charity) than mere t-shirts and posted pictures to reference. My comments were deleted and I was blocked.

    I know ask on OIB and hope I don’t get blocked. Pastor Gee or any other pastor may answer.
    How is a t-shirt more disruptive than a pastor inviting one candidate to speak and allow him and his slatemates pose in the church and speak to the congregation giving the appearance of a religious endorsement?

    This double standard and mockery of our city must stop. Vote Line B!

    1. What is it about Ganim, who moves to one or more East End churches where his words get delivered to a “forgiving community”. perhaps??
      Joe, why not try a press conference on the steps of City Hall, whichever City Hall you wish, to comment on the various forms of racist rhetoric in the City? Do you understand the subject well? What is antiracist about your leadership, and public relations? Will this blow over as many things do? Or will it come back, through the voters this year to inform you that a firm ownership of your public crimes is a necessary start in admitting your errors that ended your first term. (Not a weak” sorry”.You see we are all of us sorry, at least those with empathy. However, more is needed to heal our Bridgeport.)
      After “owning up” the next step is to let those whom you offended know of your apology. (You disrespect the entire community when you go to one church and ignore the remainder of the people. Got that?)
      And then you ask forgiveness because all will be able to hear your owning up, your full words to them, and your request for forgiveness, that time in prison does not by itself bestow. A third chance?? Time will tell.

  5. Joseph, please allow me, don’t worry chance are you are never going back to his Facebook page again. How many times have you been there before you, “church’s tax-exempt status” post? I now believe that is has nothing to do with skin tone, specifically black, but about religion. Blacks are not the beholders of God nor any other color. I have no problem with religions people endorsing a candidate like the pastors in the picture with Joe. Is it any different than any other endorsement, say like the carpenter union?

    P.S, Joseph, I would not worry too much about getting block from a Facebook page or the church’s tax status, but the flip side. like Joe being bald and mending fences, life goes by pretty fast.
    Rev. Bennett. said, “May the works I’ve done speak for me” you got it. And for my judgment with no exemption, for you Joseph. Back to school BAM!

  6. People, do you realize what Joe Ganim has done here?
    One day before the primary he has taken control of the election by having people now arguing how black is Marilyn Moore.
    He is sitting back laughing at you as you argue this point and are not talking about how much disdain he shows to Bridgeport Public Schools and the lack of education our children are receiving.

  7. Ganim has people talking about how black is Marilyn Moore and not about the lack of leadership in the B.P.D. The fact he “hired” an outside expert and conveniently has not paid him so there is no report on how poorly the B.P.D. Is managed.
    And people are talking about how black is Marilyn Moore and not talking about abusive behavior by the police in Bridgeport against Blacks and Browns.

    1. Bob, I’m hearing something totally different, people are pissed off at Rev. Lee’s comment about Senator Moore “not black enough,” because they have heard those same words most of their life from their elders and they are pissed that a black female pastor is using those words to support a white man for mayor, Joe Ganim, and they feel the need to strike back by voting in the primary for Marilyn Moore.

      1. Ron, you are right 100% this has made a lot of blacks in the city strike back and go vote tomorrow. My social media full of young african americans who don’t vote in primaries have posted the not black enough article like crazy and a lot saying they are going to vote.

  8. Ganim has people talking about how black is Marilyn Moore and not talking about the lack of jobs for Bridgeport residents. Let alone the lack of good paying jobs with benefits and a future.

  9. Excuse me people but the last time I checked Joe Ganim is a lily white suburbanite from Easton who attended private schools.
    Just how white is Joe Ganim and does he understand or care about the real problem Black and Brown people face or does he only care about playing you again???

  10. Bob Walsh, you said, “Just how white is Joe Ganim and does he understand or care about the real problem Black and Brown people face or does he only care about playing you again???” Bob, Don Day and myself have been preaching that statement for over three years way before Ganim decided to desert the voters of Bridgeport by running for governor and traveling all over the state and letting Hamilton Burger and the City Attorney Office to run the city. Rev. Mary Lee is surrogate for Mayor Ganim and when Rev. Lee speaks on issues she is speaking for Joe Ganim. Rev. Lee’s comment about Senator Moore “not black enough,” was in support of Joe Ganim and Joe Ganim approved Rev. Lee’s comment that Senator Moore was “not black enough.” Rev. Mary Lee and Mayor Joe Ganim both own that statement, Mayor Ganim has not and will not come out and “repudiate” Rev. Lee’s statement because Ganim thinks that he has “pass” to insult a woman.

  11. donj if Ganim loses it because the people of Bridgeport have finally woken up!

    I would love to hear why Mary Lee would believe Joe Ganim IS black enough for her to support.

    Last time I checked, Joey G has done nothing to improve the quality of life in any way shape or form for the black community. In fact, it is blatantly obvious he turns his back on the black community. Underfunding schools, sweeping the entire Jason Negron investigation under the table, allowing the racial abuses with in the police department to continue, the whole O& G environmental issue, nothing new has come to black neighborhoods for black children and no new jobs in predominantly black neighborhoods. Hell, do we even know if joe puts his head on a pillow in Bridgeport at night??

    Not only is Joey G white, he is too white to understand or care about the diverse needs of a multicultural community. Joey G even snubs his nose at the White people of Bridgeport. Black Rock has never been so left behind and over taxed. Joey G is too white for Bridgeport period.

    Now, I will say something nice about G2. Noone, I repeat no one, can ever take credit and cut a ribbon on a completed Bill Finch project like Joey G!! I think I am going to call him, Joey scissorhands!!

  12. What’s happening here is Little Joe Ganim trying to con the black community, again. Four years ago he stood before Reverend Charlie’s congregation to perform his take on the Jimmy Swaggert shtick (“I broke the law”). Folks saw through that so he had to try another angle. Now Reverend Lee is playing Judas for him.

    What makes this honky dwarf “more black”?


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