Pasta Primavera–Delegate Dish On Menu For Town Committee Members

delegate agenda

Monday, 6:30 p.m. at Testo’s Restaurant, the Democratic Town Committee will select delegates to respective party conventions for state constitutional offices, Connecticut’s 4th Congressional District and two state senate districts. The main event is delegate choices for governor at the May convention where Mayor Joe Ganim needs 15 percent support to win a ballot spot in a presumed August primary. If that fails his only option is a laborious petition signature drive.

Bridgeport, after New Haven, will sport the largest delegate bloc at the May convention. Ganim’s in a Democratic gubernatorial field that includes businessman Ned Lamont, former Connecticut Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin and former state commissioner Jonathan Harris. So far, there’s no clear-cut leader. Connecticut has six constitutional offices: governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, treasurer, comptroller and secretary of the state. Only Comptroller Kevin Lembo and Secretary of the State Denise Merrill are seeking reelection. That leaves more room for cutting deals among a multitude of state candidates.

Democratic Town Chair Mario Testa will try to leverage Bridgeport’s delegate base in support of Ganim to build deeper convention backing by cutting deals with candidates for statewide office seeking Bridgeport’s support.



      1. Harry you are so depressing- I expect to be a delegate and I am certain bowels will be in control. It must be strange to be a spectator watching everyone taking action while you sit back and critique everything as though you have ever contributed anything but disparaging comments- Just whose ass are you kissing? Which of the other negative posters that suck the life out of the room. Your negative comments are redundant. Literally the same boring comments on every post, Do you ever get tired? What I really mean to say Harvey, is there anyone in your world that congratulates you on your commentary. Ever?

  1. In the event I am not chosen as a delegate that would be fine also. I understand there are many that are under consideration and it doesn’t always include Town Committee members. Either way, I am a team player and will wish those that are selected good luck. I would however, like to be a delegate. Just putting that out there. We are living in very interesting times. It could be a very interesting few months. Interesting to me at least.

    1. Steve, get real and get hold of your self, I’ve been a delegate and it’s no big deal. You won’t be there long, you do what you are told, you will be there with delegates from the gold coast who don’t want to be in the same room with people from Bridgeport.

  2. Steve,I love our city and want it to succeed.My problem is with those who are only in it for themselves,and could less about the city,AKA Mario&Joe.
    Steve,we are into April and we are STILL trying to elect councilpersons in the 133rd,why??,because Mario tried to rig the absentee portion of the previous election,now we have Judge Bellis warning him to keep his hands off this time around.How sad is it that it has come to this??
    Then we have Joe,who lied to us to get re-elected,the guy stole from this city I love,didn’t give a rat’s ass about anybody but himself,and still doesn’t.Then I see your posts here how “wonderful”they are,and how “excited” you are that they are getting things done,I just don’t see it..I see a power hungry tyrant who’s time has come and gone,and I see a convicted felon that is only concerned about himself and what is best for him.

    1. Hear hear!

      “… we are into April and we are STILL trying to elect councilpersons in the 133rd,why? Because  Mario tried to rig the absentee portion of the previous election. Now we have Judge Bellis warning him to keep his hands off this time around. How sad is it that it has come to this?”

      Ganim is a crook, took bribes, was caught, tried, convicted and sent to federal prison. None of us feel sorry for him. He got what he deserved. To be perfectly clear: he brought it in himself. His wife and children suffered, that was sad. We all feel for them. Are we going to stop criticizing him “out of respect for his family”? Not this year. He’s an amoral scumbag. No one forced him into corruption by holding a gun to his head. Ganim is running for governor for the benefit of the city, if the wife of a DTC district leader is to be believed. Yeah, right. RIGHT. 

      Mario Testa was caught manipulating absentee ballots for the brnefit of Michael DeFilippo, his bartender and cutout for a liquor store on Brooklawn Avenue. (After two years of litigation the zoning variance has still not been granted. One ould think they’d have given up by now.) Judge Barbara Bellis ordered not one but TWO elections after AB irregularities were uncovered including a police officer’s testimony and Max Medina discovering ABs in the City Hall mailroom that bore no post marks. The Supreme Court upheld her ruling. Testa is not a doddering old man suffering from Alzheimer’s shuffling around in pajamas and slippers talking to himself. 

      How can you be so obtuse about all of this, Steve? It is not the way of a democratic society. 

      1. Lynn Haig at OPED called the attorney representing the opposition to Defilippo/Willinger liquor scheme and told him that she was not going forward at last weeks Zoning board hearing. We have her message on our attorneys voicemail for safe keeping. Our group therefore did not attend but she was there and went forward with it with Willingers assistance!! Our attorney was there on another matter (thankfully), strenuously objected and they had no choice but to continue Haig and Willingers game until the next hearing. More to come in this tactic and more soon.

  3. Is there anyone here or in this city,who doesn’t have anything to gain from them,ie,jobs or self advancement in the political world,that could say Mario & Joe are doing a great job and are assets to our city?? anyone?..

    1. I have to wonder that same thing. If a man continuously overlooks unethical behavior while singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” there must be a reason. What could that be? Oh right, they must have thrown him a cookie, or a finger sandwich.

      It isn’t the Kool Aid, it is one of the Seven Deadly Sins: GREED.


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