Parking Concerns Raised At New Roosevelt School

Bridgeport Education Association President Rob Traber is scheduled to address the City Council Monday night regarding parking at the new Roosevelt School in the South End. In a related commentary retired city firefighter Andy Fardy raises questions about school parking.

I have a question, who is in charge of designing the new schools in Bridgeport? I know it’s an architect but who furnishes what the school needs are?

We have a new Roosevelt school being built where the former school is located. We are building a larger version of the old school. Why? The majority of kids who attend this school are from Marina Village. We will be tearing down Marina Village and these kids from Marina will be settled all over the city. So why the need for a big school?

The next problem is there is not enough parking for the staff who will be at the new school. The original plans called for enough parking but they were changed to accommodate a new soccer field with an astroturf-like surface. Why did this happen? Mayor Bill Finch ordered the plans changed to accommodate this new $900,000 field.

What do many of the staff do now for parking? Well some wizard in the BOE decided staff could park under the thruway at Park Ave & South Ave. Well I measured the distance from the new school entrance to the suggested parking lot and it is exactly 1/2 mile. So now teachers of all different ages and physical conditioning can walk the 1/2 mile to the new entrance in freezing, rainy weather. You can bet none of the big shots at city hall would ever have to do this. This is just another example of the half-assed things that are done in the city.



  1. It is not your place to decide what I or others should be commenting on. Carmen Lopez has never commented on this blog and neither has Tammy Boyle, the District Parent Advisory Council President. The PAC Executive Board members stood in solidarity with the Roosevelt parents and staff at the regular BBOE meeting held on October 14, 2014.

    Unlike you, we attended the Facilities Committee meeting where this was discussed and raised concerns about this issue and the playgrounds.

    Don’t worry about what we are doing, focus on what you are doing.

  2. Maria, while I am at it you and the few friends you have attend all these meetings and how have you made the school system better? How have you impacted the dropout rate? Maria, you and your friends are like inoperable hemorrhoids, you’re always there for no good reason.

  3. Carmen Lopez has never posted on OIB, not once. Are you related to Jennifer Buchanan and Bob Walsh? After all, they have both made statements of fact that were completely false and failed to support their claims. You should all have Thanksgiving together so you can continue to talk turkey.

      1. Well Maria, you had a chance to tell the folks what you have accomplished and you have not done so. Tell us how you and your cohorts have increased the number of kids staying in school and not quitting. Tell us about the course changes if any that will help the kids not going to college. Tell us how you and your friends improved classroom safety. Tell us how you and your friends have improved learning conditions for kids with problems, health and mental. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  4. Maria, that may be true but what have you done that’s worth mentioning? The one thing I do for the public schools you don’t do is pay over $7,000 in taxes. By the way I would rather have dinner with JB & BW than have a glass of water with you and your so-called friends. BTW Carmen has posted here on OIB.


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