Pastor Accused Of Pocketing Power

William Marshall.
William Marshall. CT Post photo Christian Abraham.

From Dan Tepfer, CT Post

Bishop William Marshall, pastor of City of Life Worship and Deliverance Center and a member of the city’s fire commission, was arrested Wednesday morning and accused of stealing more than $8,000 in electricity from the United Illuminating Co.

He was picked up at his home on Sixth Street and charged with third-degree larceny.

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  1. Although I am part of the widespread Marshall family, I want to state initially Bishop Marshall and I are not closely related. More to the point, if I am reading this story correctly it is not as a man of the cloth that the UI has brought the charges, but it is because of a commercial service, Marshall Artz Barber (and Tattoo). The business was using UI electric service but somehow not getting any bills it seems. And the UI is not a charity.

    So the conflict and story is not about a journey of faith, but rather a morality story. In life we learn about good works accomplished but most lives will experience bad choices in some manner or form as well. And the thing about bad choices is they are hanging out there ready to be hung back on us. That is a terrible weight and burden.

    Restitution will be sought. Penalties may be assessed. Are there public lessons? And how do we respond as a “second-chance community?” And if “second chances” are abused when verification of current behavior is not practiced or becomes confused, what then? Time will tell.

  2. Genesis, New International Version (NIV)
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    3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. 4 God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 5 God called the light “day,” and the darkness he called “night.” And there was evening, and there was morning–the first day.

  3. I am so disgusted with those who claim to be black religious leaders in Bridgeport.

    You have McCluster who was convicted of embezzling over $70,000 in federal funds, was required to make restitution, and was required to wear an ankle bracelet for six months.

    Then we have Kenneth Moales Jr. who was caught billing the BBOE for daycare services/slots he never provided while he was Chair of the BOE. faced a massive foreclosure and then claimed it was predatory lending although he claims to have a degree in finance.

    Then we have Marshall who currently serves as a Fire Commissioner, was a city employee under Finch, was appointed to the Charter Referendum Commission that supported taking away our right to vote for the BBOE. Several community members have also shared he had/has a warrant for his arrest due to unpaid child support in the thousands in another town.

    Then we have Stallworth who is a divorced Reverend rumored in part to infidelity. Top WFP leadership confirmed in his first term in Hartford he was caught having sex with his aide in a bathroom by state troopers responsible for security at the Capitol.

    I just received an anonymous letter in my board packet claiming Reverend Lee lied when she claimed she participated in the Selma March. The letter claims she was only 8 years old in 1965 and it is well-known no young children were allowed to participate due the danger and forecast violence.

    There are incredibly ethical and respected black ministers like Reverend Bennett and Reverend Miller as well.

    If the Catholic priests who have frequently molested children, stolen money from parishioners, and these black pastors/ministers represent God and religion; I am more than happy to consider atheism.

          1. Steven Auerbach, talking about Maria Pereira searching for photos. Maria Pereira is still a Fb friend of mine despite the fact she asked me not to post any comments on her Fb wall. Days ago, I was nearly thrown off my sofa when I saw a Pornographic Cartoon posted by Maria Pereira. The cartoon image description goes like this (excuse my wording): It was an Image of President Donald Trump on his knees sucking the Dick while holding the balls with one hand of President Barack Obama. It appears that Maria Pereira has deleted that Pornographic Cartoon post, something she can’t do–delete comments posted–on OIB. Feel free to delete me as your Fb friend anytime Maria Pereira as you seem to have more time to spend on Fb.

          2. Actually,Joel,it was a photo of an actual tattoo. I couldn’t believe anyone would permanently place that on their body.

            I didn’t delete it. I stand by my positions, postings, and comments.

        1. This is what happens when out-of-towners weigh in on matters without doing their due diligence.

          Ms. Buchanan, the March on Selma over Pettis Bridge occurred on March 7th. What is the date of the photo taken which is clearly visible?

          Move along now.

          1. Ms. Buchanan, don’t “Move Along.” The Selma march was not one but a series of marches. The initial attempt was March 7th–Bloody Sunday–where they were attacked by authorities.
            Second march was March 9th–“Turnaround Tuesday”–MLK leads march to the bridge, but they turn back before crossing.
            Third March–the one completed and where they did successfully cross the bridge–started on March 21, ended on March 25. This march had been approved by a judge on March 17th. In addition–the third march was under the protection of the national guard, per LBJ’s orders.
            Therefore the link provided is, in fact, accurate and correct.
            Happy Black History Month


          2. The march in question was the March over Pettus Bridge. That is the March Reverend Lee often references and is the March referenced in the article Ms. Buchanan put up a link to. However, the photo in the article is clearly dated March 19th.

            Reverend Lee confirms her participation in this specific March in her email to Lennie.

            Once again, move along now.

          3. My post was in fact to show Jennifer’s article was accurate regarding the participation of children in the marches from Selma in general and not Rev. Lee’s participation on March 7th.

    1. I received the following email from Rev. Lee in response to Maria Pereira’s comment:

      I am not a subscriber to your blog however, I have received many calls from the African American community concerning Maria Pereira. I am not going to attempt to defend myself against her allegations. It does disturb me that Ms. Pereira feels that it is ok for her to criticize or pick on leadership in the Black community, and that it is ok for her to disrespect African Americans as a group in any regard. I marched against people like Maria and those that harbor hatred, prejudice, discrimination and racism. On March 7th 1965(Bloody Sunday) I marched across the Edmond Pettus Bridge, and just for the record I was much older than eight years old when I did. Mr. Grimaldi, can you understand how insensitive, disrespectful and hurtful Maria’s sick comments are toward any foot soldier that marched in the Civil Rights Movement? The last time I checked, slavery ended a long time ago. African Americans don’t have masters anymore, and if we did, Maria couldn’t afford us.

      I will be contacting my attorney to see about taking legal action against Maria Pereira’s public comments about me. Apparently, I like Barack Obama our first Black president am required to produce my birth certificate simply to chronicle my place in Black History.


      Rev. Mary McBride-Lee

      1. I have known Rev. Mary McBride-Lee for over 30 years when she was teaching at the old Waltersville School on Hallett Street. Rev. Lee always had a love for God and students and the condition that poor children were living in, this was long before she ever got involve with elected politics. Now there are a number of things I don’t agree politically with Rev. Lee about but the nerve of a elected member of the Bridgeport Board Of Education, Maria Pereira and her comment about an “anonymous letter” in which Maria did NO fact finding to see if that anonymous letter was true is a disgrace.

      2. I will have to say Maria, while your comments on McCluster, Moales, Marshall, Stallworth and the Catholic priests are probably factual with factual evidence to support your claims, as someone who prides herself in doing her research, an anonymous letter is not something you should take into consideration when commenting on someone’s character.

        It is apparent race is a point of contentious issue in America especially after the recent presidential election. I believe we had another anonymous letter with ill intent discussed on this blog. That being said, Maria you’re wrong in your attack on McBride and should apologize to her. As for the rest, most of it was probably reported in the paper like what stated this thread while some was extreme and uncalled for.

        Maria, you’re not the only one who gets disgusted about people actions. I learned a lot on this blog you can’t even have a different point of view without being attacked. Sometime it gets so bad you get attacked for agreeing with them.

        Ron, thanks. “No one political party has clean hands in the discrimination of blacks, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party both had their hands in denying blacks their legal rights in America.” That’s all been saying, remember it’s not solely about rights for blacks. Up until very recently gays didn’t have the right to love their partner and dedicated in the form a marriage. It wasn’t until President Obama evolved on the issues.

        This blog has become too litigious for me. I’m out. Enjoy, people.

        1. Robert, there was no “attack.” I simply gave a synopsis of the anonymous letter I received in my board packet. I honestly have had black members of the community question her assertions regarding the March over Pettus Bridge.

          The letter claimed Reverend Lee was born in 1957 and the march was in 1965. I have no idea if any of this is factual.

          1. Maria a synopsis of the anonymous letter attacking her character, did you ever ask yourself why do deserved such a letter? Did they give proof of her birth? What you have to understand March or No March it’s irrelevant. Whoever sent you that letter it was meant to attack her and you’re doing there bidding (or boaster it, according to P T Barnum. Whoever sent you the letter must know you don’t agree with her for if you did they wouldn’t have sent it you. Maybe someone who will run against you in an election hoping you will use it and cost you black support. As a Public servant who is seeking high office you have to rise above the tabloid gossip. Just my opinion PS religion has nothing to do with God’s existence either God exists or God doesn’t. When did faith ever paly roll into anyone existence?

          2. What makes you think I am the only BOE member that received it? I didn’t contact any other BOE member to ask.

          3. One, I never said you were the only one who received this so-called letter. For all I know you sent it to yourself. Maria, the question you should ask yourself is how did you find credibility in an anonymous letter attacking a Reverend about her participation in the March on Selma whom you helped protest and coordinate handed-out fliers at the NAACP luncheon outside the Holiday Inn when Finch, Wood and Merrill colluded to not give her a certificate for participating in the March on Selma? Then people wonder why Bridgeport is in sad shape. I can attack you on sound judgement but I’m not, because I agree with your premise. I wouldn’t use the word disgusting but unforgiving. Death will tell.

      3. I have the anonymous letter in a postmarked envelope with no return address. It is rather lengthy.

        It was included in my board packet.

        I have heard these rumors prior to receiving the letter. To be clear, these were the “allegations” made in the letter I received.

        Feel free to call your “lawyer” because you will not prevail.

        I am not a “racist.” Reverend Lee calls anyone and everyone a racist when it benefits her. She told me she could only vote for Tom McCarthy for City Council President in 2013 because Bob Halstead and Rick Torres were racists. Is there any non-black person who disagrees with her who is not a racist?

        However, when Finch, Wood and Merrill colluded to not give her a certificate for participating in the March on Selma; who did she call to help her organize a protest, issue a press release, help coordinate handing out fliers at the NAACP luncheon outside the Holiday Inn? Well, none other than “racist” Maria Pereira.

        Give it a rest.

    1. I remember that day. I was born on November of ’64–day of the first anniversary of JFK’s Assassination. I was three months old in my crib near the window of Apt. 302, Bldg. 16 of the P.T. Barnum Housing project. I heard people chanting and singing and I turned my head to the window and I could see the marchers. The children caught my attention and I saw young Rev. Lee among the crowd. Today at the age of 52 my vision is so poor I could not write this without my glasses.

  4. According to the link provided, the children who participated in the Birmingham Marches were teenagers. There is no reference to children as young as eight years old participating.

    1. Maria, you are an elected member of the Bridgeport Board Of Education, so why did you have to make these two statements? “Then we have Stallworth who is a divorced Reverend rumored in part to infidelity.” Next you said, “I just received an anonymous letter in my board packet claiming Reverend Lee lied when she claimed she participated in the Selma March.” Maria, infidelity and rumored, really, why in hell are you making these kinds of statements?

      The Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963–

      1. In a article by Kim Gilmore, Feb.14, 2014 titled “The Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963”

        In September 1963, four little girls were killed by bombs planted by white supremacists at the 16th St. Baptist Church, and over 20 more were injured. The horrific bombings sent shock waves through the nation. Despite this violent reaction to the movement for equality and justice, everyday people in Birmingham continued their efforts. And thousands of children, some of them as young as 7 or 8 years old, had kept the momentum of the struggle going in its most pivotal hour.

  5. No one political party has clean hands in the discrimination against blacks; the Democratic Party and the Republican Party both had their hand in denying blacks their legal rights in America.

  6. Maria, I am not speaking for the black ministers of Bridgeport, but if they were classless like you I’m sure they would say who gives a damn about what Maria finds disgusting. Maria doesn’t come to our churches or is a parishioner of our churches, she doesn’t work for, nor donate her energy, time or money for the uplift of God’s kingdom on Earth. Why would any black minister here or otherwise give a damn about what you think?

    You should be more concerned about how the residents of Bridgeport perceive you as a loud and foul-mouthed blowhard who’s an embarrassment to the BBOE and the city. You should be concerned your actions are a severe threat to a quality education that doesn’t affect you because you don’t have kids in the Bridgeport school system. You should be concerned with all the frivolous lawsuits you file when you don’t have a home so like Trump pays no taxes and you are taking resources that might be better spent in education rather than fighting you. Didn’t you go to jail for assaulting your boyfriend and just like Joe Ganim you are seeking a second chance?

    Please Maria, let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Put those damned rocks down, you fool.

  7. WOW- OMG– there are lawyers at this very moment copying the conversation on the famous “Only in Bridgeport ” BLOG.

    Joel G. You can delete a post on FB however, there are people that copy specific posts for future reference.Don’t feel bad. Maria P. unfriended me on Facebook while we were still friendly because she didn’t want her constituents to see my comments regarding the BOE. The fact you are still friends – well good for you!!! 🙂 , Her Facebook page is pretty boring compared to her OIB posts. It is almost like two different people.

  8. It’s the same tune with Maria, just different lyrics. It was an anonymous letter, it was unnamed police officers, it was an unnamed parent, it was an anonymous politician. I won’t call her a pathological liar, but you can. I will just say, just like Donald Trump she just deals in alternative truths. So like Donald Trump she’s a vile and vindictive lady who will say anything about anybody whether it’s true or not to bolster her self esteem. PATHETIC LOSER.

  9. Maria is an embarrassment to the 21,000 Bridgeport school students, to think someone like this has a vote and a voice about these students is a disgrace. I didn’t agree with Dennis Bradley calling for Maria to give up her position on the BOE but I do think now Maria must get off the BOE because her public comments about other people is NOT what the voters want from someone entrusted with the education of 21,000 Bridgeport students.

    1. Maria, you are an elected member of the BOE and here you are spreading gossip and talking about a anonymous letter concerning Rev. Lee. You said other BOE members received the same letter, well where are the comments and concerns your other BOE members, Sauda Baraka, BOE Vice-Chairperson and Howard Gardner? Do Sauda and Howard feel the same way you do with your written comments on OIB about Rev. Lee and Pastor Stallworth? Maria, why is it most of your vile comments are about blacks?

  10. I will be scanning the letter and envelope, which was stamped as received by the BOE, to Lennie tomorrow.

    To be clear, I have to respect you in order to value an individual’s opinion. I keep my inner circle very small. Therefore, unless I ask for your advice, it is not needed or wanted.

    For those who simply “whine” on OIB, do nothing of significance to improve the lives of others or their community, do not reside in Bridgeport but have plenty to say about Bridgeport’s residents, etc., you fall into the category of “insignificant.”

    In closing, the American Legion Post 140 sold $15 tickets for an AMAZING fundraiser. It was the best $15 I ever spent in my life. The band and headline artist were phenomenal.

    A thank you to the Teamsters who assisted with providing their Hall in Stratford and making a generous donation.

    I arrived at about 8:00pm and saw none other than Mario Testa and Mayor Ganim working the room as Detective Ray Garcia stood by patiently. So much for Detective Garcia no longer driving the Mayor. For some reason when they got to the 138th District tables they just kept walking.

    And while some out-of-towers and do-nothings were “whining” on OIB, 138th TC members and residents sold over $1,000 in tickets, and donated prizes out of their own pockets to support our local veterans. 🙂

    1. Maria, let me try this again. You are an elected member of the BOE and here you are spreading gossip and talking about an anonymous letter concerning Rev. Lee. You said other BOE members received the same letter, well where are the comments and concerns of your other BOE members, Sauda Baraka, BOE Vice-Chairperson and Howard Gardner? Do Sauda and Howard feel the same way you do with your written comments on OIB about Rev. Lee and Pastor Stallworth? Maria, why is it most of your vile comments are about blacks?

  11. Reading comprehension can be challenging for some.

    Please copy and paste my post indicating additional BOE members received the anonymous letter.

    I will be waiting for a lifetime because it doesn’t exist. Are you somehow related to Ms. Buchanan? Another case of “alternative facts.”

    1. Once again, where are the comments and concerns of your other BOE members, Sauda Baraka, BOE Vice-Chairperson and Howard Gardner? Do Sauda and Howard feel the same way you do with your written comments on OIB about Rev. Lee and Pastor Stallworth? Maria, why is it most of your vile comments are about blacks? Even if the letter is true, why haven’t Sauda and Howard said anything and do they support your comments about Rev. Lee and Rev. Stallworth?

  12. Please cut and paste the post where you claimed I indicated other BOE members received the anonymous letter.

    You know you can’t because you misread the post. The first time you made your erroneous claim I let it pass, but then you made the same erroneous claim again.

    You know I’m right, but instead of admitting your error, you press on about the opinion of other BOE members and double down, which is Trump-like.

    You got caught blatantly lying about Sauda, Bobby Simmons, and Judge Lopez about a year ago and finally admitted to it on OIB. You are fully aware your assertions I posted other board members received the anonymous letter were wrong, but you won’t admit to it.

    Doubling down on a falsehood is a sign of your lack of character and lack of moral fiber.

    Instead of simply stating you misread the post and apologizing, you continue on with your very own “alternative facts.”

    Please stop wasting my time.

  13. Maria Pereira, you are a LIAR, when I asked you about people who supported you for the BOE back then. You ONLY wrote about Sauda and Bobby but you NEVER did say anything about Judge Carmen Lopez, did you Maria? I didn’t say anything at that time about Judge Lopez out of respect to her and what she had told me about you so I let it go. But you kept on pushing telling your story about Sauda and Bobby and how they had not heard anything from me but the question I had asked you back then was, did ALL three of those who supported you for the BOE. I know all about you calling Judge Lopez crying and begging her to help you with your recount for the BOE because you had no one to turn to for help. Maria, when is the last time Judge Lopez has EVER said something positive and in support of you publicly or endorsed you? Maria I told you before, you don’t know me or whom I talk to, you are a newcomer to Bridgeport politics. As I said, you are a LIAR.

  14. First, I highly doubt Judge Lopez would support your posting on OIB about any private conversation you may have had because it is highly inappropriate.

    Second, I had a Bridgeport attorney call me at 8:30am the morning after the primary, and he/she offered their services for free for the recount. The recount fell on a Jewish holiday and they still wanted to do it, however someone encouraged me to reach out to Judge Lopez.

    Third, I did call her, but before I could even ask her to supervise my recount; she stated “I’ll do it.” That is absolutely how gracious she was. She asked John Bagley to join her and they did an amazing job. I didn’t call her crying and begging, you embellisher.

    Fourth, you still will not admit you misread my post about what other BOE members received regarding Reverend Lee. You’re just going to pretend your assertions were factual and on point.

    You may want to consider contacting the Trump administration and asking about potential employment. My guess is you would fit right in with Ben Carson and Ambrosia.

    I have no more time to waste on you, therefore I will now return to my longstanding commitment to not respond to any of your posts.

    1. Maria, I stand by everything I wrote, everything and as I said and I would swear to it. You don’t know me or whom I know or what people tell me. I asked you before if other BOE members received the same anonymous letter about Rev. Lee why haven’t any of them spoken about the letter and what facts do you have to prove the anonymous letter facts are true.

  15. First, Ron you misread Maria’s post regarding her claim the other BOE members had received the anonymous letter.

    Second, I don’t know Judge Lopez but she’s probably saying to herself, “I wish they would leave me out of their comments on OIB. (However I didn’t confirm this with Judge Lopez.)

    Third, Maria, you’re welcome.

    Fourth, Maria you owe me an apology or retraction for asking me not to comment on anything Ron posts regarding you. It was unfair of you to request me not to respond to any of Ron posts regarding you, when you yourself are responding to his posts regarding you.

    Fifth, I will now return to my longstanding habit of not posting on OIB for fear of Trump-like litigious behavior, and it has been nothing but trouble for me since I started reading it. (Full Disclosure, it was because of OIB as to why then-candidate for mayor Joe Gamin threw me out of his campaign headquarters and called the cops on me when I volunteered for his reelection bid. To be fair he was kind enough to keep the donation I made to his campaign.

    Bam I’m Out. 🙂

    1. Robert, you are right, Judge Lopez is saying she doesn’t want to have her name mentioned. I have the highest respect for Judge Lopez and it has to be something really serious for me to even think of mentioning her name. It pains me to bring up Judge Lopez’ name in the post with Maria. I would NEVER write or say anything to discredit her.

    2. Robert, I do not owe you an apology. I do not need anyone else to fight my battles. I believe I have repeatedly demonstrated to those who choose to make false or inaccurate statements about me that I am willing to address it by posting the facts.

      I have never had so much as a single conversation with you. I would urge you not to respond to Mackey or Day regarding anything they post here when it comes to me. I will handle anything I believe needs to be handled.

      I have every right to respond to remarks targeting me. What is your interest in doing so? I don’t even know you and find it puzzling.

      I can speak for myself and do not need you as “backup.” I have asked those I trust and respect not to respond to them when they make posts about me and they have honored my request.

      Please, just stop doing it.

      1. Yes, you have a right to respond to any false and inaccurate statements levied against you, like everybody else. However I didn’t respond to Ron’s post but I responded to yours. A post most felt was a false and inaccurate statement from the anonymous letter you received, levied against McBride. Even you can’t validate the claims you posted.

        Just because I agreed with you doesn’t mean I backed you up. Hence my prior claim about being attacked when you agree with someone. You were right, Ron misread your claim about the other board members receiving this, what I believe, until verified, a false and inaccurate assertion levied against McBride.

        I did not do anything you did, I just commented about my sentiments on this anonymous letter you posted on this thread.

        You did ask me to stop responding to Ron and Day’s posts about you. I just didn’t honor it because I thought it was unfair.

        Retraction accepted. 🙂

        1. Robert, Maria can’t reply back to my post because she knows I’m telling the truth plus she’s scared, a coward and a LIAR. Now she’s writing a gossip column on OIB about elected black officials. She won in a recount for the BOE but you can bet she out at the next election.

  16. Robert, are you now speaking for “most people?”

    I have received calls and had a few people approach me at the fundraiser stating they too had questioned Reverend Lee’s assertion regarding the March over Pettis Bridge.

    The only assertion I made was I received an anonymous postmarked letter in my board packet that challenged Reverend Lee’s claims about her involvement in that specific and historic civil rights march.

    I can prove that assertion because I have the letter and the postmarked envelope that clearly has the BOE stamp on it. That was my only assertion and I can substantiate it.

  17. Yes, most people will want evidence to support an assertion. You can question her claim, that is not the case.

    Yes, you can prove the assertion by way of an anonymous letter but can you prove the assertion is true? That’s all I’m saying.

    Most people don’t find an anonymous letter to be factual without supporting evidence. Do You? And definitely most on this thread agree the anonymous letter and its assertion can’t be validated, including you.

    I will agree with you, you received an anonymous letter with no factual evidence claiming McBride didn’t participate in the march. Speaking for myself I can’t in good conscience give credibility to anonymous letters with no factual evidence.

    If someone sent you an anonymous letter stating they personally participated in the march with McBride would that assertion hold equal weight as the one you received?

    PS What’s your PO BOX number. 🙂

    Again, retraction accepted. 🙂

  18. Maria Pereira is an elected member of the Bridgeport Board of Education that has the duty to see the 21,000 Bridgeport school students receive the best education in order to be productive citizens but here you have Maria writing on OIB about an “anonymous letter” she received in the mail about Rev. Mary Lee who is an elected City Council member. Plus Maria is also writing about “rumors” about Rev. Charlie Stallworth who is also an elected State Representative for Bridgeport. What in hell is Maria doing, writing a gossip column on OIB? What does an “anonymous letter” about Rev. Lee and “rumors” about Rev. Charlie Stallworth have to do about the education of the 21,000 students in the Bridgeport school system? This elected BOE member has no facts, no proof or anything to backup what she is posting on OIB and what business is it of Maria? I’ll say it again, Maria’s vile comments are always about blacks and let’s not forget she called a black woman who supports charter schools an “Uncle Tom.”

    Maria Pereira is a disgrace to the Bridgeport school students, to the BOE and to the City of Bridgeport.

    1. Since this is my last thread on OIB due to litigation tendency and Maria’s willingness not to respond to your comments, Ron.

      Although Maria asked me not to fight her battles, I however did receive an anonymous letter in the mail telling me Maria said it was okay to defend her in any attacks you commit against her.

      While neither can I confirm her acquiescence and willingness for me to defend her, nor can I confirm the credibility and authenticity of the sender. I however will take the letter at face value and defend a damsel in distress. Maria is unbiased, un-racist, and gender neutral in her strong harsh critique of public servants.

      Cases in point, Ganim white, Mario white, Dennis combo, Fran Jewish, these are just a few of the individuals Maria has levied a strong harsh critique on. Ron, not only has your colorblindness blocked you for her unbiased critiques, it has blinded you from seeing all the help she has done for black members of black communities in the city.

      It has been said and wwll documented by a very credible source, a prominent black lady of the black community and sitting city council member, whom I will keep anonymous, was being denied her rightful place in a Civil Rights March on Selma. When then-Mayor Finch, Wood and Merrill colluded to deny her a certificate for participating in the March on Selma, Maria helped organize a protest, issue a press release, and help coordinate handing out fliers at the NAACP luncheon outside the Holiday Inn to ensure her place in history that was being denied by these public officials.
      While I do not agree with her position on charter schools, she has levied a harsh critique on me and my position.

      PS Maria by the way, I received an anonymous letter saying you were oaky with me responding to any of Ron’s comments regarding you. If it’s not true, it’s too late. BAM 🙂

      1. Robert, think about this. Of all the people who are critical of Maria, I’m the only person she doesn’t want you to reply to my comments about her. Have you noticed not one BOE member has come out to support her? Have you noticed over the years she doesn’t speak about how to upgrade our educational system but she’s always talking about herself or saying vile things about blacks?

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